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To what extent should internationalism be pursued?

The international banks and corporations are internationalists by nature and need a global ideology to solidify their control over national governments. As long as private property is protected in most parts of the world a true communist ideology without property rights will probably not be instituted any time soon.

China is perhaps the only country left which has some financial national autonomy but it is already tied into the international money transfer system and needs it to survive financially in the short run and maybe even in the long run. I think it is just a matter of time before China is forced to obey international monetary rules within the nation also but I am not holding my breath.

No national borders with an interracial mix within a nation is what destroys a national cultural identity and this is promoted by the global ideology. Weak nations with severe personal and national debt is what keeps the power in the hands of the international monied class. Profit from vice businesses is encouraged as well as family breakdown is promoted to reduce reproduction rates. A moral vacuum is created and makes a country ripe for eventual takeover by a tyrannical form of government pushing the international ideology.

Ultimately what is desired is an international tyranny with control over the money supply of the world and a tyrannical ideology to suppress any possible rebellion from the masses of the world. Once individual rights such as the Bill of Rights is eliminated, tyrannical rule will become absolute and there will be no resistance from an unarmed populace.

Will the United States lose its international monetary and human rights clout eventually? Probably, but fortunately I will probably not live to see that day. If anything will save the United States from just becoming another third world power it is continued immigration into the United States of the best brains in the world. Whether the best brains in the world will want to continue to immigrate into the United States with a much lower standard of living is debatable but it is worth a try.

Conclusion: The international monied class is alive and well with no signs that it is losing its power internationally.

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One thing not so obvious in the age of international big money globalism is that national laws in the United States and other countries are not being enforced due to lobbying by globalist interests within the country which results in unfavorable circumstances for a sovereign country.

A perfect example is the immigration laws of the United States which are not being obeyed because the congress is deadlocked politically and neither the Republicans nor the Democrats want to secure the boarders lawfully. It thus becomes the role of the executive branch to enforce the immigration laws of the land. The executive branch should have the right to transfer funds from one branch of government to another by executive order since it is obvious that congress does not want to enforce or fund the immigration laws and this leads to lawlessness, sanctuary cities, lax criminal enforcement, and other dysfunctional or bad side effects on the nation as a whole.

Now you may ask what department should finance the enforcement of immigration laws? The logical department would be the Defense Department or the military which is responsible for the border integrity of any nation.

The media is influenced by globalist ideology and money as are international banks and corporations. So one can assume that the media no longer has the best interests of a nation in mind when it publishes its biased opinion pieces of news which is often now fake news designed to make things worse for a nation in the long duration and not better.

I would venture to say that eventually the president of the United States will have to have the power to suppress the censorship of moral or ethical free speech in the media largely now in the hands of international internet companies. Big international money endangers the liberty of individuals to exercise their freedom of moral or ethical free speech on the internet so steps will have to be made to protect whistle blowers and opposing views which run counter to globalist ideology which is increasingly socialist and ultimately totalitarian communism or totalitarian tyranny or dictatorship.

The executive branch or the presidency has long been just a puppet figurehead with little power to act except in times of war. If the president can justify his or her actions on the basis of enforcement of the laws of the land to minimize internal criminality and external aggression which may also be economic then the president should have the right to do so. Tariffs are definitely an economic weapon which can be used by the executive branch only.

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When the internet began it was the days of the wild wild west where you could get all kinds of information for free which included books, music, movies, pictures, news, and blogs. You could comment almost anywhere and prowl the internet with fake ID’s and fake names. With the passage of time viruses, malware, Trojans, scams, spam, and bots started to take up more and more of the internet which has a flawed technology to begin with and no realistic foolproof vetting process.

Scam artists trying to make a quick buck invaded websites with self promoting info and promises of instant wealth. This quickly degraded the websites and caused a lot of dissatisfaction among the idealistic righteous few who erroneously thought that free participation would not lead to an overabundance of web human parasites out to make a quick buck.

In a period of about 7 years starting in 2012 my blog site has had over a million and a half spam comments that Askimet protected me against. Anonymity was another major reason why trust in the internet has reached an all time low with pretentious humans and pretentious ripoff scams.

