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Humans take nutritional supplements to hopefully improve a bad diet or to try and cure some disease, illness, or nutrient deficiency. If you eat a wide variety of foods, especially organic ones, then the average human does not really need supplements and taking them daily is probably not a good idea because most supplements are just ball park estimations of necessary nutrients and you are bound to get too much of some of the nutrients which may even adversely affect your overall health.

Nothing is better than the natural balance of nutrients in real food and taking supplements too frequently will make your body adjust to unnatural nutrient intake which is probably not that healthy in the long duration. For example. Why take fish oil when you can get even greater benefits by eating fish in the first place especially if you eat the entire fish such as a sardine?

A truly scientific approach to nutritional supplements would be to analyze all the nutrients in your blood and really determine if you have any deficiencies. This kind of a comprehensive test is not available or is probably so expensive that the average human could not afford it.

Some herbs and supplements can even cause bad reactions with drugs which you may be taking so check with your doctor if you are both on drugs and supplements.

Humans wrongly assume that more is better and the more there is of a supplement then the better it is for you. Taking mega doses of vitamin C or extra vitamin D is not smart. You should instead investigate what foods have natural vitamin C or D in them and eat them or in the case a vitamin D then get a little bit of a suntan every year and get vitamin D naturally. Natural is always better and if you or your doctor determines that you need a nutrient supplement then eat a lot of the natural food with that nutrient in it.

When diseased or ill humans get desperate and they reach for a magic pill or supplements to try and solve their disease or illness. Instead, humans should start eating a wide variety of healthy organic food and some meat or whole milk for protein and fat.

Bombarding your body with a handful of nutrients is not a cure, but if lack of nutrients is a cause of your disease or illness then start eating right and start pumping your body full of natural foods which contain those nutrients and which also contain more necessary nutrients that you aren’t even aware of.

Nature knows best and if you are in bad health then start eating naturally!!!

Your body needs balanced nutrients and not lopsided supplements!!!!!!

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Your genetics, the kind of food and drink which you consume, the kind of job that you have, the drugs which you use habitually are all responsible for how healthy you are or will be in life.

Some humans are born unhealthy with allergies, inherited illnesses such as systic fibrosis and sclerosis, and bad immune systems. You can’t cure inherited illnesses but sometimes can mask some of the symptoms with drugs.

Longevity is also primarily genetically based because you can find few humans who smoke, drink alcohol, and abuse their health in other ways and still live to be 90. Others don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol, eat a normal diet and die at 40 from a heart attack or cancer and have family members who also die young.

The kind of food which you eat also determines to a large extent how long you will live. 100 years ago few humans died of heart attacks or cancer but succumbed to other illnesses. Today more die of heart attacks and cancer and different processed food, drink, and the additives and pollutants which come with it are the major causes of ill health.

The kind of job which you have also has a great impact on your health. Joint wear and tear, on the job pollution, job injuries, and a sedentary job can all have bad effects on your health and longevity.

Finally addictions to prescription synthetic drugs, smoking, drug and alcohol abuse can all ruin your health eventually and even cause sudden death with overdoses.


Your genes, what you eat, the drugs which you habitually take, the exercise that you get, and accidents all determine how healthy you will be and how long you live. If you feel helpless and don’t know what to do then eat as much certified organic food as possible, don’t use synthetic drugs for extended periods of time, and get some moderate exercise which may only be walking fast about 3 times a week for about 20 minutes. It won’t guarantee you perfect health but it will be better than if you didn’t do those things in your life.


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Myth: Eating too many calories will make you fat

Your genetic makeup, the type of food which you eat, and how much food you eat are the most important factors in weight gain and how much you eat is only third on the list of priorities which determine how much you will weigh.

About 30% of the population can overeat on a regular basis and will only put on about 5 or 10 pounds of weight and no more. The rest of the population will overeat and put on many more pounds but will stabilize at some weight and gain no more.

If you are programmed genetically to gain more weight as you get older then you will gain weight no matter what you eat unless it is a starvation diet. The unfair fact of life is that most humans gain weight sooner or later on normal healthy diets and it is a fact of life which is not accepted by society at large which is brainwashing humans into thinking that they should conform to a normal weight or be considered bad gluttonous human pigs.

