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The real major way to influence humans in a good way, be respected, and maybe even be admired is to have integrity or be honest and moral, be trustworthy, sincere, dependable, friendly, competent, empathetic, and a good conversationalist. If you have mutual interests and share them then you are well on your way to having a good impact or influence on others and you will probably benefit in major ways yourself.

That said, here are 6 helpful small tips which will increase your ability to influence others and perhaps be better liked.

Asking small favors if done right will make humans like you more if you have had little interaction with them to start with. Most humans like to help others and feel good about it after they have helped, especially if it costs them very little time, little effort, and almost no money in the process. Asking for a favor is especially effective if it is something which the human loves, likes, or enjoys such as a favorite food, drink, or book. If you generally agree or express a liking for something a human likes then they generally will like you more.

Start with- “Could you do me a small favor?” (and smile)

“I’ll pay for it but could you please bring me back a sample of your favorite donut, cookie, candy, sandwich, taco, soft drink, beer, wine, etc.?”

“Could I please borrow the book that you read and enjoyed?”

“Could I please borrow the book after you are finished with it?”

“Could I please borrow for a day your rake, shovel, blower, power tool, blender, etc.”

“Please lend me your _ for a minute, hour, or day.”

“May I use your telephone for an important call?”

“Would you mind closing the window?”

Could you help me with my homework?

“Could you take a look at this email and recommend an answer?”


If you want humans to think highly of you then remembering and using their NAME is one of the most important things in relationships, especially if you will not see the human for a long time but will run into them again in a casual way.


Flattery can be used sparingly and in its best form it is sincere praise. “Great job, that was masterful, loved what you did, gorgeous outfit, inspiring performance, couldn’t have done it better, wow, impressive, you are special, etc.” Be careful because if you flatter someone who doesn’t deserve it then it can backfire as insincere phony exaggeration.


Unless you’re a boss telling someone that they are wrong or correcting their mistakes, correcting puts humans in defensive mode trying to protect their ego and they will not be very receptive to any requests which you may decide to make or follow up with.


One of the best ways to bond or show empathy for a human is to repeat something which they have said and that makes humans aware that you are listening to them or are interested in what they are saying. They will be more comfortable and friendly with you since you seem to care about them by this repetition or reflective listening.


Nodding at someone during a conversation seems to imply that you are agreeing with them and they are more likely to do you a favor when you ask for it or in effect they are nodding back and agreeing with you.


While these 6 tips are not that important in old close friendships they are sometimes useful in casual acquaintances or friendships.

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If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 4300 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially EVERGREEN TRUTH, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

For a complete readily accessible list of blogs and titles go to twitter.com/uldissprogis.


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Historically a uniting morality and tradition kept society functioning at tolerable levels. Most felt that if you didn’t lie, didn’t steal, and worked hard and you were a male then you would be able to make enough money to afford a family lifestyle and have safe sex. The roles of males and females were relatively well defined and there was some certainty in knowing that if you made enough money then your offspring and household chores would be taken care of to a large extent.

Today male income is not sufficient to support a family in many instances unless you have a good paying career or profession, and even here there is no longer the certainty that you will have a job with the same company on into the indefinite future. Many households have working mothers and fathers whose income is not enough to support nannies or tutors for properly taking care of offspring and the result is many dysfunctional families and a high rate of divorce which is further caused by hedonistic or promiscuous social lifestyles which are tolerated and even promoted in society at large.

Many males fear commitment because they realize the great financial responsibility of a family and many can get sex without having to commit. Promiscuous lifestyles are an additional reason why adultery is rampant in marriage and the second most important reason for divorce.

The net result is that heterosexual traditions are being decimated since fewer and fewer offspring have had good heterosexual role models to imitate and the result is usually chaotic and unstable marital relationships if they are attempted. The tragic modern dilemma is -how do you indoctrinate good family values in humans who come from dysfunctional families to begin with. Book learning and marriage counseling is definitely not a viable solution for many failing marriages.

