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Discrimination: n. willfully and fraudulently stealing privileges and/or rights one has merited but has been denied due to one’s (ethnicity and/or gender) and/or (age and/or nationality) and/or handicap.

The truth is that we all discriminate or perceive differences in humans and things but discrimination has taken on political meaning and it means noticing unjust differences in humans and making largely impulsive judgments to the detriment of the human who may objectively qualify for a job or real estate purchase.

Appearance, gender, manner of speaking, and behavior are all impulsively judged based on prior associations with similar humans and we make speedy judgments about whether we like them or not and why. If you are prejudiced about some human groups then your reactions to individuals will show a group bias and you may unjustly judge individuals for something which they are not. If they just had the opportunity to prove themselves to you with more contact then hopefully you would change your mind and have a better opinion of them than the stereotypes which you have in your mind.

Humans must discriminate and do, so they must be taught to make more objective judgments about humans and ask pertinent questions about them before making impulsive judgments. The judgments should be just and primarily based on job, education, communication ability, trustworthiness, and personality.

If someone talks funny or is hard to understand and doesn’t have a friendly personality then you don’t want them to make customer contact but they may still be hired for behind the scenes work which does not require good communication skills.

Gender discrimination is harder to do objectively because there is a primal attraction to the opposite sex and females are still largely viewed as being responsible for offspring and to be treated differently than men because of it.

Unless they are inappropriately dressed, humans should not be judged primarily on looks and that means color of the skin. All other forms of discrimination are acceptable because ethnicity is the only unfair or unjust form of discrimination since all the humans in this world should have an equal chance at a job if they are qualified.

Age and sex discrimination should theoretically not exist but the fact is that age and sex does matter to some extent with the only rule applying is that there should be equal pay for equal work no matter what the sex or age. For example, not hiring elderly women to be showgirls or cheerleaders is age discrimination and it would be very unconventional to have 80 year olds fill those jobs and not bankrupt the business.

Most businessmen prefer someone with experience and the true form of discrimination which hurts young adults the most is no experience discrimination. How do you get a job if there is no on the job training and you need job experience? It is also a fact of life that no job experience adults are frequently not dependable and many are lazy so there is fear that hiring someone with no experience will just result in higher turnover for the business.

A question which you should always ask yourself is-Do I dislike this human because he or she has a lousy personality, can’t communicate well, is untrustworthy, is boring with little education and a poor job or do I dislike the human because of ethnicity or color? If you are discriminating for reasons other than ethnicity or color then you have every right to discriminate in your choice of potential friends or potential workers.

You should be civil towards all humans and be able to have unimportant conversations with them if needed but you have the right to chose your potential close friends and workers who are qualified for the job and will not scare away customers because of worker incompetence and bad personalities.


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