Eating highly processed or refined foods with much sugar content is the second leading cause of obesity because the foods no longer have a natural balance of nutrients and destabilize a healthy metabolism which results in excessive unnatural weight gain. Humans are getting more obese because they are no longer eating a healthy natural balance of food nutrients which comes from a varied diet of natural food intake.

Truth: Your genes and how natural is the food that you eat are much more important factors which determine how much you weigh and will weigh in the future.

Myth: Fatty food makes you fat

Then why are there skinny and “normal” weight humans, about 30% of the population, who eat fatty foods and stay thin? It is your genetic inheritance which programs how fat your body gets and not how much fat you consume. In fact eating fatty foods means that you will feel satiated sooner and not eat as much. Eating anything in excess will make humans gain weight if their metabolism is programmed to gain weight and skinny humans can eat incredible amounts of fat and not get fat at all.

Myth: Carbohydrates make you fat

Great quantities of greatly processed carbohydrates, especially sugar or high fructose corn syrup will mess up your natural metabolism and make you overeat. If you are genetically programmed to gain weight then you will gain more weight than usual because you will be taking in many more calories than what your body needs to maintain a constant weight. If you are of normal weight then the only drawback of eating too much sugar in your diet will be possible diabetes since your natural metabolism will be put out of balance.

Myth: MSG in moderation is harmful

Direct injections of MSG into mice brains can have bad effects but the quantities of MSG found in human food is not unhealthy unless you are allergic to it which is a rarity.

Myth: Gluten free foods are healthier

Unless you have celiacs disease or are allergic to gluten then you can process gluten in your diet without any adverse effects on your health.

Myth: You must poop daily

The frequency of pooping is not important as long as you are not constipated or have watery stool which means that you should change your diet to a more natural one higher in fiber.

Myth: Microwaving kills the nutrients in food

Any nutrient which is killed by an increase in water temperature to boiling or below boiling will occur but the nutrients affected are the same as those killed by boiling food.

Myth: Spot training will help to eliminate fat locally

Any fat which you lose is from the entire body. Trying to lose fat in only one area of the body such as the stomach with sit-ups will not succeed.

Myth: Checking the scale is a good way to monitor your weight loss

After exercise you will lose much more water and almost no fat so a weight loss of one or two pounds is mostly water and not fat since your body uses up its stores of glycogen in the muscles before it starts breaking down fat cells in the body for energy. How you feel is much more important than what you weigh. You will not lose weight by exercising but you will feel much better after doing so.


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Nature is smart. It stores energy in the form of fat cells for food emergencies when there is no food for a small duration and when there is no food for a long duration which we should call starvation.  In a hunter gatherer historical society those whose body made more fat cells had a greater chance of survival during food shortages and famines.

Also as humans get older their skills as a hunter gatherer start to decrease so many older humans put on more weight as they age. Many women with offspring in their thirties also put on more weight because it is nature’s way of compensating for the fact that offspring will consume some of the food supply and leave less for the mother to eat.

It seems like an unfair cruel joke but in a society with food abundance some humans get more overweight than others and the ideal human accepted by social norms is the human of average or below average weight. If you are overweight then you are automatically considered a gluttonous human pig who eats too much which is not true most of the time.

About 30% of the human population is born genetically lucky and no matter how much they eat or what they eat or drink they will not get overweight. The rest of the population gets overweight no matter how much they eat, excluding a starvation diet, or what they eat or drink.

If you are overweight then at least be a healthy overweight and that means eating healthy or staying away from overly processed or refined food with much sugar such as fructose added. Eat as much certified organic food as close to its natural state as possible and drink more water or milk instead of sweet drinks. Americans especially are addicted to sweet foods and drinks which create a craving for more food and drink all the time. Not only are they eating too much food but eating UNHEALTHY food which is also causing many illnesses such as diabetes, allergies, heart disease, and cancer.


Be happy with the weight that you are at but at least try to make it a healthy overweight by eating a large variety of healthy food. Being a healthy overweight human means that you will not be blaming overweight with causing illnesses such as diabetes, allergies, heart disease, and cancer which are all truthfully caused by eating unhealthy overly processed nutrient deficient foods.

