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Before I descend into a relatively pessimistic future outlook I want to point out the optimistic developments in the United States at the present time. The housing market is relatively stable if you don’t include a shortage of rental apartments at a reasonable rental rate. Car ownership is high and many can still afford the transportation even though the costs of maintaining cars are taking up a larger and larger percentage of earned income. The airlines and travel business seems to be doing fine.

Theft is not getting out of hand due to surveillance cameras almost everywhere and there is relatively successful law enforcement even though the incarceration rate is relatively high. There are affordable electronic security devices for those who have valuable things which can be readily stolen. Most humans who want social contact and readily available information can access the worldwide web with their computers or cellphones that don’t bust their budget.

Economic hard times are bringing humans together into smaller living quarters out of necessity and more humans are once again learning to live together under more stressful thrifty circumstances. The opportunities to improve oneself through selfeducation are available on the internet for all those courageous and determined individuals who want to make something more of themselves. Opportunity is not dead even though the traditional educational system is a colossal failure job wise and is morally corrupt with a leftist dogmatic ideology, especially in academia, dominating to the point where dissent and opposing views are being overtly suppressed.

Now we will delve into all the minuses of what’s left of the traditional culture and then end with an attempt at proposing measures which may improve things if courageously implemented from the top down by moral leadership.

Moral decay is what the major problem is with fewer and fewer examples of good role models with integrity to be found in leadership positions. It is sad to see too many celebrities with drug abuse problems, promiscuity, profanity, left wing dogmatic ideology, and bad marital relationships being paraded for all to see in the media. Historically the media has been and is being the source of moral decay with its portrayal of drug use, gambling, promiscuity, profanity, violence, and dysfunctional family life all overly dramatized to merely shock and entertain the viewing audience. The real problem with the media and entertainment industry is that it has replaced a tolerance for deviant behavior with a glorification of deviant behavior which has further led to a destruction of financially responsible moral family units and values.

With a celebrity president much rational objective discourse has been abandoned in favor of a tabloid press which sensationalizes most news events and even manufactures news events which has just added to the problem of fake news, fake information, and fake reviews. Trust in the media and in the leadership is at an all time low. Knowing what is true and what is not becomes ever harder to determine.

Many good reputations are being destroyed almost overnight and once destroyed it is almost impossible to regain that reputation back again. Trust in celebrities, academia, politicians, the media, and other leadership positions has been ruined and once trust is broken it can take a whole generation of moral behavior to regain that trust again. Chaotic or bad leadership is the result of moral decay, especially when globalist money is in charge of the media and economy with a left leaning dogmatic propagandized ideology which obliterates rational objective truth and tries to brainwash the world into politically correct subservience.

With the exception of the technological financially well off elite, the rest of the population becomes and remains more ignorant than ever. Computer software and artificial intelligence can play better chess and better poker than human players as it also begins to replace human jobs by the bucketful even in the traditional professional areas long thought to be safe from robotization.

Yes, soon we should have smarter robot parents, robot teachers, robot doctors, etc. who will be examples of moral integrity with the potential to be respected and admired. Putting robots in charge of raising a new generation of moral offspring is the ultimate solution to an army of dysfunctional parent role models which are so numerous in the United States and the world in general.

So there is hope in the future for humanity once it is aided and largely replaced by smart moral robots and computer software. Who will program and supervise the smart robots? The technological elite may prevail and unfortunately they are going to be almost the only remaining top down source of excellence and moral leadership. Yes, things should get better but it will be a rather long time coming and hopefully the constitution will not be bastardized and warped by an overly zealous left wing ideological judiciary during that duration.

If you are largely ignorant of technology with a poverty paycheck or on welfare then you unfortunately will just become a citizen of a nation largely populated by mostly sheepish humans ruled by corrupt politicians or a smart moral or immoral technological elite. Which alternative is chosen should be up to voting citizens but judging by historical precedent the rule will probably be with the money and left wing tyrannical ideology of the corrupt globalists.

I have tried to aid in this moral renaissance by proposing a secular moral code for the world to teach to all impressionable young minds in detail with abundant examples so that almost every 13 year old will know what is right and wrong when it comes to interacting with other humans. The secular moral code is- in non emergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder. Details of this secular moral code are available in my Amazon book SECULAR MORAL CODE and you can search my website with keywords for more details. Happy hunting. Enjoy!

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Trump is a maverick with an authoritarian, egotistical, overt or blatant, and impulsive leadership style badly suited to traditional politics with civil, consensus seeking, compromise oriented, openness to lobbying, and coordinating style of leadership.

