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If you feel that you must drink bottled water due to bad quality faucet water then buy it in 5 gallon recyclable containers and not small plastic bottles and use a reusable handy portable container to pour the water in.

Fix all faucet and commode leaks.

Shower and don’t bathe and if you have a white collar job then only wash your hair, armpits, crotch area, and feet where smells originate. Don’t wash off the natural oils on your skin which are superior to skin care products.

When you urinate don’t always flush but wait until you sense a strong urine smell in the commode and only then flush. On average this means that you will only have to flush once every 4 or 5 times that you urinate.


You should join and make contributions to wildlife conservation organizations.  It will help conserve and in the future hopefully expand wilderness real estate. Taking animals and plants out of the wilderness is not a good long duration technique for saving them so don’t support zoos.


Glass is the only eco friendly resource which should be recycled but while we are still using metals, plastic, and paper then recycle them also.


Trees are more efficient at transforming carbon dioxide into oxygen and cellulose than grass so plant more of them.


Turn off lights in a room when not in it and use efficient LED lighting if possible and reduce the wattage of your light bulbs. Our ancestors functioned well with only candle light and you can too by using less wattage if you only use the computer and TV most of the time.

Turn your water heater to about 110 degrees Fahrenheit or 43 degrees Celsius.

If you take quick showers you won’t have to mix scalding water with cold water to get skin temperature water that will last the duration of the shower.

Drive an economy car which gets about 40 miles per gallon of gas since we are still living in the real world and electric cars are still a long way off or switch to diesel power engines which run on recycled vegetable oil.

Build a passive house if you can afford it which uses the least amount of energy per year and if you have a very old house then insulate it better, eliminate door and window leaks, and put in double pane glass windows with no air in between if possible.


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