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Many humans don’t exercise, can overeat, and can eat and drink anything and don’t gain weight. It is obvious that the claimed sources for weight gain do not apply to many humans. They were just born lucky with fortunate genes and do not have a problem with their weight no matter what their lifestyle.

Some humans put on weight in old age or gain weight because they start taking drugs which alter metabolism and cause weight gain. Many humans gain more weight as they age and women frequently gain weight after a second pregnancy or after menopause. This is all very normal.

Binge eating affects the weight of sumo wrestlers by increasing body fat stored so it is possible for some predisposed to weight gain to gain more weight by overeating.

The sad fact is that if you were born fat or have been born with a tendency to get fat then you will be overweight even though you exercise, don’t overeat, or eat low calorie foods.

Many humans are just born to be fat and there is very little which can be done to reduce weight unless you go on a starvation diet and stay on one permanently. Failing to starve yourself constantly the result will be that you will go back to your overweight weight.

Weight reducing pills and fad diets may make you lose a few pounds in the short duration but once you start to eat normally again then you will gain back all the weight which you lost. Yo yo dieting where you are losing some weight and gaining it back again is a fact of life for humans trying to fight mother nature who wants you to be fat or at an above average weight.

The type of food which you eat affects some humans and a processed food diet rich in carbohydrates and sugar increases the likelihood that you will be fatter than on a balanced diet of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. The change in the American diet in the past 40 years is largely to blame for the increase in obesity in the general population even though lack of exercise and eating too much is also being wrongly blamed for more overweight fat humans in the population.


Your genetics largely determine whether you are born fat or will become fat later on in life. If you are unhappy with what nature gave you then your only way of losing weight is a starvation diet and staying on one being hungry all the time.

Stop being hard on yourself and feeling guilty about being fat because nature intended you to be fat and you should be proud of that fact of life and not fall for the being thin or “normal” weight propaganda which is prevalent in our obsessed low weight society. You are normally fat so love it.

Look at many of Rubens paintings and you will realize that historically being fat was beautiful and you should feel no shame for being overweight.


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You were born overweight most likely because one or both of your parents is also overweight. Be proud to be born that way even though you will be socially ridiculed and offended by nasty comments. Extra weight in nature means that you are better prepared than others to survive food shortages or famines. We no longer have severe famines or food shortages but your odds of surviving one if it exists in the distant future will be larger.

You are getting older and nature puts on more weight or calories since getting older historically meant that you would get less food from your social network and nature puts on more fat so you don’t starve and can survive.

You are a woman after her second or third pregnancy and nature puts on more calories or fat in anticipation of the historical fact that there will be less food to go around and you will be sharing some with your offspring.

You are overeating and eating two or three times a day and truthfully you should be only eating when you are hungry and drinking only when thirsty and if that means not eating anything a whole day then that is normal and you won’t die of starvation. Don’t force your offspring to eat three times a day if they are not hungry, especially breakfast. If they don’t want to eat dinner or lunch don’t force them to do so since they can skip three to four or more meals without starving and you will cure them of a lifelong habit of overeating! Soft drinks and energy drinks don’t quench your thirst but keep you thirsty so you will drink more sweet drinks. Chose water or seltzer water or beer or coffee or unsweetened tea or naturally sweet fruit juices without added sugar instead. You can also make your own flavored water by cutting pieces of fruit or herbs and adding them to water or letting them flavor your water naturally.

You are eating too many sugary overly processed foods rich in carbohydrates which are notorious for putting on extra weight. The artificially added fructose in sugar is shutting off you satiation chemical and the brain is responding by asking for more food. The solution is to eat as much and as great a variety of certified organic food as possible with natural fat content which will satiate you sooner and naturally make you eat less food. Natural fats and proteins and carbohydrates are healthy for you if gotten from unprocessed food.

You are addicted to sugary foods and snacks and drinks and are eating too many of them. The solution is to avoid them completely and if you can’t stop completely then eat processed sweet foods once or twice a week and consider them to be treats. Naturally sweet fruits should be eaten and will not cause you to overeat and gain more weight than you should naturally and should satisfy your craving for sweetness.

Conclusion: If you find a food or drink with sugar added don’t buy it and if you buy it have it only once or twice a week!!!!!! Eat a great variety of certified organic food only when hungry and include a blood sausage about once a week. Drink raw milk if you can find it and pasturized milk if you can’t with your meals once in a while. Drink water only when thirsty or other unsweetened beverages. If you don’t lose much weight and your health doesn’t improve much live with it then be proud of your weight because that is the way that nature intended for you to be. Any metabolic illness which you still might have will not be cured by good nutrition and you will have to live with your bad health for a lifetime.


Don’t try to lose weight exercising because you only burn about 120 calories walking fast for 30 minutes. Most humans eat much over 500 calories every day so you will not lose any weight just by exercising. It is a myth that exercise alone will make you lose some weight!!!!!!

Exercise moderately to keep your body toned but you don’t need to do it more than about two or three times a week for 20 minutes and you don’t need exercise equipment to do it. If you are a lazy exerciser then just walk fast outdoors or on a treadmill for about  20 minutes.

One room in the house or a six by six foot free space in a room can be an exercise room where natural human exercise movements can be done without the aid of most artificial devices which build up the body in unnatural ways.  Such movements as pushups and/or squat thrusts and/or sit ups and/or deep knee bends and/or running in place and/or spinning in place and/or jumping jacks and/or jumping up and down instead of jumping rope which limits the degrees of freedom that your hands can exercise during the jumping and/or chin ups and/or an assortment of aerobic moves and/or weaponless martial arts moves should be popular forever.

When doing jumping jacks or jumping up and down don’t stay in one place but move around the room even spinning around while doing them and flex your knees a little and move in many patterns over the floor. Feel free to jump to different heights while doing jumping jacks and make it a nonboring real blast of a cardio workout. Also during the jumping jacks feel free to bend at the waist and twist the torso too and flail the hands around at the joints and bend the elbows. Be a wild and crazy gal or guy and enjoy yourself. That is true utilitarian personal creativity which is so rare in society!!!

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