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Most of academia, celebrities, big corporations, and the establishment press have been and are promoting current dogmatic left wing orthodoxy or ideology with an intolerant form of character assassination of the individual and a trampling of individual rights.


They stereotype you and discredit you with misstatements or statements taken out of context, stereotype you as an unacceptable ideologue with guilt by association with individuals from hated groups which you may have had contact historically, and commonly force you into stereotyped subhuman categories such as racists, homophobes, Islamaphobes, misogynists, etc. and thereby accuse you being unacceptable humans worthy of censorship and hatred.


More and more to enter academia, gain celebrity status, work for a major corporation, or become a member of the declining establishment press you must pass the political correctness left wing test. Fail the left wing test and the probability that you will gain national or international recognition is quite low.


This group cultural war with political power as its main goal mercilessly utilizes smears and lies to try to ruin the reputations of individuals who deviate from leftist dogma and are trying to survive financially with careers in the real world.


The truth and facts have never been popular with the masses so it is not surprising that much of the left dogma ignores facts and reality and barrels forward with it’s unrelenting brainwashing in academia, the entertainment industry, large corporations, and the establishment press which is greatly in decline but desperate to get their credibility back.


A censoring destructive merciless dogmatic group assault on individuals and individual rights is unfortunately not a valid solution or replacement for moral decay since morality is of primary importance for any flourishing ongoing society. Financially healthy moral family units are in great decline and the moral reputation of the leadership has sunken to new lows. What the nation and world really needs is a moral revival with a universal secular moral code taught to all impressionable young minds in elementary school and not a tyrannical uniformly imposed dogmatic leftist ideology worldwide.


What does the future look like? It will probably be control by international big money banks, big money international corporations, and bribed politicians spouting a dogmatic left wing ideology which keeps the masses stupid and unaware of the new ruling tyranny of uniform thought or leftist ideology. I am only slightly optimistic that things will get better in the next 20 years for the average American but the top 1% and those on welfare will be doing just fine living off of what remains of the working middle class.


The truth is a hard pill to swallow and relatively few choose to do so. I am one of the few who have pursued truth with a passion for a lifetime so check out or search my encyclopedic blog and books if interested. You will learn a lot about human nature, some science, and then some. Happy hunting. Enjoy!!!

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You’ll feel better if you express your anger openly:

Beating up an inanimate object which isn’t always available or cussing much when you feel angry just reinforces a bad habit which makes you feel good and the probability that you will want to repeat the experience increases every time. Expressing anger is addictive and you don’t want to develop a reputation of exploding in inappropriate social situations. 

Counting to ten or twenty silently until anger intensity fades and then proceeding with speech or actions is a far better solution and won’t leave you with a reputation of being a raving lunatic.


You will succeed if you just believe in yourself:

Selfesteem has to be grounded in reality in order for it to have beneficial results or successful results. Being told that you are great without you doing anything great is a lie which reality will not reward with success. If you are socially incompetent or incompetent because of a lack of skills and unreliable also then no amount of selfesteem will make up for your inadequacies and you are doomed to fail frequently.

The real solution to success is acquiring or learning better social and knowledge skills and not pretending that you deserve respect and admiration because you think highly of yourself without the facts or actions to back this up. Learn the skills necessary for success and you will start succeeding and your true selfesteem will grow with each success.


Cult members are stupid gullible sheep:

The suicide cults get all the public attention and humans generalize that all cults must have stupid gullible humans. The truth is that many cults have smart humans who function normally in society and just happen to like to form groups of humans with common ideas and actions which are deviant forms of normal social behavior but the beliefs don’t make the humans dysfunctional in society at large. Biker groups with scary reputations and Scientology could be considered cults but their members interact with society and many are not stupid gullible sheep.


Subliminal messages can affect your behavior subconsciously:

Playing music backwards and a message flashed imperceptibly during an advertisement supposedly has the power to influence your behavior and cause you to buy a product. If this were true then political leaders would flash political messages subliminally and be able to control your political behavior and take over your mind. The fact is that none of this has scientific backing and proof and it is a big myth.


A lie detector test can determine if you are lying:

A polygraph determines physical responses during questioning and passing the test can give a false sense of security to the tester. Scientific tests have been made and it turns out that the test is just a little better than 50/50 or a flip of the coin and Aldrich Ames a famous Soviet spy beat the polygraph every time it was used.


Homophobes are secretly gay:

There is no scientific evidence for this but about half the population of males is against homosexuals so that theoretically makes half the population gay, a highly unlikely possibility.



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