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Corruption: n. causing to behave dishonestly and/or immorally and frequently nonviolently for money and/or (personal and/or institutional) gainen

Gainen: n. getting a desired subset(s)

Government, business, and organizational corruption is the most difficult to combat because it is institutionalized and has much momentum to continue on it’s traditional path without reforming.

You can’t realistically put every member of an institution in jail or fine each one for corruption. Watch dogs within the organization risk losing their jobs and future livelihood if they turn on the institution and testify in court with evidence of its corruption or corrupt members. A corrupt big wealthy institution can make life very miserable for you after you get fired from it.

Most corruption is of the nonviolent kind but there is also corruption which utilizes violence and rarely murder to silence its threatening foes or opponents. Murder is hopefully rare but blacklisting is a common underground practice which is almost impossible to prove with objective evidence which is secret or hidden from public view.

My personal opinion is that national and international watchdog foundations should be formed which protect humans financially who reveal institutional corruption with audio visual and documented evidence and prove their case in court with watchdog foundation legal funds. Only the fear of losing a great public reputation through worldwide media exposure will insure a minimum tolerable level of institutional corruption.

The media itself is controlled by a handful of corporations so the probability that corporate corruption will be disclosed and punished with fines and even jail time is highly improbable. When fines are assessed they just become part of the expenses of doing business as usual and the inherent corrupt structure and operation of the institution continues on in perpetuity.

Open source internet information on government activity, especially that of committee deliberations, is vital to keeping corruption to a minimum and it is something which we still don’t have today. Secrecy promotes corruption and the more information which becomes public knowledge, the less corruption there will be in the future.

Corruption in politics is legend with special interests and powerful money interests getting beneficial legislation or laws at everyone else’s expense.

Deception and even lying in advertisements promotes a corrupt social environment.

The absence of strict moral teaching in elementary schools encourages many to lie and cheat in some way which then is reflected in society later on where a lax attitude towards promiscuity results in much marital adultery.

Without moral citizens the leadership becomes even more corrupt and rebellion against corruption is almost non-existent.

The whole world needs a secular moral code for young impressionable minds in elementary school and it is- except in emergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder. Without putting this secular moral code into practice peaceful and good human interactions or relationships will continue to break down and peace between nations will not be possible in the long duration.

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If you enjoyed this blog then here is a list of my most popular ones which you may also enjoy!!!




Many humans are embarrassed at their bad memories for names and will sometimes lie and say “Oh, yea I remember you.” Instead say “You look very familiar but I’m afraid your name escapes me for the moment. What is it again?” This is a far more honest answer to an embarrassing situation.

If you are a respected leader in an important authoritarian position then you won’t last long with a bad memory for names and never stay in that important leadership position with this white lie approach.

How many times have you heard the expression “I love it!” especially coming from women and girls who exaggerate reality just to make someone feel good about themselves and their choices. I love that dress, jewelry, handbag, shoes, swimwear, etc. demonstrating a total lack of standards of quality. They also expect to hear those same words from the men in their lives who may not approve or have a dislike but are desperate just not to hurt the feelings of a significant other.

A dress is either OK, you like it, it’s sexy, like it much, and don’t like something about it. Almost no one falls in love with a dress, etc. for a long duration and it is just a momentary expression of extreme exaggerated lying approval.

What I like to say is something good about the dress or any other item which I am commenting on if it is not totally my favorite. I like the pattern, it has nice symmetry, the color combination is nice, the style is good, the cut of the dress is fine, it is sexy enough, or it has eye appeal.

But I never fail to point out what I may not like about it too by saying it is a little bit too busy, the color combination could be better, it is too asymmetric, it is not my favorite color, the style is too formal or informal, and the pattern is not one of my favorites, it is too sexy, the style is a little dated, the cut is too high or too low to be one of my favorites, I liked your previous dress better, it’s for an older or younger woman, etc.

