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All information is good and bad and in between or a mixture of bad and good information and what Google and other search engines are discovering is that information also has a reputation which can be good or bad or in between.

Criminal, terrorist, malware, immoral, extremely deviant, and untrue or false information is not desirable because it reflects directly on the reputation of the search engine. A search engine should ideally be a trusted source of information and if it is not trusted then its popularity will wane or be subject to legal prosecution.

How do you determine with an algorithm the trustworthiness of the information provided on the web? There is no algorithm which will determine this accurately and ultimately human mediators will be necessary to filter out the very bad information from the mostly good.

Reputable websites will have priority and this will usually mean a website which has been around for a while and has reputable contributors to it. This means that fly by night websites will not be permitted or will soon not appear in searches and humans with good reputations will be the ones whose web sites will appear if they are newly formed. Anonymous websites will begin to disappear from the web and be censored as well as anonymous writers or contributors.

Ultimately humans with good reputations will appear in searches along with their websites and there will be discrimination against those whose reputations are very bad. Humans and bots generate information and soon most information will be traced back to their human or bot generators as a form of protection from very bad information.

Total freedom of speech will no longer exist on the internet and the ultimate goal is to provide moral freedom of speech on the internet and reputable information on the internet.

There is also the danger of political censorship on the web so a legal procedure will have to be devised for regress of grievances if a website is unethically being censored for not being politically correct.

Total freedom of association will also be limited so that criminals, terrorists, and other very undesirable humans can’t freely communicate to promote their nefarious ends. Facebook and other social media will also be censored in favor of moral behavior within the world community.

Sure, criminals will always find ways around the censorship using reputable names or identities as fronts for their operations. This is why there will never be a perfect censorship of very bad information but it can greatly be reduced from the tsunami of crap deluging the internet today.


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