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Imitation or copying one’s behavior is the way that over 90% of behavior learning exists.  Offspring start by imitating their parents, but soon also start imitating their brothers, sisters, friends and rolemodels.  Offspring need good rolemodels to imitate, and in the absence of good rolemodels, offspring will struggle to become good citizens in society.

Motivating your offspring to copy your good behaviors and the good behaviors of others is one of the most important jobs that you have as a parent.  But since every parent is less than perfect, the odds are very great that another human(s) can do what the parent should do, only much better.   If an offspring is to grow up to be better than the parents, it is an important responsibility for a parent to find the good human(s) and identify it for the offspring,  a human(s) who possesses better behaviors and useful new or better skills.

The following expressions urge your children to copy yourself and others.

“Do it because I do it!”

“Copy me.”

“I’ll show you how.”

“Try to be an adult like me.”

“Maybe you can do it like me.”

“I will teach you as much as I can if you just do what I do.”

“Let me show you how to do it.”

“If I can do it better than you then try to copy it.”

“Imitate the leader.”

“You will be closer to being a big boy by doing it.  You will be doing it just like dad!”

“My but you are starting to behave like a big girl.   You do it just like mom!”

“Focus on me so that you will probably do it next time by yourself.”

“Practice it with me and soon you will be as good as me.”

“If you copy you will learn all the necessary behaviors quickly.”

“Copy your brother and/or sister and/or uncle and/or aunt and/or grandfather and/or grandmother and/or friend and/or teacher and/or coach and/or rolemodel.”

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Kindness: n. a relatively small medium intensity caring which isn’t requested

Favor: n. giving a relatively small reward to someone and exchanging it for a minimal received reward such as a “thank you”

Kindness is a relatively small caring behavior which frequently makes one feel good and/or is a small favor granted without being asked.


Donate your used books to the library

Let someone in front of the line if you have many and they only have one or two items.

Volunteer at an animal shelter or food bank.

Donate to a wildlife fund.

Plant a tree.

Mentor a student in your field of expertise.

Give up your seat to the handicapped or elderly on public transportation.

Open the door for someone with full hands or in a wheelchair.

Give an honest and sincere compliment even to a stranger once in a while.

Host an international student.

Renew a potentially useful friendship.

Become an organ donor.

Give a homeless human your doggie bag.

Say “ please” and “thank you” in public and really mean it.

Give a fellow driver the right of way such as merging into your lane.

Forgive a friend a small debt and never bring it up again.

Apologize with “I’m sorry” for offensiveness, rudeness, or being wrong.

Say hi to a remote neighbor or smile at a stranger.


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MYTH: Bias and prejudice can’t be decreased in this world.

TRUTH: Bias and prejudice can be decreased in this world with the use of a new language which is more logical and as free of emotional expression as possible and not biased with the black or white and LOVE OR HATE and yes or no and yin or yang and antonym or synonym and etc. but a more probabilistic view of the world as proposed in my book SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS.

The book uses standard English words with which I have been communicating in my blogs and there is only a rare new word which is used to make the communication more logical. Instead of using over a million words to communicate SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS uses only about 3000 basic words to communicate which would be easier to teach and remember and most elementary school students would have a complete logical vocabulary to use in their lives. The words include a knowledge of what is most important in the liberal arts and politics and society and economics but omits many scientific words other than the basics.

The new language only uses verbs and nouns and adjectives and adverbs to communicate and this eliminates the need for prepositions and conjunctions and metaphors and similes and slang and synonyms and confusing phrases with little factual content and greatly simplifies English grammar and makes it very simple to learn.

This language will exclude most bias and prejudice and emotionally charged words which are a handicap to logical reasoned human interactions.

How do you attract good potential new dates or friends or acquaintances?

Cloose: adj. existing at a relatively short distance in space and/or time and/or number and/or degree and/or quantity

People are attracted to others who have similar values and interests and tastes and beliefs and health and happiness and education and power.

If you are interested in cloose peer relationships and friendships which correspond to as many of your own values and interests and tastes and beliefs and health and happiness and education and power then look for similar characteristics with new potential acquaintances as possible.

