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Is there a guarantee that if you input the exact title name that your e-book will appear first on the search page? No. A few of my unique titles do but most are lost in the shuffle or Amazon placement algorithm.

If you use your computer and input e-book followed by the title then you will get slightly better placement results. However, I used a different computer than my own and got poorer placement results so I suspect that Amazon is fine tuning the search results to the author’s computer.

When I first published my e-books in 2011, about 17 of them, I sold an average of 3 to 4 a month. Today, I am selling two to three a year so it seems that the placement of the books is constantly changing and gets worse the older that your book publishing date is.

Key words, ISBN number, and customer reviews of your e-books appear to have no different effects on the placement of your e-book when it is searched for.

I strongly suspect that money and a biased editorial staff at Amazon is the prime determining factor in the placement of your e-book in their search engine. Blockbuster celebrity books appear first and I am not sure what money deals Amazon makes with book publishers themselves to get better placement.

In three years after publishing 17 e-books I have made about $100 from selling them. Not very encouraging statistics for the independent e-book self-publisher!!!!!! I also published with Barnes and Noble and got similar results.

It seems that celebrities with a hundred thousand followers are the only ones making money in the book publishing business these days unless you have written an overpriced text book which many schools are using.

Reading is also becoming a lost pastime with the younger generation so it seems that most book authoring will be a dead financially unrewarding profession in the near future.

Rare inventive authors create buzz for their book and reach over a hundred thousand potential customers. However, if you are laid back with a handful of followers then you will make almost no money at all e-book publishing!!!!!!

COMMON SENSE is a revolutionary book of about 800 pages for $3. It appears on approximately page 6 if you search by title so I strongly suspect the book is being censored by the Amazon editorial staff and it is not the placement algorithm’s fault.

If publishing an e-book boosts your ego, improves your writing, or if you want to leave a legacy for your offspring and grandchildren then it is not a total waste of time.

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