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Conscience: n. learned impulsive motivation to do right which is frequently gotten from ethical and/or moral principles which one believes in

A desirable developed largely impulsive conscience which includes morality and ethical principles helps us to interact peacefully and orderly with other humans.  There are humans such as criminals and psychopaths who seem to have no conscience at all or very little conscience. Even those humans with little conscience act impulsively based on what they have learned in their lives and make decisions on what is the right course of action for them personally and which is not always what most humans do. They have a conscience too although it is a very deviant one.

A thief who associates with other thieves may lie to and steal from others but not lie to or steal from his fellow thieves so there is still some vestige of morality present in that human’s impulsive behavior. Extremely selfish humans may lie, steal, and even murder for personal gain so their conscience is rather limited to what is personally right for them and not others.

Nothing is more potent in developing a good moral conscience than role models with good morally developed consciences. The sooner in life that you start developing a desirable moral conscience, the less it will become vulnerable to undesirable radical changes later on in life. If your parents don’t have desirable consciences then there is less probability that you will have a desirable one too.

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