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Science has a rigorous mathematically logical tool but it still uses archaic emotionally biased language to communicate with other scientists and this causes many interfering human emotions during scientific research which should have no place in scientific logical discussions and objective research pursuits.

Fear of competition, greed for or wanting to publish more or perish, jealousy of other scientists who are better than they are, herd instinct trying to desperately hold on to old outdated unworkable theories and practices, and fraudulent publications practices stealing the intellectual property of those below their authority status.

Greediness for survival money or grants from politically powerful monied groups with predetermined agendas make objective scientific research next to impossible. Much research, especially in medicine, is highly politically biased in favor of the goals of these powerful monied interests who basically want to make more money no matter how detrimental their drugs and procedures may be to the general public.

I predict that soon all the scientists in the world will be using a logical scientific language based on the logical definitions in SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS to communicate with each other and soon that language with accurate scientific logical definitions will filter into the general population and also gradually transform it into a logically biased not emotionally biased worldwide communicating society. Humans will finally begin to think more logically and not emotionally and they will be smarter and better off for it.

The world will be saved from having to perpetually repeat history because the language has not been changed for thousands of years and we continue to repeat and repeat the mistakes of our ancestors socially because we are using the same dysfunctional hard to learn archaic language which is socially flawed in favor of a command structure of yes or no and no in between decision making efforts.

Obey or disobey me absolutely or suffer the consequences. The western world is no longer largely tyrannical but is slowly reverting back to tyranny or the yes or no command structure which is easier to rule with or control the masses.

Scientists need to be freed from this tyrannical command structure inherent in language. They need to spend their time thinking logically and not have to put up with the day to day in house or in lab politics which is going on.

The reason for my highly creative output is primarily because I have isolated myself to think about what is relevant in society and science and what is not. I don’t associate with male colleagues because they would just waste my time, energy, and money on trivial pursuits and stale old arguments which I have no time for and don’t want to spend my precious time, energy and money on it.

I think it was once Diogenes the Greek philosopher who was pondering a problem in the sand and was confronted by the king who asked. What can I do for you? He replied- Please don’t block the sun for me.

What this means is that science should be as free from political strings as much as possible so that objective observations about the universe can be made and not become subjective political ones with politically correct research results.

I looked up the accurate quote by Diogenes which says the same thing in more words. “I have nothing to ask but that you would remove to the other side, that you may not, by intercepting the sunshine, take from me what you cannot give.” or “Stand a little less between me and the sun.”

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