Yes, there are genetically born humans with a greater probability of becoming ill with certain diseases which run in the family but the TYPE of food which you eat also greatly impacts your overall health.

Don’t fear being overweight but do FEAR EATING UNHEALTHY!!!!!!


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MYTH: Eating or not eating breakfast badly affects your health or weight loss:

If you eat no breakfast at all or eat breakfast then it will not be bad for your health and you will not lose any weight. It is more likely that you will take in more calories during the day by eating more than one meal. More calories consumed at two or more meals means that it will become impossible to lose any weight since you are not severely reducing caloric intake which is the only sure fire way of losing weight .

Every time that you eat you are taking in more calories so if you are on a starvation diet to lose weight then skip as many meals as you can and even fast to some extent by not eating anything for a day or two once in a while during your weight loss routine.

STARVATION DIETS are the ONLY way to lose weight and you will lose weight temporarily but you will gain it all back when you resume normal eating habits and stop calorie counting.

MYTH: Eating many small meals a day instead of one big one will help you lose weight:

Only total caloric intake affects starvation diet weight loss and it doesn’t matter whether you eat six small meals a day or one meal a day with the same total amount of daily calories.


MYTH: Eat only carbohydrates, only proteins, or only fats to lose weight:

Eating an unnatural unbalanced diet with an emphasis on one lopsided food nutrient such as carbohydrates is very unhealthy and dangerous to a balanced metabolism. You will not lose any weight if you are eating more calories than those which a starvation diet requires. If you succeed in losing weight on a lopsided starvation diet of processed carbohydrates then you will be harming your health and metabolism because you also need nutrients which protein and fat foods provide.

MYTH:  Weight loss pills will help you to lose weight permanently:

Artificial hunger suppressing drugs will help to get you on a starvation diet and you will lose weight temporarily but you will gain it all back when you stop using the drug and resume normal eating habits. In fact the artificial drug will have serious metabolic bad side effects on your health if you use it too long or on a permanent basis.

Some people think that diet supplement pills with natural nutrients or ingredients such as vitamin D will help you lose weight. Untrue, because only a starvation caloric intake will cause you to lose weight and if you are eating a normal amount of calories then no magic supplement pill will burn off more calories than you want or need in your body.

MYTH: Eating saturated fat is unhealthy for you:

People who live in Tokelau (a territory of New Zealand) eat a diet that is about 50% saturated fats and they have superior cardiovascular health compared to other people. The key here is eating good natural food fat and not very unhealthy processed hydrogenated fat used in modern processed foods.

MYTH: Fasting is hazardous to your health:

Not eating for one or two days does not cleanse your body of toxins and improve the functioning of any internal organ. On a cellular level called autophagy it helps your body’s ability to regenerate and become better at reducing toxins in the cell.

If you go to extremes and fast for a week or a month then a little nutrition or drinking a little milk during fasting is helpful to prevent irreversible metabolic damage to your organism. Extreme fasting if done improperly for too long can lead to unhealthy consequences for the body metabolism.

MYTH: Going organic will help weight loss:

Eating natural organic food or processed food will not help you lose weight. Only a starvation diet will help you lose weight whether you are eating organic or processed and modified food.

MYTH: Exercise will help you lose weight:

Exercise will only make you feel hungry again and you will gain back all the calories which you lost exercising by eating again. You will even be exceeding the caloric intake which is needed to merely replenish the calories lost during exercise.

MYTH: Eliminating one food or an assortment of foods will help you lose weight:

If you eliminate one or more foods from your diet you will still get enough calories from other foods which you do eat and you will lose no weight. Switching to a vegetarian diet will not cause you to lose weight because you will eat enough vegies to make your daily body calorie requirements adequate for maintaining a stable weight without any weight loss at all.

MYTH: Everyone gains the same amount of weight by overeating:

By overeating by 1000 calories individuals varied in weight gain by 10 to 30 pounds so every individual is different in the amount of weight which they gain by overeating.

MYTH: Eating a big dinner meal is bad for your health and affects your weight.