Not so obvious is the fundamental fact that integrity or honesty and morality, trustworthiness, dependability, commitment, good communication skills, and competence is essential to succeed in marriage and in society in general. Lie, commit adultery, promise and don’t follow through, argue too much, procrastinate and make excuses for your incompetence and you will not only fail in relationships but also fail in society. If you don’t lead a moral life not only will your family be ruined but society will not respect you and you will be ostracized from wholesome relationships. Lie or behave immorally and potentially trusting relationships break down and you will be leading a miserable lonely existence.

Wealth acquired morally is respected. Wealth acquired immorally may be respected as long as humans are deceived into thinking it was acquired morally but the respect turns to revulsion once the truth surfaces. The money corrupted political and establishment media including the entertainment media were deceptively misleading the gullible public with propaganda designed to keep the public ignorant of the fact that they were kept in contempt by the elite some of whom led immoral lives in private.

Fake polls, fake news, and fake public personas revealed the moral corruption of the elite leadership from which it is going to have a hard if not impossible task to recover from because they are no longer trusted by the general public. The establishment is no longer respected and admired by the public and I don’t see the situation improving until there is a new moral enlightenment in society which will address the problem from the ground up.

Lie too often and respect is no longer possible. Where will this moral leadership come from? Yes, it will have to come from the ground up but those in power will unfortunately have to impose the leadership from the top down and initiate it from the ground up. Is this even possible without a moral renaissance? Who will lead the charge? It will definitely have to be more than just one human.

Most important young impressionable minds must be indoctrinated with a secular moral code with worldwide applicability. It is- in nonemergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

Real life examples of the application of this moral code have to be given and I have outlined the details in my writing for the benefit of future generations. By the age of about 13 most humans should be able to impulsively know what is right or wrong or what is morally right or wrong. Fail at this most important indoctrination and trusting relationships between humans will cease to exist in great enough quantity to permit a relatively peaceful secure society to exist.

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Respect: v. to sense and frequently communicate that a human has (much value and/or moral goodness) and/or (much skill(s) in a (profession and/or activity)) and/or is experienced and has few severe personality flaws and the human is dependable


Basically we respect moral humans who don’t lie to us or deceive us, don’t steal from us, don’t commit adultery, don’t have severe personality flaws, and are dependable.

A car mechanic may be an expert in his or her field but if they are not moral and cheat us on repairs then we will not respect them and go elsewhere for car repairs.

Some erroneously may idolize wealthy and powerful humans who may not be that moral but have a profound influence in our lives. Powerful leaders and tyrants who are immoral are feared by many and it seems that they are respected also but the respect or more accurately an awareness is an ambivalent “respect” and fear of power and not a respect of the leader’s moral goodness.

We may not approve of or respect the Chinese political system but we are impressed by their economic power and are forced to deal with it. This realization is not true respect for the entire country but a “respect” for their ability to succeed economically in the world even though they are major counterfeiters of brand named products and steal patents and intellectual property with abandon.

We don’t truly respect them but rather fear their economic system and its power to put established companies and workers out of business.

The United States is also no longer being as respected worldwide because they have lost their moral rudder and with it respect. American international companies bribe national governments to get favorable treatment and American international banks are stealing taxpayer’s money and creating huge deficits which will probably never be paid off by future generations.

Big business through special interest legislation is killing off the potential success of small new businesses and decimating the middle class. The middle class is also being killed off by the technological revolution which is robotizing, using the internet, standardizing parts, and effectively killing many jobs with superior computer software.

The big inefficient American economy and government is also morally unjust and is not as respected as it once was.

The American secular class has also lost its respect and moral rudder to guide it and the result is failed marriages, poor social relationships, and a hedonistic approach to life. Too many Americans are lying, deceiving, and committing adultery. Family life and many human relationships are disintegrating.

With an emphasis on making money for money’s sake without a moral rudder, mental and physical health is deteriorating because of unhealthy lifestyles, unhealthy food, and the over use of artificial drugs by the medical and psychiatric professions.

Unhealthy, immoral citizens, and unjust political laws are bankrupting the medical and social welfare system and adding to the national debt.