Along with this chaos cell phones with apps began to make their mark as more information was packaged into brief soundbites, captivating images, and inescapable ads. The computer screen with a nice keyboard was being replaced by a mini screen with fingertip touch composing of messages and images.

Isolating customers from the worldwide web with easy access was done with cell phones with more and more internet companies limiting your potential experiences to selected apps and interests designed to appeal to your political persuasion and your topical interests. The cellphone was an information trap which most ventured into and limited your ability to choose new and better interests as you progressed through life. Siri and Alexa are just a few examples of big corporations filtering acceptable answers to questions posed by the public and putting blinders on to any divergent views or answers.

Today there are serious privacy issues and an emphasis on trustworthy websites. Censorship by social media and search engines is beginning to dominate and independent voices are gradually being suppressed. Much information now is no longer free and you are beginning to have to pay for almost any privilege on the internet such as publishing your articles on a website and viewing the published articles of others.

Only secure websites are being promoted and those are usually the ones making the most profit for themselves and the internet providers. Freedom of choice is drastically being limited and if you are a startup internet company then the chances that you will rapidly grow with millions of interested customers is highly improbable because you are a low human or enterprise on the priority list of most search engines.

Big money with profit as the primary focus is censoring all competitors who have minimal money for promotion purposes. Established companies are making a killing and competitors with a decent following are quickly bought up to avoid competition. If you are working on a shoestring budget with a novel and interesting new idea or business then chances are great that you will get minimal internet exposure with little growth opportunities.

The internet in its primal state was very democratic with potential worldwide exposure. Now the internet is mostly owned by big money interests and is rapidly decreasing in creativity and relevance to the creative community which is struggling to grow beyond a handful of loyal friends and supporters.

Relatively cheap and free information is quickly being changed into paid information and almost every website is trying to fund itself to keep alive and have some dubious presence on the money hungry internet.

The biggest tragedy is that monopolistic international information companies are beginning to censor minority political opinion in the name of an international globalist left wing ideology. Economic prosperity for the middle class is rapidly declining and most western nations are being threatened with a realistic third world status with a few rich at the top and the majority living at close to poverty level. It’s beginning to look a lot like a tyrannical ideological socialist or communist elite at the top and the rest mostly working slaves with minimal rights trying to stay economically afloat.

Yes, there are currently some populist rumblings against the globalist trend but I personally believe that the globalists with their great wealth will eventually triumph in the end and maintain their global world order based on money and a tyrannical ideology which will suppress most dissenters helped with a monopoly on media propaganda.

Maybe it is time to start a new internet where all the users are vetted as having good honest reputations with validated encrypted personal information. Good trustworthy websites with information from reputable vetted sources with no political ax to grind. Sounds like an impossible task but maybe someday such an internet will emerge. In an era of fake news, fake information, and fake reviews I think it is high time to try and reverse this unacceptable trend and enter an era of truthful news, truthful information, truthful reviews, and no ads unless you ask for them.

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Justice: n. a moral distribution of (ingus and/or rewards) and/or punishments without reference to one’s own personal choice which may be different.


Ingus: n. information and/or goods and/or services and/or property


Justice is merely a subjective discussion without a definition to start with and no consensus about justice can be arrived at without a general enough definition. Historical philosophical discussions about justice are all outdated and a new reality should take hold.


My definition is broad enough to include the major considerations which must be made which is morality, the distribution of ingus as a reward and/or punishment, and recognizing that personal choices as to this morality and distribution may vary to some extent over the course of history. The laws which enforce the existing establishment of any nation may be slightly modified to fit the new circumstances or realities.


I think that we can all agree that a common morality must exist in a nation and it must be general enough to include many moral variations on an original theme. I would strongly suggest a secular moral code which should be taught to all impressionable young minds so that they don’t have to always ask themselves is what I am doing right or wrong or is it moral or immoral?


Any moral code has had religious meaning historically and it is one thing which is largely intuitive and not scientifically or mathematically provable yet civilization would be impossible without a moral sense of what is right and wrong. An immoral country can’t long endure in a state of chaos or anarchy. A belief in morality or a sense of morality gives each individual personal control over his or her personal actions and is of primary importance in the relatively peaceful interactions within a society among it’s members.


