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Disagreement: n. communicating incomplete correspondence of some different opinion(s) and/or fact(s) and the communication may be recorded

Disagreement frequently originates because the facts used and the opinions formed from them are different for one human versus another.  Sometimes the facts are the same but the opinions about them may differ.

Whether it is facts or opinions or even beliefs which don’t correspond, disagreement is frequently the result. Frequently the good reputation of a human or an authority figure is what or who dominates in important disagreements where compromise is not possible. If you have an excellent reputation or if you are the boss then your opinions and facts will frequently dominate any disagreements on what the best course of action is to be.

If a disagreement is not job related then you can frequently agree to disagree and it need not adversely affect a relationship. Politics, religion, and sports are examples of areas where disagreement is rampant and need not affect your life adversely if you agree to disagree.

Language is terribly biased into yes or no, antonym or synonym, always or never, black or white, and agree or disagree thinking. The truth is that there are frequently shades of grey and you can disagree 40% of the time and agree 60% of the time. An opinion may be true most of the time but not all the time and there may be many important exceptions to the rule or opinion which apply in the real world. It is better to approach most disagreements as disagreements only in degree and not absolute disagreements. Seldom does one human have the whole truth and the other human has no truth or is totally wrong.

To avoid terrible arguments and confrontations when you disagree you can use the smart approach and say that you agree 80% of the time with an opinion but here are the examples or reasons why I disagree with you 20% of the time. Of course the percentages are ballpark figures and may not be that accurate but it will get the message across that your opinion or opinions also have some merit and should be considered in the discussion.

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