Morality and respect begins by teaching young impressionable minds what is moral behavior and it eventually is reflected in the kind of human leadership that we get in powerful organizations. Without this impulsive morality practiced by most citizens the result is chaos and eventual tyranny or dictatorship which governs by the threat of force and the use of force and not rule by the voluntary trusting cooperation of its citizens.

The new secular worldwide MORAL CODE which should be practiced to bring back true respect in the world is- in nonemergency situations -don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder!!!!!!

One way to be respected is to be good at your profession or job. Many doctors, lawyers, and car mechanics are good at their professions and are respected for their expertise. The reason that some in the professions are not respected is that they behave immorally, lie, deceive, steal, and are incompetent. The more immorality is permitted within a profession, the more disrespected the profession becomes.

If you can trust someone and they are dependable then chances are that you can also respect them because lying or being undependable can frequently ruin trust and with it respect.

If someone is immoral or lies, steals, or is adulterous then they will lose respect.

If you are deceitful which is hidden lying then you will also lose respect once your deceit is uncovered or revealed.

If you break or don’t fulfill many promises then you will not be respected because it is a form of lying about the future and being undependable.

If you are not sincere or nice but hurt human feelings too frequently by being rude, inconsiderate, using ridicule, insulting, name calling, using put downs, humiliating, being quarrelsome, and cruel then you will definitely lose some respect. These are personality flaws which show a disrespect of others. This verbal aggression just like physical aggression seldom has beneficial results.

If you are unjustly critical, a backstabber, spiteful, a name caller, don’t give credit where credit is due, greedy, very lazy, a racist, promiscuous, boastful, vain, or have other severe personality flaws which many humans don’t like then respect for you will decrease though maybe not always to zero.

If you are a tyrannical boss then you will be feared but not respected by most humans.


If you are honest, sincere, dependable, competent, and friendly without severe personality flaws then you will be respected and even admired by most humans. In many cases respect is not automatic but it must be earned with a history of respectful behavior. A history of respectful behavior is really a good reputation and a good reputation is something every moral citizen should aspire to or work towards.

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Before offering advice on communicating with potential dates on the internet or with texting it is important to state why so much of the communication is unsuccessful.


One major reason that successful communication is so difficult is that there are many males and some females who are deceptive and lie over the internet posing as someone who they really are not. They basically are afraid to reveal who they truly are because they fear that they won’t be physically attractive enough or financially well off enough. They may try to post fake pictures and claim to hold down great jobs when in reality they are average looking and unemployed or working at minimum wage. So try not to be gullible and maintain a healthy suspicion if he sounds too good to be true.


The second reason that successful internet communication is so difficult is that most of the males and also females are really not ready for serious dating. The primary reasons may be because of no job or poor income and any real attempts at dating usually result in very disappointing colossal failures because serious dating usually consumes much time, energy, and money.


Your whole purpose for texting or communicating with men should be to eventually find out if they are going to be a good marital or business partner. You may be a modern promiscuous female just having fun and falsely assuming that what all men really want is immediate sexual intimacy. You may honestly feel that sex should be given to any male that interests you greatly and you will find many playboy males who want to show you a good time but no eventual commitment.


Texting or meeting a new human face to face for the first time is basically the same approach. You want to quickly find out if the man is going to be a good potential friend or mate without being too flirtatious or beating around the bush. If the man is just texting or searching for naïve females to take advantage of them sexually then it is better to find out the truth as soon as possible rather than beat around the bush with vague and emotionally fulfilling communications.


You ideally want a male who has integrity, is trustworthy, is dependable, is competent, and a good communicator. He should be someone who is not afraid to answer tough and eventually somewhat personal questions so don’t be afraid to ask tough questions and eventually some rather personal questions. You want men with the courage to confront almost any question that you may ask. If you feel that you may have offended him with some comment then quickly apologize and move on in the relationship as long as it lasts.


If you are an average looking female without a college education hoping to land a successful college educated male with a good career or job then you are usually wasting your time. If you are a college educated woman with a good career or job then beware of males without adequate education who have no job or very poor ones, especially if they are very handsome. The old saying is still basically true that “birds of a feather flock together” so try to stay away from males outside your comfort and educational zone unless you are extremely attractive and sexy.


