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Housebreak: v. to willfully and frequently forcibly steal the right to privacy in a home

Housebreaking usually exists with a forced entry but there are occasions when the door is unlocked and unauthorized entry is achieved without physically forcing a way in.

Eavesdropping with electronic devices is not forceful entry but it is still stealing the right to privacy in a home of a law abiding citizen. Occasionally eavesdropping  may have been made possible with some trespassing if an electronic bug was planted.

Noninvasive technological advanced techniques can be used which can pick up information remotely. One such noninvasive technique is picking up sound waves within a home by translating laser directed information from home window pane vibrations.

Extreme privacy is still possible with underground radiation and sound proofed rooms but it is increasingly getting harder to conduct meetings in private and feel secure that no one heard what went on.

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