The more that you have in common with a new potential mate or friend or acquaintance then the greater is the probability that they can become cloose to you in the future.

Probe a human’s likes and dislikes and compare them to your own.

You will better judge whether a relationship is worth the investment in time and energy and money if you ask enough probing questions and try to find similar characteristics and behaviors in a potential new date or friend or acquaintance.

The most important characteristics to look for are a common morality and a relatively similar educational level which means relative moral and mental equality.

First impressions of your appearance and behaviors on someone is very important because first impressions last in memory and you will have an uphill battle at getting trust from someone if you start off wrong with someone who will have stereotyped you or made instant bad generalities or stereotypes about you which may not be deserved.

Start a new relationship very friendly and honestly thus creating an initial good bond and try to hide your bad characteristics as much as possible since they will surface sooner or later and may not be as catastrophic later in a relationship.

It is OK to reveal some of the bad events in your life if they are ones which you have solved along the way.

If you have had bad experiences in your life which you solved this will be educational for the new human in the relationship and they will feel that you can probably also confidently solve problems in the future.

Don’t try to be too perfect because perfection is frightening and humans will not empathize with you as much if they see no flaws.

If you reveal some of your minor bad secrets your bonding will increase because the human will like your honesty and feel clooser to you and he or she will probably also reveal some of their small bad secrets to you more willingly.

Being basically very honest or truthful will increase the human bonding because they both build trust in a relationship which is the magic glue which starts relationships and maintains them for a long duration.

If you have a large problem which you haven’t solved don’t communicate it at first because humans may think that you will still have that large problem later on in the relationship and will start to avoid you.

People are quick to use generalizations or stereotypes to classify gender and race and (large and small groups of people) and frequently do injustice to those that don’t fit the stereotype.

Most of us are guilty of these frequent unjust biases or stereotypes of people because we don’t take the time to see a human for the complete human which they really are.

Point out that there are important exceptions to stereotypes whenever possible.

Try to judge humans on the basis of who they really are and not on what you think they should be  based upon your initial first impressions only.

Give humans time to reveal their true selves before you make a final judgment about their true personality.

People are impressed by authority figures with expertise and positions of leadership and charisma gotten mainly with a good honest reputation.

Try to nurture these characteristics if you want to be a successful leader.

There are basically leaders and followers within groups.

The leaders make most of the important decisions and the followers usually go along without much resistance and make the unimportant decisions.

Some leadership styles are more democratic and will let followers vote on what actions to take but these styles are not very efficient and majority consensus is frequently difficult to come by.

There are basically relatively independent humans who depend upon their own grasp of the world to function and the relatively dependent people who frequently seek the guidance of others when they function.

The wise person tries to operate independently as much as possible but realizes realistic limitations and seeks guidance when in great doubt about how to function well.

Most people try to maintain their habitual ways of thinking and doing things and frequently feel threatened by large deviations from these habitual norms.

Seemingly very new or radical departures from habit are frequently a recipe for a much fear and turmoil and emotional extremes.

Introduce great change in small increments if possible to avoid much confusion and fear.

Time and effort and energy and money invested in a behavior and/or concept increases the probability that one will maintain the behavior and/or concept more strongly and for a lengthier period of time.

Get a person to invest a little in your recommended behavior and/or concept and the chances are you will more easily get further investments in the future.

Something which has strong emotional appeal will frequently attract people more so than something which is merely presented in a rational or logical way.

It is unfortunate but emotions rule most people in this illogical world and you have to realize that an appeal to good emotions is frequently more successful a convincing tool than logical reasoned facts.

If you are trying to sell a product or concept or behavior then prime your potential customer emotionally first and then make your sales pitch.

Prime a person emotionally as much as possible if you want to more successfully sell a human on a behavior and/or concept and/or product.

People prefer certainty and prefer to judge things such as events and behaviors in a black or white and yes or no fashion and are usually not very good at judging probabilities which may be presented to them.

Try to present simple choices rather than probabilistic choices to people without a background in probability.

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