In effect don’t aim too high and don’t aim too low in desperate fashion because the probability of making the right long duration connection with a male is rather low or remote over the internet or in person.


Here are some suggested questions to ask:


What do you do for a living?

This question may frighten away many males who have no job or poor ones and that is precisely the reason for the question because you don’t want to waste your time and energy on a financially poor male. If the male has a good job then he will be very willing to tell you about it and maybe brag a little. Talking about his job is a good way to boost his ego with further follow up questions about the job.

Have you always done x for a living?

This is a good follow up question to the first one because you can maybe catch a male in a lie about his job or profession if his prior jobs do not fit his current job status plausibly.

Are you a local?

Long distance relationships fail quite frequently so unless you have the money to travel stay with potential local relationships and stay away from long distance ones.

Long distance relationships are like exciting honeymoons every time you briefly meet physically and are very deceptive indicators of lasting happiness. If you or the male move and live together for a year you may decide that the relationship was never meant to be a lasting one.

What do you do in your free time?

This question will reveal whether the male is just vegetating or doing some interesting things to fill his free time such as trying to improve himself or mostly spending his money on rather trivial pursuits.

Do you have any hobbies?

A good mate is one who usually has a life outside of work so hobbies are one way of determining where his interests also lie outside of work.

How long have you had that hobby?

Some men will brag and maybe deceive females into thinking that they have expensive and interesting hobbies so this is a way to find out if he is deceiving you or has had the hobby for a relatively long time.

Do you have any children?

This question and theme will eventually find out if he is recently divorced or maybe is still married.


After these few initial questions you can end the first or initial interaction until the next time when you can continue to probe deeper with more personal questions.


Do you like your job?

If he doesn’t like his job then you can ask a follow up question and ask if he is going to do anything about a lousy job. You can find out if he has bigger plans or will be stuck in a miserable job on into the near foreseeable future.

How long have you lived here?

You will find out if he is a native local or someone relocating due to job or other reasons.

Do you have many friends?

You can find out if he is somewhat of an extrovert or maybe an introvert with few friends and maybe only one close friend.

What are your future plans?

This will reveal whether the male has some ambition or has too much unrealistic ambition and is vainly hoping to become a celebrity star in some field.

What interesting places have you travelled to?

You can find out if his interests are local or international in scope. A follow up question would be -Where would you like to travel to if you had the opportunity?

What is your favorite food or drink?

Eating is a universal pleasurable pastime and you can find out whether he cooks himself, is a junk food addict, one eating much organic food, or a food gourmet going to restaurants.

Are you on Facebook or Instagram?

You can determine how deeply into social media he is with follow up questions.

After determining whether they are a potential future friend or mate ask for personal information such as an email or telephone number and use phrases such as- It was great talking to you. It would be nice if we kept in touch. What is your email or cellphone number?

Finally, before an actual first date it is important to call the man and speak to him over the phone verbally. You will usually find out pretty quickly if he is the same man on the phone as he is on the internet. Voice fluctuations and his ability to think on his feet instantaneously will become apparent with a phone call and you can often sense if the right vibes are there for actual first date attempts.



The next questions and some direct quotes with some variations are based on Matthew Hussey’s article “9 Magic Texts No Man Can Resist”. Frankly you should be suspicious of any article with the term Magic in it and celebrity Hussey is guilty of misleading a mass audience of women in this instance.


When he asks you what you’re up to?


If you are doing something interesting or have plans to do something which doesn’t sound boring then tell him honestly what you are up to. If you are up to nothing then you can say “I’m taking a shower and will head out later.” If he follows up with “where are you going to head out?” then you had better be prepared to tell him where or he will suspect that you are lying. That is why it is important to be as truthful as possible and not be lying or deceptive in your answers.

If you don’t think that you are a very interesting human doing interesting things then stay single and start on a course of self improvement before you seriously try to make internet connections with males.


“Just bought this. What do you think?”


