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Humans are omnivores and that means that most can eat meat, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and eggs.

Yes, some have food allergies and must stay away from certain types of seafood, peanuts, lactose, gluten, sugar, and other food ingredients or compounds. Most of us can eat almost anything and should have as large a variety of food in their diet as possible.

The two major myths floating around are that you have to eat a low fat diet to avoid getting fat and that meat is bad for you. The truth is that low fat diets frequently are high in carbohydrates and sugar which may actually make you gain more weight since you eat more of the food and get more calories into your system. Meat may contain traces of growth hormone and antibiotics and most meat is fed GMOs so it is not organic or very healthy but it won’t kill you if you have meat once in a while. If you are paranoid about it then you can eat fish or seafood instead of meat for a healthy protein and fat intake.

Trans fats or processed or hydrogenated oils or fats may be bad for you in the long duration but eating natural fat in whole foods is not unhealthy and will not cause heart attacks contrary to popular myth. In fact if you eat natural fatty foods once in a while then you will feel satiated sooner or stop eating sooner and will eat fewer calories than you will on low fat diets.

Balanced eating is the key to eating well and if you go on fad diets eating mostly one or a handful of foods then it is a lopsided unhealthy thing to be doing in the long duration. You need a healthy balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals to stay healthy and the more organic the food intake, the healthier it is for you.

If you eat a wide variety of organic food with dairy and meat too then you don’t really need food supplements or pills. To be assured that you are  getting trace minerals you can try taking some wild flower bee pollen once in a while, include some sea salt or Himalayan pink salt, or eat some seaweed.

Instead of taking a pill supplement find a natural food which contains what you think you need and get it in natural form. Not only will you be getting the vitamin or mineral that you think you need more of in a balanced way but you will be consuming other nutrients which your body needs which you aren’t even aware of.

Variety is the spice of life and it will not only make your meals interesting and not boring but you will be eating healthy even if you once in a while indulge in overly processed foods and sweet treats which some claim are bad for you. Even eating non organic fast food once in a while will not kill you or ruin your health in the long duration.

Unless it is for specialty health reasons, eating only fruits and vegetables for the rest of your life is not a very exciting prospect and a severe limitation on the pleasurable taste sensations which you can experience in a lifetime.


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Large group of foods

Eat as much unprocessed certified organic food in all its varieties as you can afford. If you do like soups or meat medium rare then cook them as minimally as possible. To get micronutrients in your diet add a wide variety of spices in barely detectable quantities to your food or take a teaspoon of bee pollen once in a while.

Don’t fall for the myth of low fat, low carbohydrate, low protein food being good for you or some heavy emphasis on a one food diet fad. You should eat and experiment with a wide variety of foods rich in fats, proteins, and carbohydrates because you need all three categories to stay healthy. Don’t just over eat the few overly processed foods which you are addicted to.

Unless you are allergic to one kind of food eat EVERYTHING whose taste is not repulsive to you. That includes some processed foods once in a while and your eating will never become boring or unhealthy and you will need no unnatural food supplements in lopsided unnatural quantities!!!!!!

Get over the myth that certain foods will help you to lose weight. They won’t and the only way that you will lose weight is to go on a permanent starvation diet which means eating less than what your body is demanding. Take diet pills to reduce weight or eat just a handful of fad diet foods and you will ruin your metabolism and health in the long duration and never lose any weight permanently.

Finally eat ONLY WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY and that may mean only one varied meal a day or every two days. It is a myth that sedentary humans need to eat three times a day or many small amounts of food five or six times a day.


Stop being a fanatic or paranoid about the food which may contain pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s, antibiotics, growth hormones, preservatives, etc. If you do eat some of these foods occasionally it will not destroy your health or metabolism in the long duration. Stick with certified organic food as much as possible but you don’t have to make eating them an absolute rule in your life because you will be passing up a few of life’s tasty processed sweet food treats such as chocolate and deserts.

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Myth: Eating too many calories will make you fat

Your genetic makeup, the type of food which you eat, and how much food you eat are the most important factors in weight gain and how much you eat is only third on the list of priorities which determine how much you will weigh.

About 30% of the population can overeat on a regular basis and will only put on about 5 or 10 pounds of weight and no more. The rest of the population will overeat and put on many more pounds but will stabilize at some weight and gain no more.

If you are programmed genetically to gain more weight as you get older then you will gain weight no matter what you eat unless it is a starvation diet. The unfair fact of life is that most humans gain weight sooner or later on normal healthy diets and it is a fact of life which is not accepted by society at large which is brainwashing humans into thinking that they should conform to a normal weight or be considered bad gluttonous human pigs.

Eating highly processed or refined foods with much sugar content is the second leading cause of obesity because the foods no longer have a natural balance of nutrients and destabilize a healthy metabolism which results in excessive unnatural weight gain. Humans are getting more obese because they are no longer eating a healthy natural balance of food nutrients which comes from a varied diet of natural food intake.

Truth: Your genes and how natural is the food that you eat are much more important factors which determine how much you weigh and will weigh in the future.

Myth: Fatty food makes you fat

Then why are there skinny and “normal” weight humans, about 30% of the population, who eat fatty foods and stay thin? It is your genetic inheritance which programs how fat your body gets and not how much fat you consume. In fact eating fatty foods means that you will feel satiated sooner and not eat as much. Eating anything in excess will make humans gain weight if their metabolism is programmed to gain weight and skinny humans can eat incredible amounts of fat and not get fat at all.

Myth: Carbohydrates make you fat

Great quantities of greatly processed carbohydrates, especially sugar or high fructose corn syrup will mess up your natural metabolism and make you overeat. If you are genetically programmed to gain weight then you will gain more weight than usual because you will be taking in many more calories than what your body needs to maintain a constant weight. If you are of normal weight then the only drawback of eating too much sugar in your diet will be possible diabetes since your natural metabolism will be put out of balance.

Myth: MSG in moderation is harmful

Direct injections of MSG into mice brains can have bad effects but the quantities of MSG found in human food is not unhealthy unless you are allergic to it which is a rarity.

Myth: Gluten free foods are healthier

Unless you have celiacs disease or are allergic to gluten then you can process gluten in your diet without any adverse effects on your health.

Myth: You must poop daily

The frequency of pooping is not important as long as you are not constipated or have watery stool which means that you should change your diet to a more natural one higher in fiber.

Myth: Microwaving kills the nutrients in food

Any nutrient which is killed by an increase in water temperature to boiling or below boiling will occur but the nutrients affected are the same as those killed by boiling food.

Myth: Spot training will help to eliminate fat locally

Any fat which you lose is from the entire body. Trying to lose fat in only one area of the body such as the stomach with sit-ups will not succeed.

Myth: Checking the scale is a good way to monitor your weight loss

After exercise you will lose much more water and almost no fat so a weight loss of one or two pounds is mostly water and not fat since your body uses up its stores of glycogen in the muscles before it starts breaking down fat cells in the body for energy. How you feel is much more important than what you weigh. You will not lose weight by exercising but you will feel much better after doing so.


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