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11 Biggest Fitness Myths


Here is a link to womenshealthmag.com with an article on 13 fitness myths.


Two of the 13 fitness myths are actually true for many humans based upon my personal knowledge and experience.

TRUTH: You don’t need to exercise every day and can in fact skip exercise for a week or months and not cause any bad effects on your body. You may not feel as wide awake and energized and relieved of stress if you don’t exercise daily but most of us, excluding old people with muscle stiffness problems, don’t exercise daily and survive just fine.

TRUTH: Working out can make some humans hungry. Some people may not get hungry after a workout, especially if they exercise on a daily basis and have established a standard routine of eating and exercising. I on the other hand from personal experience do frequently feel hungry after heavy exercise because I live a rather sedentary life and don’t exercise or eat on a regular basis. After I suddenly exercise vigorously my body demands food and I feel hungry.

MYTH: You can target your fat burn

MYTH: You shouldn’t work out on an empty stomach

MYTH: No pain, no gain

MYTH: You should stretch before you work out

MYTH: Lifting heavy weights bulks you up

MYTH: Exercise machines beat free weights

MYTH: Running on a treadmill is as effective as running outside

MYTH: You can’t work out when your sick

MYTH: Sweating means your out of shape

MYTH: Crunches are the best moves for your core

MYTH: Running beats walking

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If you eat LESS over processed over refined carbohydrates and sugars your body is getting less bad nutrition and your body will continue CRAVING for BETTER quality nutrition. You will continue to feel hungry and unsatisfied. You need more quality nutrition and less of a quantity of bad nutrition.

We are omnivores and that means that unless we have an allergy we can eat anything which is classified as a natural food. Eat VARIED nutrient dense foods such as raw milk (pasturized milk is second best), blood sausage, eggs, nuts, meat, fish, grains, seeds, fruits and vegetables. You will feel satiated or full much sooner and WILL wind up eating a smaller quantity of food. Natural certified organic food is all good for you and that includes all natural fats, proteins, and carbohydrates which exist in whole foods.

Less than 40% of the population can eat anything including fast food and not gain weight. The rest of us were genetically programed to be on the plump side sooner or later in life and if you try to fight biology you will fail and be miserable trying unsuccessfully to reduce weight by large amounts.

Don’t be afraid to EXPERIMENT with new better foods. Try new natural organic foods and don’t be afraid that they will poison you or cause illness. They won’t. They are not weird and dangerous foods but foods which are good for you in moderation. VARIETY is the spice of life and will keep your meals healthy, interesting, and satisfying. HAPPY HEALTHY EATING!!!


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Young Couple Jogging at the Beach

If you burn about 200 calories working out for about half an hour you are losing 200 calories of fat.

You lose almost no fat at all because your body first uses up its glycogen calorie reserves in the muscles and liver. You may lose very little weight because of water dehydration but you quickly gain back the water weight lost when you drink something. If you are using an exercise machine and it says that you have used up 200 calories that does not mean that you have lost 200 calories of fat.

Exercising turns fat into muscle

Fat cells and muscle cells are located in different parts of the body and a fat cell does not change into a muscle cell when you exercise.

Working on your abs muscles will reduce belly fat.

You will not lose belly fat because any loss in fat is distributed throughout the whole body and just exercising your abs will not only not reduce belly fat but will not reduce fat in your body during exercise. Only much less caloric intake or eating much less will reduce some weight if any and if you are eating more than 500 calories a day you will probably not lose any weight at all.

Stretching is best before a workout

Cardio is best before a workout because it starts blood flow and warms up the muscles preparing them for a strenuous workout and preventing injury. You really don’t need a strenuous workout so cardio and stretching is a waste of time. Stretching after a workout is fine but there is no scientific evidence that it does anything beneficial to your body.

Weight lifting will bulk up women

Women do not have testosterone levels which are needed to build muscle mass so lifting heavy weights will not bulk you up during a regular exercise session.

