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Infer: v. to achieve an impulsive conclusion and/or a logical judgment based on factual evidence(s) by primarily trying to make correspondences with a relatively immediate effect(s) and/or fact(s) and a probable cause(s)


An example of an inference from three effects or facts implying one probable cause:


  • Sally (arrives at home at 4:30) (effect 1) and (knows that her mother does not get off of work until 5) (effect 2). (Sally also sees that the lights are off in their house)(effect 3). (Sally can infer that her mother is not yet home). (probable cause)


An example of an inference from multiple effects implying one probable cause:


  • (Guests at your dinner party asked for seconds)(effects) so (you can infer they liked it)(probable cause).

An example of an inference from two effects implying one probable cause:

  • (A child tries a new fruit)(effect 1) and (makes a disgusted face)(effect 2). (His mother can infer that he does not like the taste of the fruit)(probable cause).


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