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Ambitious driven individuals derive much happiness from loftier goal setting, taking calculated risks, and work feverishly trying to overcome the challenges on the road to hoped for success.

Common humans are more laid back, live rather mundane lives, derive happiness by being grateful for what they have, and are relatively happy with a relatively low level of achievement.

It is much easier for common humans to be happy because they have lower expectations out of life than ambitious driven individuals and the following ways generally make them happier:

They don’t hold grudges:

They don’t fester with vengeful and resentful feelings towards others who may have offended them with bad remarks or behavior. If it is not immoral behavior like lying they tend to try and forgive and forget because they view human error as imperfect behavior which can be forgiven if it does not become an annoying repeated frequent characteristic. Their general philosophy is live and let live and they don’t sink into depression, anxiety, or stress every time they get offended by someone.

They treat almost everyone with sincere kindness:

They try to treat almost everyone with love, dignity, and respect in a friendly way and increase the probability that they too will be treated the same way in return. Doing so makes them more likeable humans and having this positive attitude is a happier state than treating humans in an impersonal way.

They view problems as doable challenges and not unpleasant tasks:

A problem is viewed as a challenge with a highly probable satisfactory solution and not a drawback or a difficult struggle. They prefer solving problems with an optimistic rather than pessimistic approach.

They are grateful for what they already have:

There is a popular saying that “The happiest people don’t have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have.” Contentment is greater if you count your blessings rather than yearn for what you don’t have.

They have realistic dreams:

Many yearn or dream of celebrity status in sports, media, and acting. Happy humans have more realistic goals or dreams which they have a higher probability of achieving and don’t waste their time dreaming of the highly improbable.

They don’t get bogged down in trivial rather unimportant problems or behavior:

They are aware of and have established what the most important priorities are in their life and don’t obsess with the trivial rather unimportant things in their lives. They don’t sweat the small stuff.

They try to focus on and say nice things about humans:

Unless a human is behaving immorally they tend not to gossip and prefer to say nice things about humans instead of the bad.

They try not to make excuses for their failings in life:

If they make a mistake or fail at fulfilling a promise or task then they take full responsibility for their actions and don’t try to blame others or circumstances for their failure. They learn from their mistakes and try not to repeat them again and don’t try to justify them with an excuse which solves nothing.

They enjoy the present:

Instead of worrying about the past or future they happily live in the present and derive as much happiness from the present moment as they can.

They get enough sleep most nights:

Getting enough sleep at night means waking up fresh, being recharged, and ready to go and not being handicapped by feeling tired which hurts productivity and performance at most tasks during the day.

They don’t envy and don’t obsess with comparisons with humans with more success or greater social rank:

Comparison with others is inevitable on the conscious and subconscious level but happy humans aren’t driven by a desire to keep up with the Joneses or a desire to be better than others. Instead they celebrate or praise the achievements of others without overt envy. They are generally trying to improve themselves but don’t consider themselves failures if they don’t quite measure up to others.

They choose friends wisely:

They associate more with optimistic good moral humans with integrity and minimally expose themselves to bad humans with many flaws who have more than their share of misery in their lives.

They are more interested in pleasing themselves rather than others:

They realize that they can’t please everyone and not even most humans so they realistically try to please themselves and do what they think is morally right and maintain their integrity no matter what others may say about them.

They have adequate social skills:

Happy humans are usually not loners but derive satisfaction from having a happy family, happy friends, or a happy significant other, and radiate contagious happiness with potential new acquaintances. They are happy being by themselves but also derive happiness by being with others.

They aren’t afraid to spend some alone time:

They enjoy alone time when they daydream, think, meditate, introspect, or just relax with a favorite hobby or pastime.

They eat healthy and get enough exercise and sleep:

A healthy mind and body is essential to happiness and maintaining optimum health means eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep.

They try to live simply:

Material clutter and big cars and houses can be more stressful and a greater responsibility than living a simpler life with fewer material possessions and smaller car and house. Living simply means less financial responsibility and it means that you need less money for basic needs to be met. Driven ambitious humans seldom live simply but smart common humans should to optimize happiness.

They don’t try to find happiness in bad addictive behaviors:

Some try to find happiness in bad addictive behaviors such as gambling, drugs, alcohol, gluttony, excessive shopping, pornography, and promiscuity. Truly happy humans avoid or have minimum exposure to these harmful long duration addictions.

They realize and accept that some things can’t be changed:

Instead of constantly complaining how unfair life is they realize that they can’t change most of the bad things in this life and are content with trying to improve themselves or doing the best that they can with what they have at their disposal.

They maintain their integrity:

They are basically sincerely honest and moral and do not like lying and deceiving like sociopaths do. They are respected by most humans that they interact with and if they are trustworthy, dependable, competent, friendly, and empathetic then they are also admired by many humans. They derive a feeling of great selfworth from their integrity.

They have relatively few of these 32 bad habits:





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