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A federal or state gun law which may work

A federal or state gun law which may work

One of the major flaws in gun laws is that the law states what guns are legal to use and which ones are not. Technology is so advanced that humans can make their own guns with plastic or synthetic materials which are not metal and have no registration numbers on them. So, it is absurd to demand that you register such a homemade gun because it can be made in a thousand and one ways which would each have to be identified with a name and registration number.

Let’s face it, humans are the ones pulling the trigger and not the guns so the law should emphasize penalties for the use of guns by a human. “Guns don’t kill people, people do” People are the primary cause and guns only a proximate cause since weapons like knives, arrows, martial arts weapons, and objects like hammers, syringes, and chain saws are also proximate causes for death.

The federal or state law could read as follows:

Anyone convicted in the use of a lethal firearm in a crime shall be considered to be an F1 felon. If the F1 felon is found to be in possession of a lethal firearm and convicted then he or she will serve a mandatory sentence of 5 years in prison. On a second conviction for possession of a lethal firearm the F1 felon will serve a mandatory sentence of 10 years in prison. On a third conviction for possession of a lethal firearm the F1 felon shall serve a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

I use an analogy from baseball to make my point. Three strikes and your out. If the F1 felon is stupid enough to be convicted of possession of a lethal firearm three times then there should be no mercy in his prosecution and conviction. Three strikes for the same crime and your permanently in prison worked out pretty well in Florida so severe prosecution has been found to work in many cases.

The goal here is to get all convicted violent lethal firearm users off the streets and to make the law so severe that even gang members will fear the police and shy away from using lethal firearms in criminal activities because the fear of punishment will override all other considerations. Yes, poor, fear ridden neighborhoods with high crime, bad education, high drug and alcohol use, and dysfunctional families will always breed violent felons but with strict enforcement the incidence of violent crime should decrease considerably, especially if officers are permitted to frisk and search gang members for guns.

Of course, enforcement is the key. You will need to have tough honest police and tough honest judicial prosecutors who will enforce this law and not let the offenders plea bargain to a lesser charge or offense. If you can’t trust the police and judges then who can you trust? Yes, there will be exceptions to this fundamental rule of honesty but statistically they should be few and far between. Otherwise, our whole legal system is a fraud and will eventually decay into chaos.

Lax laws with little or no bail, no prosecution for theft under $950, releasing murderers on parole, and similar stupid laws without strict enforcement just encourages criminals in repeated crimes and encourage more to become criminals. Without the fear of punishment and lax enforcement of laws on the books, law and order is not possible in the long run. Obviously with lax laws and lax enforcement the public becomes the victim of all kinds of criminal activity and social order gradually disintegrates. Then it is entirely possible that the only way to restore some semblance of order will be to shoot thieves and criminals to death vigilante style.

Initially, more prison space will have to be built to house those violent offenders so it will cost more money in taxes. When enforcement of illegal drug offenders clogs the prisons then it seems logical to not prosecute as many of them but then we have a further problem of homelessness with many mentally ill and drug addicted humans roaming city streets. When Portugal decriminalized all illegal drugs in 2000, officials hoped to reduce addiction rates and drug-related violence. Today, more users are in rehab, but drug use is on the rise, and reporter Keith O’Brien says the policy has made the problem worse. The percentage of humans using illegal drugs was about 12% in 2011 and is rising in Portugal.

So, the lesson to be learned is that not punishing criminals sufficiently for criminal activity will just encourage more criminal activity in the future. The same principle applies to violent gun use. Violent gun offenders must be sufficiently punished to reduce gun violence to an acceptable minimum since gun violence can’t be totally eliminated in America, since we have the second amendment to the constitution and criminals will always find a way to get guns even without the right to bear arms for self-defense.

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