Men are visual creatures and will respond to a picture of you which is attractive but not overly sexy. He will probably compliment you in some way and it is an opportunity to find out if it is a sincere compliment or an exaggerated and insincere one.


“You should be here right now.”


This suggests that you would want him to be where you are because seemingly something interesting or exciting is going on. Once again he could ask why? Then you will be in a bind if you are not doing anything interesting or exciting. Once again vague statements can be intriguing and good sources for follow up communication but you should be ready to explain or state WHY or you will come across as a deceptive fraud if you aren’t doing anything interesting or exciting.


“I just had an incredible burger! Almost sexual.”


Men like food so a tasty food discovery is always an exciting event. However, be careful about inserting sexual in your phrase unless you may want to get personally sexually intimate in the near future. These days women are more promiscuous than in earlier times but I would reserve sexual intimacy for men who are potentially good marriage partners and you have known them long enough to feel that they are potential good marital partners.


“This jacket would look attractive on you.”


You could use the same sentence with “look HOT on you” but that has sexual connotations and should be used only if you think he considers you more as a friend than a romantic relationship. Using the word hot can be considered sexual baiting if you don’t intend to get sexual with him any time soon.


“As hot as you are, I don’t move that fast.” “But I would be happy to see your handsome face if you want to take me on a date this or next week.”

“Let’s start out as friends and consider sexual intimacy when and if we become close friends.” “ But I would be happy to see your handsome face if you want to take me on a date this or next week.” (This is an honest smart response designed for a smart male.”

This is a good way to turn away a premature sexual advance yet convey your opinion that he is sexually attractive but you are not ready to get sexually intimate. Whether you believe it or not men who are interested in a future wife don’t want one that is sexually promiscuous or one who is overly free with her sexual intimacy. If you develop a reputation as a woman who sleeps around a lot then you will attract many noncommittal males.


“I am not sure we can be friends anymore”


This can either mean that you are breaking up the friendship or you want the relationship to develop past the friendship phase. You may be asked WHY so make sure that you have a truthful answer which makes sense. “I want our relationship to become more exclusive because my feelings for you are becoming rather intense.” or “I want a more exclusive relationship with you.”  or “I think I may be falling in love with you.”


Being honest and expecting honesty should be the guiding principle in any male female interaction. If the male is caught in an intentional lie or is being intentionally deceptive about something important then drop him like a hot potato. Trust is the bond which makes for lasting relationships. Start lying and trust breaks down and there is no good relationship.

Make sure first that you are a woman a man needs and make sure the man is someone you need beyond just a mere sugar daddy or a man financially well off.

You want a male who appreciates you for who you are and who you are hoping to become. Stay single until you are genuinely a good catch for a male that fits your idea of a good father who will be a parent to your future offspring. Ideally he should be a motivating or encouraging, confident, interesting personality who will grow with you in a relationship and in life skills and not become a repetitive uninteresting bore stagnating in life.

STAY SINGLE until you have much more to offer in a relationship than just your vagina! If you want someone with integrity or morality and honesty, trustworthiness, dependability, competence, and with a good job then be someone with integrity, trustworthiness, dependability, competence, and a good job. Yes, many men ideally prefer beautiful, sexy, females but few can realistically afford them because they are usually high maintenance.

Promiscuity is a great enemy to lasting marital relationships. Promiscuity is a bad addictive habit. Adultery is almost inevitable in formerly promiscuous males and females. My opinions on dating may seem conservative and traditional in many ways but they are tried and true techniques which seldom fail in real life in the long duration. Give in to the promiscuity temptation and you are very likely to join the vast number of eventual failed marriages in the modern world if you get that far.

Due to economic uncertainty and a premium on technological jobs, if you are the average liberal arts major then plan for a rather poor single existence for a relatively long duration. Many are choosing to continue living with their parents if permitted after graduation and becoming financially independent and living on your own is becoming increasingly difficult.

Female biological clocks are always ticking but rushing into a marriage in desperation is often a formula for failure and much sustained misery in life.

As long as you are slowly trying to improve yourself in an enthusiastic, determined way then the odds for landing a good future male also increase. Above everything else, never stop trying to get better because a better man should eventually pop up in your life and decide to stay.

