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Custom: n. a similar habitual behavior(s) done by a group of two or more people but the group is frequently as large as an ethnic group or a nation

Customs are the common or similar habits of a group of humans which may be as small as a family or it can be as large as a nation or group of nations.

Celebrating the fourth of July may be a United States custom but there are still very many in the nation who do not celebrate it so that not all customs are practiced by every member of a relatively large group. The smaller the group, the more probable it is that more than a majority practice the custom.

Eating certain foods, dressing in national attire, singing folk songs, telling folk tales or stories, and practicing a certain religion used to make regional customs rather unique.

Today with so many having international exposure and the internet playing such a major role in transforming cultures, local and national customs are either dying out or being assimilated or transformed by humans worldwide.

The quest for newness may overwhelm humans who will be trying out new foods, new fashions, new songs, new movies, and new products. Commonly held customs will become so diverse that there will be little left of national identities all replaced to some extent by an international mass culture.

A global community sharing similar customs is still pretty far off into the future and some Muslims are violently resisting globalized mass culture.

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