He seems to prefer yes men and women and is not very good at selecting highly qualified political bureaucrats who also are willing to put into action his rather mercurial demands or orders. In effect, Trump seems to largely be a one man operation rather than a cohesive team effort in whatever he tries to do in the office of the presidency.

Trump is an unorthodox politician who is basically a one man operation being hated by most of academia, celebrities, Democrats, establishment media, and the leadership of the deep state.

One may even falsely conclude that he is hated by the globalists or the international banks and corporations but I disagree. Once Trump loses the presidency and the Democrats come back into power the left wing globalist ideology will continue to flourish with a vengeance and the authoritarian style started by Trump will assert itself with a vengeance only with the Democrats making all the power moves towards socialism and the further decline of the United States as a powerful economic global force.

The globalists want nothing better than weak national governments that they can control politically and force them to do their bidding as they centralize their money clout into fewer and fewer hands internationally.

If you think that Trump’s authoritarian style of leadership threatens the Democratic Republican constitutional government just wait until the Democrats start ruling in the same authoritarian style of leadership. It won’t be a pretty sight and the constitution will eventually be transformed beyond recognition or become highly impotent to stop the inevitable Democrat left wing ideological power grab.

While Trump is the president, the political chaos doesn’t bother me a bit. But once Trump’s presidency ends and the Democrats or ruling elite take over with their globalist left wing ideology, I fear that they will begin ruling with an iron fist and impose their socially disruptive laws on the nation which will then never recover from their stupidity.

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First of all it is important to understand the international economy. If you are a nation rich in natural resources and producing information, goods, and services that the world wants at the lowest prices possible then you are in an economically healthy situation and small increases in the national debt will not be disastrous in the short duration for the economy.

If you are a resource poor country not using a major currency and not producing information, goods, and services at the reasonable possible prices then your economy frankly often sucks and there is no great hope for improvement and a relatively large deficit increase will often cause a relatively high decrease in the value of the national currency and cause high inflation thus hurting the national economy.

If you are a huge international company or bank then frankly it doesn’t matter what your country of origin is because you will be able to make money wherever the profit is greater in whatever country that might be and the economic health of your enterprise will be dependent on the health of the world economy in general.

International companies and banks are the new nations not dependent on the political whims of any one nation so in effect the world is one nation already and profit is their primary aim without any real morality or accountability in place. No one can vote them in or out of office and they have a permanent monopoly on the world not subject to any one political change on into the foreseeable future.

The United States is still in an enviable position because they are the world reserve currency and many nations have their currency fixed to the value of the dollar. Transparency is the strength of the United States and since China is not transparent in their internal economics it shows no signs of becoming the world’s reserve currency any time soon, although their rights to participate in worldwide financial decisions is growing as they become more transparent and productive with time. It is a question of worldwide trust and the United States is still trusted more monetarily than the Chinese.

In the short duration exchange rates between countries are usually floating and short duration supply and demand considerations are primary so it doesn’t really reflect the long duration health of the economy. Yes, supposedly transient statistics like interest rates, unemployment rates, inflation, gross domestic product, and manufacturing information is used in determining exchange rates between currencies but exchange rates are really speculative factors which don’t need transient statistics to stabilize. Exchange rates and transient statistics are short duration factors which really have very little to do with the long duration health of the economy.

You may be surprised that neither political party no longer cares about deficit reduction and is willing to continually increase the size of the national debt. There seems to be no fear of bankruptcy because basically we are the major source of money in the world and can print or counterfeit as much money as we want. Who supplies and controls most of the money for the world is in the driver’s seat.

Yes, too great a deficit in the long duration will have depressing effects on the economy so the US should emphasize useful moral education, try to import or use the best brains in the world, and try to robotize the economy so that the economy can continue to be dynamic, changing, and profitable. Other countries of the world to a large extent have the same problem of fewer good paying jobs for everyone and increasing welfare problems so the US is not alone in the struggle to survive financially.

Deficit spending is the wave of the future for many countries and the global money managers ultimately are interested in relatively stable economies for the top nations all of which are going into greater and greater debt. Will there be an ultimate bankruptcy? Not very likely and if there are going to be any bankruptcies then the nation or nations will just have their debt reorganized or forgiven to a large extent by the globalists. Financial chaos is not something that they want or need in nations with financial clout.

Worried about the deficit and bankruptcy of the US? Don’t be, but do worry about possible personal bankruptcy because your personal debt will not be reorganized or forgiven even though Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy proceedings exist and may help a little.

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