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There are internal and external motivators. You are in charge of your internal motivations but it is also very important to have external human motivators who push you in the same basic direction that you want to go.

The best motivator is to surround yourself with competent talented humans who share in your vision of what your company should be. You can’t succeed alone no matter how confident you are or how much you believe in yourself so surrounding yourself with confident, competent, and talented humans is essential for long duration business success.

You must understand what your weaknesses and strengths are and hire personnel who complement your weaknesses and make for an overall strong company. The other approach is to minimize your weaknesses by personal effort but this is time consuming, there is no guarantee that you will succeed in strengthening your weaknesses, and in business time is of the essence so hiring someone with strength in your weak category is often the smartest quickest approach.

Perhaps the second most important motivator is an ability to remain optimistic through some failures which are inevitable in a growing business enterprise. Understanding that failure is an opportunity to learn what not to do is very important in any enterprise. If your vision is clear and functional then most failures will not put your company on the verge of bankruptcy.

Motivating yourself to overcome the fear of failure or pushing yourself into decisively acting in the face of some uncertainty is vital to business success. Remaining confident and decisive in the face of adversity and beyond is essential in any growing business. Believing in yourself and your vision is important to maintain, especially at times when it seems almost everything is conspiring against your success.

If you have emotional intelligence then that is very important but to stay motivated you need good role models to learn from. Read about successful entrepreneurs and imitate their good points and network with other successful entrepreneurs who can give you some important vital advice on what to do and who to further associate with. Business ultimately is a human enterprise and you need relevant input from other successful business humans.

Consuming healthy food and drink, getting enough exercise, and enough sleep is vital to staying in peak optimistic performance mode.

Geoffrey James gives an extensive list of how to stay motivated in a business in this link.



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