You need 8 glasses of water daily

Drink only when thirsty because you get most of your water from the food you eat and that will probably be only one or two glasses of water a day.

Going gluten free with energy bars etc. will make you lose more weight

Unless you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, there is no reason to avoid gluten and realistically most gluten free foods have twice the carbs and much more sugar than regular versions of the same food. There is no scientific evidence that gluten affects weight loss.

You are too old to get in shape.

You are never too old to get in shape as long as you can move your feet or arms. If you have never exercised then start off with five to ten minute walks and gradually increase it to about 20 minutes. You don’t have to exercise every day and two to three times a week is usually all the exercise that you need.

You need a long workout

As mentioned in the first myth you don’t lose fat during regular exercise and if you do go and exercise for very long periods of time you will probably only burn about 200 calories per hour or lose about half an ounce of fat per hour beyond the first hour of exercise.

You will get back the fat by only eating about two slices of bread after exercising so there is no point in exercising a long time to reduce weight because you won’t lose weight unless you starve yourself by taking in less than the minimum amount of calories which you need on a daily basis.

You need a gym membership to get results

Weight lifting for 30 minutes will not lose any fat because your glycogen will be burned up first. Any exercise done at home is just as beneficial to your health.

No pain no gain

The truth is that if you are experiencing pain your body is telling you to stop or at least slow down what you are doing until the pain goes away.

Exercising at night interferes with sleep

Exercising before going to sleep makes you more tired and more likely to fall asleep but you do need a few minutes to relax from strenuous exercise just before sleeping. Moderate exercise will not interfere with sleep but strenuous exercise is not recommended immediately before bedtime.

More hard exercise is always better

The truth is that too much exercise of the same kind will burn you out. Your muscles need relaxation and quality varied exercise is better than quantity single type exercise.

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In wild nature you are programmed to live only so long by your genes and the only major other influence is injuries and disease which result in starvation or death.  If wild animals are fed their natural diet and protected from lethal diseases they will live out their natural lifespan and die a natural death.

Humans are also programmed to live only so long by their genes and if they ate certified organic food all their lives and moderately moved around and were accident free they would live out their maximum lifespans.

Personality, culture, religion, education, employment, income, marriage, living single, weight, happiness, stress, and many more environmental factors have no one to one correspondence with longevity.

If you or other humans were fed properly throughout your life and had adequate shelter and basic protection from deadly infectious diseases it would not matter one bit whether you had a bad personality, lived in a lousy culture, had poor education, were not religious but had a moral code to guide you, were unemployed with no income, were not happy, and were not married. You would still live out your optimal lifespan.

There is no scientific proof and there never will be that factors such as personality, culture, etc. affect lifespan with a one to one correspondence.

Statistical analyses are just probabilities which don’t prove anything with certainty in human behavior. It just provides behavioral pseudo scientists in the behavioral field with a nice income for their families and nothing more. It is bullshit science!

Conclusion: Eat the best varied certified organic food which you can afford or get, move around moderately, and try to live accident free and you will live out your natural lifespan predetermined by nature.

Where humans eat more natural varied food that is where they live longer. France and England are genetically similar and France is about 5th in longevity compared to England which is about 14th and a more varied more natural diet is possibly the reason.

Yes, there will be manufactured live organs and replacement parts for your body in the not so distant future and this will increase your lifespan to some extent if you live long enough to be a recipient of these biological scientific miracles.

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subset: n. a thing            duration: n. a period of time

In one sentence here is how to reduce stress:


Not all jobs permit you to take about 5 minute breaks every hour from the stressful activity which you are doing but taking breaks is how you can refresh your mind and then successfully continue on with the stressful activity.

During a strenuous exercise routine, resting or taking a break to recharge your body’s energy supply is the smart thing to do.

During strenuous or stressful mental exercise, taking a break to get the mind out of it’s over excited state is the smart thing to do.