Be honest but in a nice way and say in a discriminating fashion what you like about it the most and what you consider some of its flaws. It’s beautiful or ugly shows a lack of logical discriminating ability which is unfortunately rampant in this society so determined to be liked or so determined not to emotionally hurt someone.

“I am busy that day.” When your schedule is blank is another unnecessary white lie. Say instead “I have other plans that day.” Which is more honest because there is a high probability that if you like to do much and are busy on a moment’s notice sometimes then it is a totally believable more honest excuse and you may be making new plans for that time slot in a few hours or days.

“I totally forgot to do that thing you asked me to do.” If you didn’t forget then it is the sign of a liar who doesn’t fulfill promises and will not be liked for it and your reputation as a dependable person will begin to be destroyed. Instead if you honestly forgot to fulfill a promise then say “I am very sorry and apologize and promise that I will not let it happen another time.” If you don’t intend on fulfilling a promise then don’t make it in the first place and avoid having to make up some phony excuse for not fulfilling the promise.

Saying “I’m fine.” When you are not is another white lie not worth making. Humans can frequently sense by your tone of voice, body language, and facial expression that there is something troubling you and putting up a false front will create suspicions that you lie about your feelings and once again a suspicion of dishonesty will only hurt your reputation in the long duration. Say instead “I am not fine right now but I will get over it soon or by tomorrow.”

White lies are dishonesty in action and if you don’t get personally physically or emotionally scarred by lying then your reputation will definitely suffer in the long duration and almost no one will want to become a loyal respectful friend of yours in the long duration.

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 1500 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

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If you enjoyed this blog then here is a list of my most popular ones which you may also enjoy!!!




Dishonesty:  n. intentional (fraudulence and/or lying) and/or deception

Lying is an obvious form of dishonesty but failing to fulfill a promise is also dishonesty or lying about the future. Frequently contracts or promises to do something in the future for mutual benefit are not fulfilled and this is also a form of dishonesty or in effect fraudulent behavior.

Lying is immoral fraud which is not criminally prosecuted by law but in an ideal world should be. Social ostracism of liars or a bad reputation is frequently the only punishment that a liar gets.

Deception is a form of partial lying or partial dishonesty and not revealing the whole truth necessary in a communication or agreement. Deception is dishonesty too and it is frequently evident in cosmetic and supplement advertisements which promote products with desirable characteristics or results which are in fact not very accurate or even almost totally untrue.

A deceptive human is a clever liar who frequently gets away with the clever lie but he or she is a liar nevertheless. Society is filled with myths and deceptions or clever lies and it is my mission in life to try and reveal as many of them as possible for your benefit. The truth about these deceptions is not always pleasant to hear because many of us prefer to believe in soothing  or comforting lies and deceptions rather than in harsh truths or realities.

Total dishonesty or blatant lying is worse than partial dishonesty but one should realize that almost any degree of dishonesty is bad unless it is an emergency situation and you must lie or be dishonest to save a life or avoid severe injury.

Most of us would like to be healthy, attractive, happy, and successful and there are plenty of predatory deceptive charlatans who are offering us their bogus friends, information, goods, and services to fulfill those basic human desires.

What is the antidote to dishonesty? Being honest, sincere, dependable, competent, somewhat caring, and trustworthy. If you find a friend with those characteristics then you will have found a true friend indeed!!! Your social reputation will be outstanding too and you will be respected and maybe even admired if you chose to have a large following.

What is the difference between an intentional and unintentional lie? Usually an intentional lie is someone claiming to have done something when in fact they have not done it. If the lie is unintentional and you get a sincere apology then forgive and forget but if the lie is intentional then start doubting and prepare for more lies if you decide to have further dealings with the human.

The hardest lies to detect are the deceptive ones where there seems to be some truth in what someone is saying to you but you have some impulsive doubts. This is where reputation comes into play. How reputable is the human giving you the information? If they have a history of deception or lying then don’t trust them but if they seem fairly reputable then cautiously proceed and assume that some of what they are saying is in fact truthful. Some BS artists are so good that you will not detect them for who they really are and not realize that they are playing you for a sucker.

