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Biodiversity is speedily being destroyed in this world. Not only is wilderness real estate being destroyed leading to species extinction, especially the predators at the top of the food chain but food biodiversity is also being reduced drastically with monoculture agricultural techniques.

Wilderness biodiversity is the only safety net which we will have for a healthy food supply when domesticated plants and animals will become unhealthy with the overuse of pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers, factory assembly line growing,  growth hormones, antibiotics, untested GMO’s, and artificial insemination.

Human selection for only a few traits such as beauty, fat content, size, and breeding productivity in cats and dogs has demonstrated that unhealthy animals and human dependent plants which can’t breed in the wild are the result in the long duration. Humans are just not as smart in selecting the healthiest and best animal and plant specimens to reproduce as nature is.


Nature selects plants and animals based on thousands of desirable traits and humans select only based on a few desirable traits. The result is that many human designed species of plants and animals are not the healthiest or most disease resistant species in the long duration.

Our domesticated food supply is in the long duration in danger of succumbing to unforeseen catastrophic diseases and extinction and natural biodiversity is the only safety net which we will have to rely upon when human manipulation of domesticated species fails miserably.

Humans are polluting our genetic food supply with the help of technology which results in many unfavorable unhealthy species for the long duration.

Beware!!!!!! Destroy biodiversity and you destroy future human civilization as well!!!!!!

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