I strongly suggest a modern universal secular moral code which is- in nonemergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.


Yes, in the real world absolutes have some exceptions and this moral code is an absolute approach to life but offspring need certainty in their lives and are not aware of all the exceptions to these absolute rules. Life becomes much more complex as adults but if the absolute foundation is basically sound then exceptions to these rules can be more reasonably digested and accepted later on in life.


Stealing is one example where a child basically understands that you can own ingus and if someone takes it from you without your consent then it is a form of stealing. There are at least 5 cases where stealing can be justified in the adult world and taxation is one major and very important exception.


If taxation is one exception to stealing then it becomes a question of how much taxation should exist to make it just taxation or what minimum percentage should the taxation be to ensure minimal theft. Even the bible taxes or tithes it’s flock of believers at 10% of earned income so this is an important ball park figure to start with in any discussion of just government taxation percentages.


Don’t lie is a very important primary moral principle because fundamentally it is stealing the truth. Lie in a marital situation, lie to friends, or lie to anyone and your relationship will disintegrate because trust is broken and without trust in humans no close peaceful interaction is possible. Lying destroys your good reputation. Even the reputation of businesses, the government, and other institutions suffers if humans can no longer trust them if they lie or deceive and their reputation is also in the toilet if they don’t act morally or lie and steal through fraudulent actions.


Slander and libel are laws against lying since it is very easy to destroy the good reputation of a moral individual with public libelous affirmations. The vital necessity for trusting relationships in society is why lying is fundamentally immoral in nonemergency situations where life or death is not involved.


Now distribution of ingus universally takes place with MONEY even though there are still situations where barter may be used or it could be considered an exchange of ingus. Any discussion of justice must consider WHO has the money in society and WHAT is that money given for?


In the real world money must be primarily earned with some kind of a job and if you can’t earn money such as when you are destitute and also unemployed then your survival must be guaranteed with some form of welfare or money gotten from the earning taxpayers in a nation.


Yes, next to morality money is of secondary importance in society so any discussion of justice must include a discussion of a just economic system under laws which optimizes the benefits for it’s moral citizens and penalizes the immoral citizens with economic loss and other punishments.


The economic historical choices are capitalism, socialism, and communism. Pure communism fails because of an attempt to eliminate private ingus and frankly communism is a colossal failure since no one gives a damn about communal ingus but usually take good care of their own ingus.


Communist China is an example of communist ideology mixed with capitalism with all the very rich members being members of the communist party. That China too will fail is inevitable because it doesn’t have a moral code upon which trust can be maintained among it’s citizens and between the party and it’s citizens. If China adopts a just secular moral code and puts it into practice then there is still hope for long duration Chinese dominance in the world.


Pure capitalism is also a failure because it devastates the environment with never ending growth, pollution, and wilderness destruction, puts money and power ahead of morality, and offers no realistic choices other than charity for the destitute and also unemployed. I therefore advocate Capsocialism which is capitalism for the working class and socialism or some form of welfare for the destitute and also unemployed.


Capitalism encourages financial responsibility in family, business, and organizations and tries to ensure that no organization operates in the red or in deficit mode for very long. Capitalism motivates profit making and some non profit organizations to grow in size, strength, or popularity. Yes, bigness is a danger in the form of monopolies which can charge an arm and a leg for their ingus so laws must be passed to minimize monopolistic corruption if that is even possible with international banks and corporations who have more wealth than most nations.


The reality is that Capitalism is a worldwide phenomenon which no one nation can police any longer. International monopoly laws will have to be passed and enforced if international corruption without morality can’t be tolerated in the long duration.


Since money primarily determines who is prosperous and who is not we must consider where that money from taxes can be wisely spent. Yes, there are private institutions for the rich and wealthy in education which gives them an advantage in society that the poor do not have so there is inequality of opportunity from the beginning of one’s life. If you are born into a wealthy family then your life has all the modern conveniences or perks and you can receive a first class education if you work or study smart and hard.