Finally don’t be too impulsive and accuse others of lying because chances are great that they have been deceived or believe in untruths which are ravaging societies and their lying may be unintentional. Their opinion on something may be totally opposed to yours but don’t assume that the opinion is a total lie or untruth. You need much useful education and experience with humans to read their body language, listen carefully to the tone of voice which they are using, and to judge the truth of the information which they are communicating to you.

Accusing someone of lying without proof or reputable witnesses runs the risk of a false accusation which will begin to ruin your reputation in the long duration.

Be cautious about new relationships and keep an eye out for deceptions and lies. My advice is live and learn because there is so much BS floating around in society that you are probably being deluged by it and have been brainwashed by much of it. If you want less BS in your life then start reading as many of my blogs as possible.



If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 1000 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

For a complete readily accessible list of blogs and titles go to twitter.com/uldissprogis.




Flattery: n. praised beyond objective need and frequently with some dishonesty

Many fall victim to flattery because most of us like to be praised for looking good and behaving admirably. Flattering your boss or an authority figure is frequently seen as a valid way to get favors in return.

Flattery is frequently excessive praise or it is dishonest praise done to make a human feel good or important and if you believe your flatterers than you run the risk of inaccurately judging your own potential as a human being.

Many celebrities are flattered so much that they lose touch with reality and frequently live lives of isolation from the real world and real humans.

If you are victimized by yes men and yes women which you surround yourself with on a daily basis then you too will lose touch with reality sooner or later to your own personal detriment. There is nothing more helpful than honest criticism to get you back into a more realistic appraisal of your real abilities and potential.

Flattery is BS praise which you should be aware of and you should try to avoid the flatterers as much as possible to live sanely in the real world.

Imitation is sometimes considered a form of flattery but it is sometimes harmful to your bottom line or economic existence. Plagiarism is a form of flattery if you consider imitation to be flattery and it should be considered an intellectual property crime in many circumstances.


If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 800 so far, and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

For a complete readily accessible list of blogs and titles go to twitter.com/uldissprogis.




LYING:   Willfully and fraudulently stealing the truth with untrue speech and/or untrue writing or willful and legal deceptive stealing of the truth with untrue speech and/or untrue writing.

All lying should be fraudulent or illegal someday in the distant future.  Unfortunately the human condition is such that society is filled with lies many of which are believed to be the truth.

Religions are filled with untruths and there is an abundance of social myths that people believe in.

Many businesses lie about their products especially when it deals with highly subjective personal beauty and health products and services.

We would be calling 100% of the population liars if our standards for truth were objective and absolute.  So many people are being deceived by untrue information and untrue opinions. They honestly believe those untruths so they aren’t really liars but they are promoting many untruths which have to be addressed and combated wherever possible.  Hopefully someday in a perfect world lying and untruths will be outlawed but for the time being most lying is still legal deceptive stealing of the truth and permitted.

The deception is perpetuated by those in leadership positions of power and the people are merely sheepish followers who don’t know any better.  There is also the problem of a leadership that has been deceived by historical deceptions and they too largely believe that they are in possession of the objective truth.

My books are really not designed for the masses but are designed for the political and social and economic future leaders that should be fighting ancient myths and untrue ideas and unjust laws to make this place a better world to live in.

People aren’t really willfully lying all the time because they believe those lies to be the truth and society accepts this reality.  That should not be a reason to be complacent about the situation and not continue the noble fight to exclude as many lies and untruths from society as possible.  We should all try to be myth busters because it is the right and good thing to do and it should only benefit society and the world in the long run and guarantee a more peaceful world.

Trust is the glue that keeps families and friends and organizations and society functioning smoothly.  Remove trust and human relationships and society start to decrease.  Trust basically means that honesty and sincerity without much lying is being practiced by people.

