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Arrive 15 minutes early at work and for important appointments and about 5 minutes early for unimportant appointments. This promotes punctuality.

Spend a little time thinking ahead and make plans to divide your work into sequential smaller parts if possible and then rush to complete them one at a time. Each completion will give you a sense of accomplishment and the motivation to move on to the next task.

Take a handful  of 3 to 5 minute breaks during the day to relieve some stress if you are feverishly working to make a deadline.

About 80% of jobs are filled by networking and not direct advertising so keep in touch with humans in your field of work which may be useful sources of employment information in the future.

Concentrate on doing what you feel you are good at and try to delegate responsibility in areas that you are not that good at.

To avoid the probability of job burnout break up a frantic pace with at least one 20 minute break and do something totally different during the day which need not be an eating break but can be.

If you begin to feel sleepy in the afternoon then do some physical in place exercise to recharge your body energy.

Always exceed your time estimates by about 10% so that if you have unforeseen problems you will still finish on time and maintain your reputation as being dependable and not under delivering on promises.

Make sure your boss is aware of your contributions to the job and if this means speaking up more at meetings then do so since it might affect your bonuses or promotion potential.

If you are not very good at remembering important things then document or write down important events or information at work which you will or may have to remember in the future.

Don’t gossip

If you need something important to do your work successfully don’t be afraid to ask for it and tell management what you need and why.

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