Only if you compulsively overeat will it cause weight increase but will not badly affect your health in the long duration if you do not become severely obese. If you only eat one big dinner meal a day then you will not gain weight abnormally because the caloric intake is not that great.

The kind or type of food that you eat affects weight gain more than the amount of food that you eat. If you are eating large amounts of highly processed carbohydrates and sugar then you will be fatter than if you eat large amounts of balanced food with naturally balanced fats, protein, and carbohydrates from natural organic food.

CONCLUSION: If you want to truly lose weight for health or other reasons then counting calories and going on a starvation diet is the only temporary way of doing it with the help of a nutritionist or professional calorie counter.

It is important during that starvation diet that you eat a healthy variety of organic or natural foods balanced with carbohydrates, proteins, and fats which you get by eating everything in moderation or a wide variety of food which you should consume to assure that you are getting proper or balanced nutrition.

Once you reach your desired weight you will still have to painfully count calories and determine how many you will need to maintain a constant reduced weight.

Some people are born naturally skinny or plump and the easiest way to deal with it is to not diet at all but to eat healthily with a large variety of natural organic food. 

Let your weight stabilize at what your natural inherited weight is. You may not be happy with your overweight which nature gave you but at least you will be happy eating to your heart’s content as much as you want of the quality food which you should be eating on a daily basis.

****There is no magic pill, or magic supplement, or magic food which will help you to lose weight. When you eat has nothing to do with weight loss. Only a starvation diet will cause true weight loss and it is a difficult and stressful experience which only desperately overweight people should be going through. All others should be happy and healthy with their natural weight which differs from individual to individual as nature intended it to be.

Remember, you look the way you look because nature intended you to look that way and trying to fight nature will just cause much failure and emotional suffering and misery.


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LIE: You will lose 5 to 10 pounds a week.

TRUTH: There are about 3500 calories in a pound of fat. It would take you one week to lose 1 pound of fat if you went on a starvation diet and ate nothing for a week because most of us can survive losing no weight on 500 calories a day. You can go on a dangerous month’s fast and eat nothing at all and you are only guaranteed to lose about 4 pounds of weight. The only way to lose a pound of weight in one day is to dehydrate your body and lose one pound of water in a day!!!!!!

LIE: You can treat yourself and eat anything you want in moderation and lose weight.

TRUTH: This misleads you into thinking that you won’t have to give up any of the eating pleasures in your life. It lies that you can eat the bad large calorie good tasting foods. Even if you ate half or one third the amount you frequently eat you will still not lose weight.

LIE: All you need to do is take a weight loss pill or a food supplement which suppresses your appetite.

TRUTH: If your appetite is suppressed and you go on a starvation diet you will lose some weight but in the long duration you will gain it all back.  Appetite suppression chemicals are dangerous to your metabolism if used for too long and when you get off them for health reasons you may even gain more weight than what you started out with because the body is expecting more starvation in the future and is adjusting by storing more fat cells. It also increases the chances that you will be starving on a diet of bad nutrition foods which you are used to eating and this will damage your health in the long duration.

LIE: A before and after picture is shown as proof that you will lose weight.

TRUTH: The humans in the pictures lost weight using a different weight reduction program which is not the easy one advertised.

CONCLUSION: There is no fast way to lose weight and not have any bad side effects on your health. Over 50% of humans were programmed genetically to be on the plump side sooner or later so even if you only eat about 500 calories a day you will still not lose weight.

You can lose weight under the supervision of a nutritionist who knows what they are doing and will be counting calories for you. You can lose weight slowly and surely by eating a healthy variety of food and being on a semi starvation diet until you reach your desired weight. Then you have to adjust or stabilize your calorie intake so you don’t gain it all back. The process requires an almost inhuman discipline to overcome hunger pangs and the temptation to eat something delicious and satisfying.

If you must lose weight because of bad health and a fear of imminent death then you may be motivated enough to seek nutritional professional help.  Someone will supervise your weight reduction program for a fee. Permanent weight reduction is possible but your diet will be different and the amount of food that you consume will be drastically reduced. Eating will probably no longer be a great pleasure in your life.


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