One fact which seems unfair is the fact that some are born with more natural abilities than others and often it is those from wealthier families. If you have a very good memory and efficient processing ability of inputted information then you have a considerable natural advantage over other members of society from the beginning. Yes, if you are lazy and don’t develop your natural born abilities then you can still fail in living a good life but that is just a testament to the fact that there are no guarantees in life even for the very rich.


So, a useful education is definitely something which a government should pay for out of taxpayers money to somewhat equalize the seemingly unfair educational advantage of the rich. Some try to live in financially well off neighborhoods and go to school there getting a superior education compared to someone in a poor neighborhood.


It seems just to give federal education support to poor neighborhood schools but unfortunately most of the money is wasted because poor neighborhoods have problems with dysfunctional families, drugs, alcoholism, crime, and a resulting discipline problem in schools which impairs the learning process for all students attending a school.


Money can help to some degree in helping to improve education in poor neighborhoods but if the moral setting in which a child grows up is bad then no amount of money will offset the bad effects of a bad environment in which the child grows up.


Perhaps there is some hope in audio visual interactive computer education for students in middle school and high school not only in the classroom but in a home environment more conducive to learning than bad peer classroom pressure in public schools. Yes, computer technology offers the possibility of a better useful education for poor neighborhoods so federal money could be used to create functional audio visual interactive courses for the poor and disadvantaged in general. Learn at your own pace and learn as much as you can should be the new motto and hopefully successful approach to future education for the poor.


Audio visual interactive computer education could be considered a form of educational justice for the poor and disadvantaged.


Theoretically and practically speaking if an individual is moral, has integrity, is dependable, trustworthy, competent, friendly, and with a useful education and good job then that person should do well in life and the individual would consider it a relatively just existence.


Now social justice in the long duration is only just if the laws are just and the system provides the opportunity for a redress of grievances which might arise in a competitive environment. This is where the constitution comes in with its Bill of Rights and a functional court system with a trial by jury.


Yes, here too if you have the money for a good lawyer or you are a wealthy corporation then you will probably win most of the time in court. That is a fact of life and one more disadvantage with which the poor and other individuals have to contend with. Of course, if you are a moral human with a good reputation then your chances with a jury are greatly increased compared to someone immoral who is on trial.


With robotization, international trade, and AI or artificial intelligence soon dominating, jobs in the future will be scarce for the technologically disadvantaged and there will be many who will frankly not be educated enough to participate in the job market at high levels of expertise. All this is resulting in more income inequality and an eventual need to expand welfare to cover those that are temporarily or permanently destitute and also unemployed.


The question then is how much money should be allocated to those on welfare? If it is too much money then the incentive to work at all will be gone and if it is too little money then you will have armies of disenchanted humans who may riot for more income. What is more likely to happen is a voting crisis where those on welfare will vote to make the working class slaves to their leisure lifestyle of no work. My recommendation is to reduce the voting power to a fraction of the working class vote power. Any nation which does not do so will rapidly bankrupt itself and cause much chaos and anarchy followed by a tyrannical rule to reestablish some sense of order and security.


Theoretical justice must give way to actual new laws to deal with the real consequences of international banking, international corporations, and a shrinking job market. Can any one nation pass just laws to deal with an international crisis? Probably not, and this will soon become the realm of international justice and laws to address the international problems. Each nation is struggling against globalism which threatens to impoverish most of humanity in the long duration with the possible exception of the wealthy or the rich and powerful.


One final consideration. In order for justice to survive there must be a freedom of moral speech. With newspapers severely dwindling in number and online internet censorship of websites such as Google, Facebook, Bing, Reddit, etc. our ability to spread dissenting views may be imperiled in the long duration. Academia, Celebrities, and the establishment media are all left wing leaning organizations promoting the Democratic Party and there is a danger that soon the whole nation may be a one party propaganda tyranny of information. Traditional justice will have a hard time surviving if one kind of ideology will be necessary for any citizen to thrive in the nation, especially those in the public domain.



Any valid discussion of justice must consider morality, money, and who and what the money will be given for. For a young moral nation of mostly farmers and small businesses the United States Constitution was pretty good. In a worldwide globalist environment with much free trade and powerful international monopolies the US Constitution is inadequate to deal with the new reality. Constitutional changes are necessary and I have offered a suggestion in my book New Constitution of the United States. Also worth reading is New Laws: New Future Laws and Justice.

