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Discovery Education

Discovery: n. determining the existence of a subset(s) which has been in existence but is frequently generally unknown and/or to create a theory which can be used in reality

True discovery is something which exists in this world but you are the first to bring it to public or private attention as something which no one knew about before. Wilderness discoveries are still being made on a regular basis physically but the greatest discoveries are being made in science which is uncovering new principles of chemical and biological action or behavior.


Offspring are constantly discovering new things in their world for themselves as they adventurously, curiously, and creatively lead their lives. They are on a constant personal lifestyle of discovery and sharing the information with others.


The problem with most non-scientific undisciplined subjective liberal arts education is that it eventually stifles this creative, curious, and adventurous urge in offspring and many become emotionally driven impulsive subjective automotons as adults with much irrational behavior.

I highly recommend mini experimental science lab time in elementary school worldwide to nurture and logically direct this adventurous and curious offspring behavior about the physical world around them!!!!!!


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