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Underwear is basically functional and cosmetic.


For women a bra exists to create the illusion of young breasts which are not sagging. Unfortunately nature has sagging breasts and it is a shame that a sagging breast under a t-shirt is not socially acceptable as beautiful which it is.


Underwear is also functional and poorly designed pants with irritating zippers and grating fabrics on the skin make wearing underwear necessary. If the pants in the first place were not designed with flaws irritating to the skin there would be no need for underwear and a great savings in energy costs washing them periodically.


Ancient athletes used to perform naked and needed no jock straps to hold their testicles up unnaturally. If you need a jock strap in any sport that you are playing in then you need to quit that sport because it is unhealthy for your testicles which should be hanging freely and not restrained by an unnatural  fabric.


I decided not to wear underwear because I don’t need Depends to catch urine flow from my bladder so I don’t soil my pants in any shape or form.


Also underwear is a major source or cause of rashes and smells which originate from poor ventilation of the genital area because water moisture is not permitted to escape freely and oxygen does not take care of the genital smelly bacteria.


I personally like the idea of a kilt worn by men with no underwear because your genital area is well ventilated and your testicles hang freely. Women should also not wear underwear under their skirts to adequately ventilate their genital area.


Put all those money grubbing underwear companies out of business because their unnatural product is injurious to the health of your genital area. We need a revolution against underwear. No bras and no underpants, especially jockey shorts.


It is a sign of modesty to cover up your genitals. Bullshit!!! It is a sign of an unhealthy human norm in clothing. Let the revolution begin and Don’t wear underwear!!!

I further predict the new clothing rage which is dress shirts for both men and women mostly in appealing solid colors which could be called a company uniform just long enough to cover up the crotch area and flap in the breeze. No pants and underwear unnecessary and a minimum of modesty maintained.

Of course unisex kilts or dresses, loose fitting, without underwear are also very fashionable future fashions and healthy too.  Gone will be the days of jock itch, sweaty balls and penis, rashes, fungus, yeast infections, and other genital ills associated with poor ventilated genital areas. 

Well ventilated genitals is the healthy way to genital health and the more it is promoted with either no clothing at all in the genital area or flapping cover ups with miniature fans for circulation of heated or cooled air in winter or summer if appropriate. Of course nudity in air conditioned comfort near body temperature is the ideal health for skin everywhere on the body!!!!!!

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