In an office setting where you are sedentary most of the time take a break and

walk around,

do in place exercises suchas deep knee bends, jumping jacks, running in place, pushups, and stretching,



call home and chat briefly,

sip on a unsweet beverage,

eat an unsweet snack of fruits and nuts,

puff on a cigarette but don’t inhale,

talk to a coworker who isn’t busy doing something important,

or do more than one of the above suggested activities.

In some jobs it may be possible to take a break every two or three or four hours for more than 5 minutes so do it whenever possible and do one or more of the above suggested activities.

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You were born overweight most likely because one or both of your parents is also overweight. Be proud to be born that way even though you will be socially ridiculed and offended by nasty comments. Extra weight in nature means that you are better prepared than others to survive food shortages or famines. We no longer have severe famines or food shortages but your odds of surviving one if it exists in the distant future will be larger.

You are getting older and nature puts on more weight or calories since getting older historically meant that you would get less food from your social network and nature puts on more fat so you don’t starve and can survive.

You are a woman after her second or third pregnancy and nature puts on more calories or fat in anticipation of the historical fact that there will be less food to go around and you will be sharing some with your offspring.

You are overeating and eating two or three times a day and truthfully you should be only eating when you are hungry and drinking only when thirsty and if that means not eating anything a whole day then that is normal and you won’t die of starvation. Don’t force your offspring to eat three times a day if they are not hungry, especially breakfast. If they don’t want to eat dinner or lunch don’t force them to do so since they can skip three to four or more meals without starving and you will cure them of a lifelong habit of overeating! Soft drinks and energy drinks don’t quench your thirst but keep you thirsty so you will drink more sweet drinks. Chose water or seltzer water or beer or coffee or unsweetened tea or naturally sweet fruit juices without added sugar instead. You can also make your own flavored water by cutting pieces of fruit or herbs and adding them to water or letting them flavor your water naturally.

You are eating too many sugary overly processed foods rich in carbohydrates which are notorious for putting on extra weight. The artificially added fructose in sugar is shutting off you satiation chemical and the brain is responding by asking for more food. The solution is to eat as much and as great a variety of certified organic food as possible with natural fat content which will satiate you sooner and naturally make you eat less food. Natural fats and proteins and carbohydrates are healthy for you if gotten from unprocessed food.

You are addicted to sugary foods and snacks and drinks and are eating too many of them. The solution is to avoid them completely and if you can’t stop completely then eat processed sweet foods once or twice a week and consider them to be treats. Naturally sweet fruits should be eaten and will not cause you to overeat and gain more weight than you should naturally and should satisfy your craving for sweetness.

Conclusion: If you find a food or drink with sugar added don’t buy it and if you buy it have it only once or twice a week!!!!!! Eat a great variety of certified organic food only when hungry and include a blood sausage about once a week. Drink raw milk if you can find it and pasturized milk if you can’t with your meals once in a while. Drink water only when thirsty or other unsweetened beverages. If you don’t lose much weight and your health doesn’t improve much live with it then be proud of your weight because that is the way that nature intended for you to be. Any metabolic illness which you still might have will not be cured by good nutrition and you will have to live with your bad health for a lifetime.


Don’t try to lose weight exercising because you only burn about 120 calories walking fast for 30 minutes. Most humans eat much over 500 calories every day so you will not lose any weight just by exercising. It is a myth that exercise alone will make you lose some weight!!!!!!

Exercise moderately to keep your body toned but you don’t need to do it more than about two or three times a week for 20 minutes and you don’t need exercise equipment to do it. If you are a lazy exerciser then just walk fast outdoors or on a treadmill for about  20 minutes.

One room in the house or a six by six foot free space in a room can be an exercise room where natural human exercise movements can be done without the aid of most artificial devices which build up the body in unnatural ways.  Such movements as pushups and/or squat thrusts and/or sit ups and/or deep knee bends and/or running in place and/or spinning in place and/or jumping jacks and/or jumping up and down instead of jumping rope which limits the degrees of freedom that your hands can exercise during the jumping and/or chin ups and/or an assortment of aerobic moves and/or weaponless martial arts moves should be popular forever.

