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Usually healing is thought of as either the healing of the body or mind when in fact total healing means a healthy body and a healthy mind combined.

An unhealthy body does affect the mind in devastating ways and can lead to depression and feelings of desperation and hopelessness.

A mentally ill mind or severely addictive behaviors can ignore the vital necessity of eating healthy food and getting enough exercise and thus also cause an unhealthy body.  Add to this the bad side effects from psychiatric drugs which cause real chemical imbalances in the mind and this can even make your mental illness worse in the long duration.

You may have a dysfunctional personality brought on by childhood abuse and/or neglect and may have been victimized by bad relationships with bad humans with their own history of abuse or bad addictive behaviors.

If you are messed up mentally then chances are great that most of the humans in your life have also been messed up and you have imitated many of their bad behaviors.

Modern fast paced society expects instant healing or cures which frequently only mask the symptoms and heal or cure nothing.

Feel depressed? Pop a feel good pill or get high on a drug and get instant relief.

Feel tired? Gulp down an energy drink and get instantly energized.

Feel pain? Pop an over the counter pain killer and the pain momentarily goes away or decreases in intensity.

Do you have a non-life threatening infection? Pop an antibiotic pill. 

Do you still feel depressed, tired, or are in pain the next day? If you do then pop some more pills or drugs.

You are on a treadmill of self-destruction and you don’t even realize it and the predatory drug and predatory beverage companies are making an incredible profit at your expense and not helping your overall health one bit.

Unhealthy food and drink, not enough exercise or movement, bad childhood, bad adult friends, bad habits, and a terrible job can make your life a living nightmare.

You can’t change a bad childhood and bad habits are incredibly hard to change but you can eat healthy food and drink, get enough movement in your life, try and find better friends, and try to get or retrain for a better job.

All this will take an incredible amount of selfcontrol and determination but ultimately you are responsible for changing your life from an unhealthy to a healthy one and heal your body and mind in the process.

Stop blaming others for your bad health but start blaming yourself and then motivate yourself to do something about your bad health.

Don’t know where to start? Start reading and researching the internet for advice on how to change bad health habits after you identify the bad ones which you have. Search my blog by keyword and get reeducated in the things which should really matter in your life eg. food, exercise, bad habits, etc.



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