Dishonesty or lying or telling untruths can also mean that promises are made and never fulfilled and that bad deceptive actions are kept secret in close human relationships.  Beware of adults who don’t fulfill their promises and replace them with excuses and beware of adults who seem to be keeping too many secrets with avoidance answers to important questions.

People shouldn’t and frequently don’t trust a liar or a thief.  A liar who tells many intentional lies or untruths destroys a good reputation and is frequently socially ostracized.  A thief who is caught goes to jail.  Unintentional lies especially by offspring can be forgiven but many intentional lies should be punished by a loss of privileges.

Intentional stealing by small offspring should be severely punished even by physical spanking with a belt if the intentional stealing can not be cured by a loss of privileges or severe scolding which emphasizes that thieves go to jail.

Lying by a spouse about not being home on time due to working overtime or a meeting with some friend for entertainment reasons is sometimes done to hide an affair so become suspicious if a spouse is using too much time away from home and is found not to be working at a job.

Finding drug paraphernalia in a messy room or car is evidence that legal or illegal drugs are being used by your offspring or that he or she is associating with people who are using drugs.  If your offspring denies using drugs it is probably a lie although there is the remote possibility that the drug paraphernalia was planted by friends that wanted your offspring to get into trouble.  If actual drugs are found especially the illegal kind it is time to take severe steps to stop the use if it hasn’t reached the point where only a drug rehabilitation center is the only solution to the problem. In modern society there are many synthetic legal drugs which are even more dangerous to your offspring and they should be made illegal as soon as they appear on the market and are being manufactured here or in a foreign country. For example all dieting drugs which suppress appetite and change your mood should be illegal!!!!!!

If you lie very little or have a photographic memory and can remember all the lies told you may get away with lying but most compulsive liars are soon caught in their lies and their good reputation lands in the toilet.  This is especially true of dates that you may have who may claim that they are in love with you.  Sometimes the truth is that they are really after your money or some privilege which only you control.

In every new relationship give the person enough time to prove to you that they are really honest about their lives and about their interest in you.  The longer that the relationship lasts the greater is the probability that their true intentions and beliefs will surface and they will be caught in their lies if they have told any.   If you catch someone in a single important intentional lie there is a great possibility that he or she has been telling you many more lies which you haven’t caught.  Stay away from liars because they can’t be trusted and are immoral people and this will only lead to many future disappointments or even heartbreak.

There is a very important place for honesty and a good reputation to play in modern jury trials.  If perjury is committed then true justice is not possible in democratic republics.

If the truth and 100% of the truth and nothing but the truth is not demanded by law of the vast majority of its citizens then there is no justice possible.  A society filled with liars can’t exist for long before tyrannical rule must be enforced with force and the threat of force.  A free society with too many institutionalized lies or untruths and successful liars can’t long exist.

There are many lies being told in society that are believed to be the truth so realize that not all lies which are being told to you by adults are actually intentional lies meant to deceive you.

There are many products on the market especially drugs and inflated money making schemes and weight loss products and lopsided single or multiple food supplements and cosmetics which make untrue statements about their merits.

Educate yourself on these products by going on the internet and getting truthful opinions from people who have actually used them and are not being paid to make good testimonials on those products.

Finally if it sounds too good to be true it probably is not true.  Watch out for miracle claims for a product and remember that the buyer should always be suspicious of untrue claims.

Laws should be passed which limit the right to make non objective claims for products and services which are not truthfully advertised.  Buyer beware is not a just legal principle but is bad socially since it just rewards clever and deceptive liars.

Almost all lies are immoral and there are a few cases where they are criminal or fraudulent in the form of libel or public product misrepresentations.

White lies such as saying that you are busy when you are not to avoid an unpleasant conversation may not be considered immoral.  It is best to remain silent and communicate nothing at all if honesty will get you in trouble such as severely and honestly criticizing your boss and risking being fired.

Admit your error in making a promise that you couldn’t fulfill rather than making up a untrue excuse.  Remember honesty is still the best policy if you want to maintain good relationships with family and close friends and especially if you are aspiring to positions of leadership in organizations or politics.

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