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Wilderness: n. nature real estate minimally changed by humans

Wilderness is a vital safety net of biodiversity for future humanity when domesticated plants and animals will no longer be healthy food for consumption due to irresponsible interference by technology which emphasizes short duration profit, the use of too many artificial chemicals, and monoculture to grow domesticated plants and animals.

Not only that but emphasis on the growing of very few species in great numbers runs the risk of long duration famine when those few species become devastated by pests and disease and can no longer be grown safely and economically for human consumption.

We will need healthy biodiverse animals and plants from the wilderness to make our food supply healthy again so it doesn’t devastate the health of humans as it is already doing in ever increasing numbers. Overly processed food which is not organic is also a large contributing factor to bad food but once you destroy the foundation of healthy organic plants and animals there are no quick fixes possible any more to reverse the unhealthy trends and unhealthy food supply whose DNA is irreversibly damaged.

A smart human generation should promote certified organic farming and protect and even expand wilderness real estate for the long duration survival of humanity on the face of this endangered precious planet earth.

Untested  GMO’s are the biggest threat to healthy plant and animal DNA because they select plants and animals based on so few criteria such as size, fat content, rate of growth, crop yields, and herbicide and generalized pest resistance when there are hundreds of traits which should be selected for to make a truly healthy food for human consumption. Myopic short duration selection is devastating the health of the current food supply and we will all suffer from the irresponsible behavior in the long duration.

Bees are already dying in huge numbers all proving that current growing methods and altered DNA is injurious to animal health and it is also unquestioningly dangerously affecting human health in the long duration.

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Biodiversity is speedily being destroyed in this world. Not only is wilderness real estate being destroyed leading to species extinction, especially the predators at the top of the food chain but food biodiversity is also being reduced drastically with monoculture agricultural techniques.

Wilderness biodiversity is the only safety net which we will have for a healthy food supply when domesticated plants and animals will become unhealthy with the overuse of pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers, factory assembly line growing,  growth hormones, antibiotics, untested GMO’s, and artificial insemination.

Human selection for only a few traits such as beauty, fat content, size, and breeding productivity in cats and dogs has demonstrated that unhealthy animals and human dependent plants which can’t breed in the wild are the result in the long duration. Humans are just not as smart in selecting the healthiest and best animal and plant specimens to reproduce as nature is.


Nature selects plants and animals based on thousands of desirable traits and humans select only based on a few desirable traits. The result is that many human designed species of plants and animals are not the healthiest or most disease resistant species in the long duration.

Our domesticated food supply is in the long duration in danger of succumbing to unforeseen catastrophic diseases and extinction and natural biodiversity is the only safety net which we will have to rely upon when human manipulation of domesticated species fails miserably.

Humans are polluting our genetic food supply with the help of technology which results in many unfavorable unhealthy species for the long duration.

Beware!!!!!! Destroy biodiversity and you destroy future human civilization as well!!!!!!

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Crab Nebula

Different religions and different political systems are the main reason why there is not peace in this world and so much conflict and disagreement. The world is crying out for a new human secular moral code to unify the world in its common humanity.

In a nutshell that new secular moral code should be- in non emergency situations-

don’t destroy biodiversity,

don’t lie,

don’t be inefficient,

don’t steal,

don’t commit adultery if married,

and don’t murder.

What follows is a brief explanation of this moral code and what it means in general terms.


Wilderness plants and animals are time tested healthy gene pools which we will need to rely on when domesticated plants and animals will be so altered by human intervention and manipulation that they will become unhealthy plants and animals to eat. Breeding special human selected breeds of dogs and cats and livestock has resulted in breeds with severe health problems because the selection process is limited to a handful of traits such as beauty, size, and fat content of the meat. The largest or most beautiful physical specimens have undesirable health problems and many prize livestock specimens can’t even reproduce naturally anymore and need human assistance in the form of artificial insemination. Nature selects for millions of traits and assures that only the healthiest specimens will survive to reproduce. EAT UNHEALTHY FOOD AND YOU TOO WILL BE UNHEALTHY!!!!!!

Biodiversity must survive and I even recommend that its real estate should be expanded to assure a healthy gene pool of plants and animals to choose from which nature has so wisely selected for survival under the natural environmental conditions of the earth. The environment also includes all the natural bacteria and viruses and insects which exist and perform vital functions which are still a big mystery to most humans.

What humans must do to make biodiversity realistically possible is to control human population growth and concentrate most humans in big cities along the coast. Start giving back some of the real estate to wilderness plants and animals before it is too late to reverse the avalanche of healthy species extinctions.


Honesty, sincerity, and telling the truth is not valued by secular societies and the result is political lies, social lies, economic lies,  education lies, religious lies, and the scientific lies of modern theoretical physics which make everyone believe that society is unjust or unfair. Society is currently based on historical myths and deceptions which are destroying trust in society and personal relationships. Trust is the bond which makes peaceful civilized human interaction possible and without it humans must be ruled by threats of violence and violence or tyranny. Trust is only possible if politicians don’t lie and humans don’t lie to one another, especially in intimate relationships with one another. When humans no longer trust their leaders and don’t trust their family members then the result is chaos or anarchy quickly followed by tyranny.

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We have inefficient conversation thanks to an archaic language which puts so much emphasis on emotion and emotional words and not logical speech and thinking. Taking most of the emotion out of language, defining the words logically, and simplifying the inefficient grammatical structure of language will make conversation or communication very efficient. My book LOGICAL ENGLISH DICTIONARY is the nucleus of the new language which we must change to if we want to make language as efficient as it should be and tame the emotional human beast inside of all of us.

We have inefficient homes, inefficient cars, inefficient businesses, inefficient education, inefficient medicine, inefficient government, inefficient religion, and inefficient daily habits which are mostly trivial pursuit behaviors which don’t benefit our lives nor the lives of others but basically waste much time, energy, and money. All the liberal arts are inefficient excursions into inefficient verbosity and trivial activity which has minimal real survival benefit for humanity. Human society is littered with inefficient human artistic MUTANT crap!!!!!!

INEFFICIENCY means that you are wasting your time, energy, and money or you are wasting the time, energy, and money of someone else!!!!!! The new golden rule should be don’t waste your time, energy, and money and don’t waste the time, energy, and money of others!!!!!!


Surveillance cameras may soon be everywhere and the government monitoring personal communications will be accepted by all. This is done to create a fear in thieves so that they will not try to steal. The temptation to get something for nothing or minimal time and energy expenditure is great in humans. Make big money quickly with gambling, make big money quickly in the stock market, or steal something expensive and make a big profit with minimal expenditure of time, energy, and money. The temptation to steal in an immoral secular society is great and the only antidote to it is young offspring being indoctrinated that it is immoral to steal or cheat someone with deception which is just another form of stealing without force or violence.


Commit adultery and you create a fear of abandonment, anger, frustration, jealousy, and even hatred in your spouse. Who needs that emotional garbage and it is the second leading cause for divorce with good reason. Too promiscuous a society means that the fundamentally necessary family unit is endangered and financially responsible, independently functioning moral offspring will not be raised who can live under family circumstances.


Except in self-defense killing a human being intentionally should be a crime in all societies.

CONCLUSION: If you want the future world to live in peace and harmony with one another and with wilderness plants and animals then the whole world community should believe in the same basic new moral code. IN NON EMERGENCY SITUATIONS-DON’T DESTROY BIODIVERSITY, DON’T LIE, DON’T BE INEFFICIENT, DON’T STEAL, DON’T COMMIT ADULTERY IF MARRIED, AND DON’T MURDER!!!!!!


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