When doing jumping jacks or jumping up and down don’t stay in one place but move around the room even spinning around while doing them and flex your knees a little and move in many patterns over the floor. Feel free to jump to different heights while doing jumping jacks and make it a nonboring real blast of a cardio workout. Also during the jumping jacks feel free to bend at the waist and twist the torso too and flail the hands around at the joints and bend the elbows. Be a wild and crazy gal or guy and enjoy yourself. That is true utilitarian personal creativity which is so rare in society!!!

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130022495846103515_glenn_family Myth: Most humans can lose weight with exercise or consuming less calories or eating low carbohydrate foods or eating a vegan diet or eating mostly protein or taking appetite suppressing pills or taking hormones.

Truth: Severely obese humans will lose some weight by limiting their caloric intake only. For the majority of us, without a starvation diet, we will basically remain at the same weight which we were genetically programmed to be at.  As we grow older many of us are programmed genetically to put on more weight as a natural reaction which anticipates less food in old age. Many store more calories in the form of fat for food emergencies or famines which modern society no longer has so most of us get fatter as we age because our caloric intake remains relatively constant. Less than 50% of the population does not gain weight even if they overeat because they have been genetically programmed to stay thin for an entire lifetime thanks to an efficient regulating natural metabolism. If you were born natuarally overweight be proud of your weight because if we do have a famine in the distant future you will be prepared with a fat reserve which will increase your odds of surviving it.

Many women in their thirties have a second or third offspring and suddenly start to gain weight without changing their lifestyles. This is only a genetically programmed natural reaction because more offspring in nature means that the same quantity of food will have to be shared because it historically meant less food for the wife, especially older females. That is why many women start putting on more weight after pregnancies so that they will have more energy stored up in their bodies in anticipation of having to share food with the offspring and having to eat less because of a historical constant supply of food.

In modern society more offspring does not mean less food for mothers yet they still put on more weight and put on more weight than usual since their caloric intake or the amount of food they eat remains the same and they don’t have to share their food with offspring.

For men this truth translates into not making nasty comments about the plumpness of your spouse and constant reminders that she should lose weight which is impossible without a starvation diet and constant hunger pangs. Live with your overweight spouse and respect the fact that she has no power to control her weight because this is how nature intended it to be. It will only result in yo yo diets and scientifically unproven methods to lose weight. In the short run your wife may lose some weight but in the long run she will gain it all back and maybe even add a few more pounds.

My father constantly complained about my mother’s overweight after I was born, the second offspring, and I seldom saw her eat more than a buttered piece of bread in old age and I know she was suffering from bad nutrition without enough variety of nutritious foods in her life. She got kidney cancer at about age 65 and lived five more years after the operation but I basically blame my father who lived to be 99 for sending my mother to an early grave with his lose weight terror tactics encouraged by mythological social brainwashing which caused her to eat badly and caused terminal illness in the long duration.

There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat. You lose about 100 calories by walking a mile and about 120 by running at about 6 miles per hour for thirty minutes. You would theoretically have to run 29 times for thirty minutes to lose one pound of fat or run for 15 hours to burn off one pound of fat. If you didn’t eat a daily caloric intake of about 1000 to 1500 calories eating three times a day this means that you should be losing about half a pound of fat a day. The truth is that no one automatically loses or burns half a pound of fat a day by exercising or not eating at all for a day.

My wife after her second pregnancy started gaining weight. We both can survive and not lose weight on about 500 calories a day each eating only one nutritious varied meal. I weigh about 175 pounds and she weighs about 212 pounds but was born to be overweight based on inaccurate social and medical norms which wrongly assume that every human should be at a perfect normal average weight for their age.

Eating 3500 calories less does not mean that you will lose a pound of fat. There is no one to one correspondence and it is a large myth maintained by the propaganda of the weight loss industry. Less food eaten does not automatically mean less weight for most of us.