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The biggest threat to the United States is moral decay about which I have written in past articles. That said Globalization is also partially to blame for the current state of moral and economic dysfunction.

It is no great secret that whether it is Republicans or Democrats in power the establishment is in favor of big international banks and international corporations and big national corporations and organizations. The middle class is not high on the list of priority legislation.

Corporations and banks are communal enterprises or consist of many more than one individual so collective leftist ideology is dominant and designed to ultimately oppress the individual and favor collective enterprises and collective group thinking and causes. Globalism and big money is winning and laughing all the way to the bank while the average human is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy or is already dependent on some socialist welfare.


For the collective to triumph along with big government, the Democratic party and leftist ideology has taken over most of the media, about 90% of university staff, most big corporations and institutions, most celebrities, even the top echelons of the deep state, and is dominant in promoting an even greater welfare state with over 50% getting some form of welfare support.


The only recent area where the Democrats and their ideology has not triumphed is in the Supreme Court. Despite this the majority of lawyers graduating from law school and the top universities are democrats who are hell bent on changing the constitution to benefit their ideological persuasion. Already some state laws are just ignoring the constitution and passing unconstitutional laws which persist because no one is really challenging them in the left leaning courts.


The middle class is rapidly disappearing and most are moving to big cities mostly run by Democrats which is rather disheartening news. Mostly low income humans subsidized by some welfare from the government seem to be an undeniable future trend favoring Democrats.  The only reason a majority of registered Democrats sometimes don’t win is because they are too lazy to vote or think that voting will make no difference anyway.


Financially responsible moral family units are becoming scarce. Promiscuity and pornography is popular. Most families are either in debt or living from paycheck to paycheck with little or no money for emergencies. Mental illness now afflicts more than 30% of the population. Legal and illegal drug and legal alcohol abuse is reaching crisis proportions.  About 50% of college and high school graduates can’t find jobs and many continue living with their parents. The national debt is high and rising rapidly with no end in sight. Democrats basically just want bigger government, more spending on costly social programs, higher taxes, and more debt.


The establishment media has morphed into a tabloid like press hell bent on destroying the reputations of naysayers and political rivals with insults, name calling, belittlement, ridicule,  humiliation and sometimes even lawsuits. Identity politics is also dominant and shows no signs of decreasing. The media love to stereotype humans, especially if they are not Democrats, and call them racists, Nazis, Islamaphobes, homophobes, misogynists and love to character assassinate humans further with guilt by association, statements taken out of context, and deplatforming which often is a form of unjust censorship.


There probably will be no solution for the illegal immigrant invasion with the gradual breakdown of law and order aided by sanctuary cities and leniency on criminals such as a right to vote for felons who have served their sentence in Florida. Bipartisanship is a policy rapidly dying as politics becomes more polarized or divided into intolerant party warfare. The political leadership is corrupt and getting more corrupt and immoral with each passing year. The leadership is not solving economic or social problems but mostly exacerbating them with new legal riders on spending bills to make the system even more problematic and dysfunctional.


Traditional conservative social values are moral, coherent family units with financial responsibility, and independent selfsufficiency or selfreliance. This is rapidly being replaced by progressive considerable immorality, tenuous financially irresponsible family units, and dependency on government welfare. The corrupt monied class is growing in wealth as the rest of the population is steadily becoming little more than indentured servants dependent on the government teat.


After Trump leaves the presidency it will probably be business as usual with nothing standing in the way of Democratic dominance on into the foreseeable future. Only time will tell whether the future is one of dysfunctional socialism followed by possible ultimate tyranny by an indoctrinated elite who will rule by proclamation without any checks and balances on their power. Yes, first the citizenry will have to be disarmed but that can and ultimately will be done in small stages until any resistance to tyranny will be ruthlessly and violently suppressed.


Yes, there is an improbable solution that unfortunately will need political backing. The solution is a smaller more efficient government with fewer laws favoring special interests, a radically reformed educational and welfare system designed to encourage learning of useful knowledge and providing door to door basic welfare assistance to the destitute and also unemployed but no motorized vehicle.


