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Wilderness: n. nature real estate minimally changed by humans

Wilderness is a vital safety net of biodiversity for future humanity when domesticated plants and animals will no longer be healthy food for consumption due to irresponsible interference by technology which emphasizes short duration profit, the use of too many artificial chemicals, and monoculture to grow domesticated plants and animals.

Not only that but emphasis on the growing of very few species in great numbers runs the risk of long duration famine when those few species become devastated by pests and disease and can no longer be grown safely and economically for human consumption.

We will need healthy biodiverse animals and plants from the wilderness to make our food supply healthy again so it doesn’t devastate the health of humans as it is already doing in ever increasing numbers. Overly processed food which is not organic is also a large contributing factor to bad food but once you destroy the foundation of healthy organic plants and animals there are no quick fixes possible any more to reverse the unhealthy trends and unhealthy food supply whose DNA is irreversibly damaged.

A smart human generation should promote certified organic farming and protect and even expand wilderness real estate for the long duration survival of humanity on the face of this endangered precious planet earth.

Untested  GMO’s are the biggest threat to healthy plant and animal DNA because they select plants and animals based on so few criteria such as size, fat content, rate of growth, crop yields, and herbicide and generalized pest resistance when there are hundreds of traits which should be selected for to make a truly healthy food for human consumption. Myopic short duration selection is devastating the health of the current food supply and we will all suffer from the irresponsible behavior in the long duration.

Bees are already dying in huge numbers all proving that current growing methods and altered DNA is injurious to animal health and it is also unquestioningly dangerously affecting human health in the long duration.

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Failure at a goal(s) should be considered to be a learning experience of what to do and not to do the next time if you try achieve that same goal(s) again.  Much failure sometimes means that a goal(s) is not realistically achievable.


Fairness is to be in an authority position and having the ability to justly match goal achievement or failure with just rewards and/or punishments.


Too much faith in your beliefs can override common sense or scientific truths and result in a belief in mythological or supernatural concepts which are illogical and highly improbable and not realistic.  When common sense and/or scientific truths are ignored then achieving many of your goals may become impossible or greatly improbable.


The goal may be to discipline offspring in a family or communally.  Families are usually better at promoting the individuality of the offspring and communal families frequently promote excessive social conformity in offspring and unique individual talents are frequently ignored or condemned.


When reason and political laws and morality fail to control criminal behavior within reasonable limits then force must be used to enforce the rule of law or to achieve the goal of relatively peaceful human interaction.  Force and the threat of force is also the primary governing tool of a tyrant.


Forgiveness is not punishing someone for reaching the wrong goal(s).  Most forgiveness should be based upon a sincere promise that the wrong goal(s) will not be willfully repeated again.  Forgiving relatively unimportant wrong goal(s) may not require remorse unless the wrong goal(s) become too frequent or numerous.


Treat ecological diversity as if you wanted it to last forever on the  this earth.  This is the best way to guarantee long duration human survival even though we can’t prove that a subset(s) will last forever.  Realistically few if any goals and/or subsets last forever.


A goal of having a friendly attitude is one of the essentials for a good social reputation even though you may reserve very close friendships to few individuals or only your own family.  The quality of the friendships which you have is more important than the quantity of the friendships in your life.


Freedom is the power to set goals without legal limits. The goal of freedom from 100% of human laws is ultimate freedom that no one should be yearning for since it is anarchy.  True freedom is to have political and social and economic freedom bounded by a just moral code.

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