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Syndrome: n. a collection of behaviors and/or symptoms which exist simultaneously and/or in sequence and are indicators of a deviant personality(s) and/or a (brain and/or genetic) illness(s)

Munchausen syndrome is an example of deviant behavior where a human pretends to have physical or psychological illnesses which they don’t really have. It is thought that the reasons for pretending illness is a desire to avoid responsibility, a desire to profit financially, a desire to improve his or her physical condition, or a desire to get some other benefit which may simply be attention or sympathy from others.

Down’s syndrome is a genetic illness so all genetic illnesses could also be considered to be syndromes.

Psychological disorders are really subsets of syndromes so they can all be called syndromes.

Syndromes are many and are named but there are plenty of deviant personality and mental disorders which do not have a syndrome designation but could in fact be called a syndrome.

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