I have extensively written in detail about the solutions in my blog and over 17 selfpublished books. If you ever hope to be a leader in government or industry I would highly recommend that you read about my proposed solutions and hope that you will make some of them your own someday and try to disseminate them further.

Yes, real solutions means proposing and passing specific laws regulating education and welfare and the government in general so relevant issues should be proposed and enacted into law and many old laws rescinded or terminated on the local and national level.

Unfortunately the badly informed public just wants to vote for whom they like and vote against whom they hate. We really need statesmanship, which is presently nonexistent, in public office to pass laws which benefit moral financially responsible family units and not big money globalists. What we are getting recently is charlatan politicians who are power hungry and little else. A secular moral code taught to most impressionable young minds, peace, and prosperity towards a greater tomorrow is a laudable goal, if that is still a possibility!

I prefer ending on an optimistic note so I see some hope in pulling society out of a moral free fall into chaos and dissatisfaction. Technology with the help of artificial intelligence, smart robots, and smart audio visual software should become the new moral role models of the future, raising the new generation and taming the emotional beast in most adult humans.

Sustainable technology living in harmony with nature is the semi Utopian future with potentially optimistic results. Yes, oppressive technology is also possible in the form of too much mind control and political correctness extremes but I prefer to view the future with optimism and not the pessimistic future that doomsayers predict will actually occur.

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Americans like to be entertained but the role models in the entertainment industry are a disaster. Many celebrities struggle with drug addiction, sexual promiscuity, have psychotherapists or shrinks to try and deal with their social and mental dysfunctions, use profanity, have dysfunctional families, and fundamentally are not humans with integrity. Sports celebrities have many of the above problems and ruin their long duration health with steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. Many aspiring sports celebrities crash and burn with extreme sports related injuries and find themselves addicted to pain relief drugs.

It is also obvious that most celebrities are left wing democrats and if you are not then there are many attempts at blacklisting or making it hard as hell to make it to the top in the profession. Blacklisting or making it hard to reach positions of importance is also rampant in academia where over 90% of professors and teachers are democrats. The legacy media overflows with democrats and left wing democrat ideology has even begun to overtake big business and big tech companies who think that maintaining a good reputation means being in bed with left wing ideology.

An elitist moral decay is obvious and there are fruitless attempts at getting some order back with draconian censoring attempts. Apparently female sexual abuse is no longer to be tolerated so the Me-too movement has tried to circumvent legal procedures and tried to claim that an allegation of female sexual abuse is sufficient to prove the guilt of a man or for that matter any man despite a sterling reputation.

Guilty of an allegation and the burden of proof is on the accused rather than on the  victim. Apparently innocent until proven guilty is no longer the standard by which all alleged accusations must follow because all women don’t lie about sexual assault just because they are women not men. Morally this means that all women are saints and that all men are evil and we owe this absolutist terminal mindset to radical feminist ideology which pits all women against all men who are to be hated as less than human examples in society.

The legacy media has rapidly deteriorated into a tabloid like media where insults, put downs, name calling, ridicule, guilt by association, slander, and humiliation are used to enforce a biased politically correct view on dissenters whose reputation is assaulted and destroyed if they dare to be different or mention an opposing view.

The legacy media is no longer trusted to be impartial and to fairly present opposing views but is now known for ruthless suppression of dissenting views. Alternate media is thriving as support for and trust in legacy media is rapidly declining.

Politics has deteriorated into mob rule where broadcasted judicial committees are interrupted with many disruptive vocal outbursts and politicians are confronted with group verbal assaults in restaurants and other public places. Apparently might makes right and if you verbally abuse a politician or any dissenting human then that is now an acceptable standard of conduct. Breaking the law and uncivil conduct is apparently OK especially if they are illegal immigrants crossing the border and potential future democratic voters.

Very few politicians and those in the legacy media have integrity and they are engaged in biased reporting and biased op-ed articles. The moral corruption is rampant in leadership positions and nothing short of a moral revival will rehabilitate them in the long duration.