Old calorie tables which recommend daily calorie intake are outdated and humans leading sedentary lives can eat less than 500 calories a day and not lose weight!!!!!! That means that most humans in developed countries are eating about three to four times more food than they need to survive at a constant weight. This means that Americans could feed about a billion more people with the food they should not be eating and if you take into consideration the fact that about 50% of grown food is thrown away by growers which doesn’t meet appearance perfection standards, America could support a billion and a half more humans with the food which is grown on a yearly basis. Believe it or Not!!!!!!

The biggest danger is taking an appetite suppression drug or taking one hormone pill to reduce weight. Taking an excess of one hormone to equalize the level of your hormone at an older age to be at a level it was during youth is unnatural and the hormone will not only not cause you to lose weight but it will start to ruin your natural metabolism and affect tens of other body chemicals. This puts your metabolism out of balance and causes long duration bad health problems and even susceptibility to cancer.

Appetite suppression pills frequently give you a sense of an unnatural emotional high and cause you to eat very little. Not only is the quantity of the food eaten reduced but so is the quality of the food eaten reduced with less nutritious variety included in what you do proceed to eat. The chemically induced delusion that you are losing weight causes long duration side effects and a damaged body metabolism if taken for a long time. As soon as you stop taking the appetite suppressant you gain whatever weight you lost back again and sometimes even gain more weight since your body tries to compensate for the period of time that you were living on fewer calories or less food eaten.

Read the side effects of most appetite suppression pills which are used for a very long time and at relatively large doses and it will frighten you. Using any drug pill to reduce weight permanently with daily doses will unbalance your metabolism given enough time and your good health will suffer.

Eating low fat processed foods with much carbohydrates and unnatural sugar quantities added will suppress your body satiation chemical and cause you to eat more of the low fat processed foods and you will wind up eating more calories which readily will be converted to fat, especially the sugar. Eat artificially sweetened poisonous food without calories and your long duration health will suffer from an unbalanced metabolism.

A vegan diet is frequently not successful because you eat too many calories with too much pasta, bread, french fries, dairy-free chocolate, and nuts and you end up gaining weight, not losing it. If you ate just fruits and vegetables in their natural state you may lose some weight but be deficient in vitamin B12 and other vital nutrients which you get from protein and fat foods. We are omnivores and that means that we should be eating a balanced diet of plant and animal carbohydrates and fats and proteins.

A lopsided artificial protein diet is not advisable because it can result in keytosis and liver damage and many other health problems because your body is not getting enough fats and carbohydrates to stay healthy.

Partial conclusions: Exercising for half an hour a day will not reduce your weight but may in fact cause you to be hungrier and overeat because you have lost body calories and your body will ask you to eat more and refill your body calorie storage space. It is a guarantee that you will eat more calories after exercising than you lost exercising.

Some humans are born with a tendency to gain weight and others are not. If you are gaining weight you are also probably eating too many processed foods with lopsided sugar amounts in them which will make your natural weight more if you were born to be naturally fatter.

Less than 50% of the population is gifted with good genes which can let you eat anything and any amount and not get overweight. Envying those humans and going on fad diets and not succeeding in weight reduction will only lead to greater depression and a sense of less selfworth.

Each generation of Americans is getting more overweight and the primary cause of it is eating too much processed highly refined sugary food which plagues grocery shelves. Once you gain weight it is not easy to decrease it but you can help the next generation of offspring to be thinner by making them eat a varied nutritious certified organic diet only when they are hungry and not force them to eat three times a day. If they are not hungry don’t force them to eat breakfast or lunch or even dinner. Keep them away from sugary foods and high carbohydrate unnatural foods such as sodas, sweets, desert, and processed snack foods. All of these unhealthy nutritionally bad foods can be treats once in a while or once a week but not every day of the week.

With age your metabolism naturally adjusts and makes many gain weight. Eating about one very varied meal once a day, especially unprocessed, varied, certified organic food will keep you healthily at your natural weight which may still be greater than you want it to be in your hopes and dreams. Learn to live with the new added weight because that is the fate of old age. You will be overweight but as healthy as you were naturally programmed to be!!!!!!

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