My sister in law had quite a few failed relationships in her life until she met her  husband at the age of 50. Yes, she will never have offspring of her own but she is finally married and it seems happily married for the time being. Those prior men frankly primarily used her for sex and never intended to make a long duration commitment.

Some women may feel that being used sexually is better than being ignored but that is not a recipe for long duration happiness for most females.

No one is the final authority on dating in the modern world including myself. Humans vary widely in looks, abilities, and circumstances. Use your own further research to find dating pointers from other sources which maybe fit your own view of male female relationships better. Some relationships can be quite playful with their share of bullshit so adjust your dating to some males who are a little on the risky side if you want some unpredictability and excitement in a relationship.

There is another saying that “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” It basically means that you should take calculated risks occasionally or you will not gain anything or gain useful knowledge, experience, and achievement. Take a chance and you might succeed or at least learn from the failure and get more emotional intelligence about human males and humans in general.

I offer the following link for all those who have not analyzed themselves or have not taken the time to know themselves. You will find out that it greatly helps to know yourself before you try to improve yourself which is what life should be all about if you want to be happy in the long duration.


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Michael Schneider summarized the two year Google study of exceptional teams.

Google Spent 2 Years Studying 180 Teams. The Most Successful Ones Shared These 5 Traits

The listed important key characteristic traits are really open to considerable debate.

Dependability seems to be an important key but it is more complex a characteristic then just doing work in a timely efficient way. In order for a team to be dependable the group or team members must be competent and smart hard workers. The leadership too has to be exceptional and that means that the management has integrity, is trustworthy, has emotional intelligence, provides good feedback, coaches well, and is good at making the right decisions. All these additional key characteristics are those of a good manager which an exceptional team must have.

Structure and clarity is another key characteristic and that is a leadership skill which means organizing a team with minimal overlapping responsibilities and clearly defining the goals which the team must achieve. Good personnel choices and coordinating diverse skill sets to achieve a greater goal in unison is a function of good planning by the leadership and successful follow through by the team. Structure and clarity is really management making good decisions.

Meaning should imply that the work has personal significance to each member which is another way of saying that each team member has been clearly assigned a task or tasks to do which are an integral or important part of the ultimate goal or goals to be achieved. In effect team members feel that they are making significant contributions to the success of the combined team efforts. Meaning is really a vague poorly defined word which seems to imply that some teams are given meaningless tasks to do which could broadly be considered to be make work assignments.

Impact is a feeling by group members that they are contributing to the general good of the company. Impact is also a vaguely defined characteristic and seems to imply that exceptional teams are given very important tasks to do which greatly affect the bottom line of the company and some teams are given relatively unimportant tasks which don’t significantly impact the general good or bottom line of the company. Both meaning and impact are very subjective characteristics of exceptional teams and are more dependent on the importance of the assigned tasks rather than dependent on the characteristics of team leadership and team members.

Psychological safety is a work environment which encourages the sharing of opinions and ideas with a freedom to be vulnerable and ask questions. It is leadership which encourages both good and bad feedback from and among team members. Participatory interaction is encouraged rather than a standoffish authoritarian demeanor with minimum interaction. It appears that workers are more satisfied and dedicated to their work if they feel that they can be interacting contributing participants rather than just cogs in an authoritarian machine.


An exceptional team by definition has greater impact on the organization so it is also probably doing more meaningful work so these two are really not key characteristics of an exceptional team. Psychological safety is just management providing good feedback in a minimally authoritarian style of leadership. Structure and clarity grows out of good decision making by the team leadership.

They key characteristic of an exceptional team is dependable or competent, smart and hard working team members. The other key characteristics are good leadership skills and I have listed 6 of them which were mentioned in another research project done by Google to determine what exceptional leadership skills it tries to instill in it’s managers.

There is really no mystery what an exceptional team is. It is exceptional team managers and exceptional team members. List the most important characteristics of both and you have 7 key characteristics of an exceptional team. Yes, you might ask why only 7 and the deeper you probe the more you may come up with by explaining the 7 in greater detail.



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