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Companionship: n. being friendly and using time with one or more human(s) and/or animal(s) who are frequently only acquaintances and who sometimes  become friends

Companionship is one step removed from friendship and it is humans with whom you interact in a friendly way but don’t consider them to be your friend. Frequently companionship is hired such as a companion for an elderly disabled human who needs some help getting through the day with someone to talk to and do some basic chores.

Pets are frequently considered companions of disabled and sometimes lonely humans but the reality is that pets like dogs and cats can in fact become just like family members asking to be fed and paid attention to and in return offer joy and comfort to their owners who even talk to them and communicate in meaningful ways.

Given enough interaction time a companion may evolve into a mild friendship since long duration time spent with someone frequently means that the human bonding gets stronger and that is a sign of friendship between two or more humans. Initially joining a club or organization for companionship with shared interests frequently leads to friendships with some of the club or organization members.


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