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Big data is quantifiable data or information without human insight or the input of human desires, wants, and goals which is information about how humans really feel about something and is called thick data.

In China for example most poor humans desire and invest a very large percentage of their money in a smart phone rather than in luxury goods or goods in general which companies are trying to sell utilizing only big data. It seems that poor Chinese value social interaction and the freedom which the internet affords over mere material possessions and this fact is not something which is obvious with just an analysis of big data.

Netflix uncovered that humans like to binge watch something which they come across which interests them and are not just interested in the most popular media alone.

Predictive power is what everyone desires but thick data is more efficient at doing this than mere big data.

Tricia Wang does a very good presentation of what thick data is and what big data lacks. Here is a link which I think you will enjoy-

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