The day to day struggles and concerns of the average American are largely being ignored as the political conflict gets more and more polarized and bipartisan cooperation has become a thing of the past. The gap between the very wealthy and the poor is getting larger as more and more middle class humans become members of the poor and struggling.  Automation just threatens to make the inequality gap even bigger and over 50% on some kind of welfare assistance is now becoming a reality hard to escape.

The future seems to be an even larger welfare state and the politicians running it are going to flourish. The establishment democrats are poised to further lead everyone down the path of government assistance and dependency and want a political monopoly on the left wing ideology which will run the country in the future.

Trump is just a temporary aberration on the road to total ideological and economic dominance by one globalist party which will be democratic once they get their corrupt act together and purge the party of irrational leadership and dysfunctional propaganda. If all the democrats can do is call others racist, homophobic, misogynist, and opposition fundamentally evil for not believing in their delusional egalitarian causes, then they may even fail to win the hearts and minds of the American people who are also struggling without a moral rudder to lead them.

A welfare state of dependent citizens is what left wing democrats want and they will probably get it in the long duration. Both the globalist republican and democratic establishment leadership are corrupt and it seems that the corrupt establishment will be victorious in the long duration because international monopolies in banking and business are just getting bigger and more powerful.

Big money will ultimately triumph in the end. Their globalist left wing ideology will probably be victorious as they push their left wing ideology down the throats of a sheepish population of humans so thirsty for charismatic firm leadership of some kind.

Almost every American is thirsting for a return to moral leadership from the top but I am not sure there is enough integrity in the leadership to bring this desirable state of affairs into reality.

I have solutions to all the above problems and have written about them in my books, blog, and internet postings. All that I wish is that humans in leadership positions will read them and behave or act accordingly to solve the problems of this world which seem unsolvable now.

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It is no surprise that once the establishment media became the tabloid press almost all political discourse has become unprincipled gutter politics and not worthy of much attention. Fortunately there are alternate media sites which take much smart research. Unfortunately the days of investigative reporting and weeding out corruption is on the way out due to excessive cost and media shrinkage. Who will do the investigative reporting of the future? Probably only the well connected with an ax to grind for personal benefit.

That being said the globalists have merrily gone on to consolidate their international monetary dominance and are more powerful than ever. The more chaos in the world that there is the more there is the probability of making money from the chaos via the international banking system and international corporations. Unsolved is the Chinese, Russian,  North Korean, Iranian, and other tyrant threats worldwide as the military industrial complex goes merrily about making money from munitions and defense systems. Nuclear proliferation is just another excuse to spur the development of new and better defensive systems and keep many nations on edge thinking that they too may have to be next at going nuclear for defensive reasons.

Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, etc. started in the United States but are now international global companies basically interested in the bottom line or profit internationally. United States morality and politics is no longer the overriding concern but global politics is definitely being catered to. National censorship primarily based on money is becoming standard procedure and many nations are beginning to imitate Chinese censorship principles.

If you have the money then you can probably travel to any country other than North Korea. The world is in secure rich hands and the globalists are laughing all the way to the bank as ordinary citizens in most of the world are living from paycheck to paycheck and hope with a lot of fear that their personal lives don’t crash and burn if a personal emergency befalls them. Globalist ideology must and will survive and it is not within the power of the average individual to do anything about this dire situation.

Historically the United States was the moral and political backbone of the world but unfortunately like all national empires it has morally and politically decayed rapidly and will not be the moral and political backbone for the future world.

The internet was fun while anyone could join at minimal expense. Due to fake news and fake information trust is becoming the overall consideration and Google is even considering the elimination of IP addresses. There goes my free website uldissprogis.com and possibly my freedom to roam the internet at will, collect information cheaply, and publish with one click. How long this enjoyed freedom will last is debatable but I have enjoyed every moment of it and hope that my internet freedom will last about 20 more years.

Ha! I doubt this. Google already has an encrypted format which censors my wildlife picture quotes on the internet. Yes. Internet life is beginning to suck a lot for me and I think that it will get a lot worse in the near future. Will I trust an almost trillion dollar company to do my internet censoring? Hell no! I will go elsewhere if that is still a possibility and Google will lose my patronage even more.

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