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Disappointment: n. sensing low to medium intensity badness after failing to achieve your (needs and/or hopes) and/or (desires and/or expectations) and/or goal(s)


Fail to get a date, fail to get a job, not enough money for a new car, don’t receive a promise, don’t ace an easy test, don’t do a task on time, and a hundred and one other relatively small failures in life can be very disappointing and even frustrating if you are repeatedly disappointed.


You can frequently be a disappointment to yourself but other humans can also disappoint you if they make promises and don’t keep them and ruin your expectations.


Some disappointments are so great that they can make you angry at yourself or others. A low to medium intensity unpleasant feeling which frequently accompanies a disappointment may become very intense and should be considered awful, a disaster, or tragedy in your life and not just a medium intensity disappointment.


There really isn’t a word for very intense disappointment and there should be.


Disappointang: n. very intense disappointment frequently existing with anger

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