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Critical Disillusionment

Disillusionment: n. very intensely disappointing because a subset(s) is much less good than believed in the beginning

Some if not many of us have been disillusioned at some point in our lives. We got all excited about a dream job or a potential soul mate only to discover that the dream job was not that dreamy and a potential soul mate had many undesirable characteristics which we could not live with for the long duration. Those two are examples of disillusionment.

Disillusionment does not happen that frequently but disillusionment with a favorite celebrity or someone whom we greatly admired and respected is possible if we find out that in person they are really mean and nasty individuals or even have drug problems. Disillusionment only happens if we greatly admire and respect something which upon further investigation turns out not to be as worthy of our intense respect or admiration.

As a general principle, don’t create and believe in unrealistic illusions, don’t create idealized visions, or don’t be deceived by humans and things and chances are that you may be disappointed occasionally but you won’t be disillusioned.


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