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Some disruptive human personality types are almost impossible to deal with since they are bad habits which probably won’t improve with time and the only real solution is frequently to fire them before their bad personalities ruin workforce morale.

The dead weight human personality is a worker who shirks responsibility, does the least amount of work possible, and rarely fulfills his or her promises. Call them lazy or irresponsible but a severe liability they frequently are.

The rumor spreading human is one who spreads frequently untrue bad gossip about others. If gossip about only one human is being spread then there may only be a personality clash with one person and a resolution may be found. If the gossip is unrelenting and about most of the humans in the workplace then that is definitely an intolerable situation and must not be tolerated.

The backstabber who takes credit for another’s accomplishments, who bad mouths superiors, and says one thing to your face and another behind your back is not to be trusted and should be terminated as soon as possible.

The ruthless selfish career advancer who tries to always be the center of attention and tries to advance himself or herself at another’s expense is also a severe liability.

The compulsive complainer who always expects the worst, is adverse to change, and complains about everyone and everything is not an asset. Such negativity can severely impact a vital optimistic enthusiastic workforce.


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