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Ideally you should quit cold turkey on bad habits, especially the very bad ones, but unfortunately you are deriving some satisfaction from them and the best realistic alternative is to cut back on them or spend less time on them and to gradually replace them with good habits.

Realize that most bad habits are not a question of yes or no or of doing them or not doing them. The real understanding and truth is that you should have as little of the bad habit in your life as possible. A little of the bad habit does not necessarily have terrible bad consequences and sometimes even a moderate dose of the bad habit is perfectly understandable and acceptable.


BAD HABIT: Eating too much of the wrong food:

GOOD HABIT: Eat and drink only when hungry or thirsty even if this means once a day. Start gradually replacing or adding varied organic food to your meals.

If you snack during the day or after work then try snacking on nuts, seeds, fruit, vegies, and meat jerky.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with healthy foods. If you don’t like the taste or it seems tasteless then add your favorite spices, dips, or dressings. Flavorings which you like the taste of will make almost anything healthy which you eat just as satisfying as the overly processed food and fast food which you are used to eating.

If you are hooked on sweet food then try replacing it with sweet natural fruits whenever the urge for sweet food arises. Eating chocolate once in a while or any sweet treat once in a while is not a serious health offense.


BAD HABIT: Talking too much

GOOD HABIT: Spend less time less frequently talking to gabby humans. Talk mostly to humans who are important in your life and spend very little time on the rest.

Learn to talk briefly, concisely, and to the point and try to listen more and talk less. Don’t be afraid to interrupt a conversation which is becoming too boring or change the subject to something more interesting.

Social media is the same thing. Limit your frequent communications to humans who are important in your life and only respond to others if they have something new or interesting which they are trying to share.


BAD HABIT: Going into debt or impulsive and excessive shopping

GOOD HABIT: Set aside or save about 10% of your monthly income for emergencies such as car repairs, home repairs, medical emergencies, etc. so you don’t have to go into debt.

Before you buy make sure it is something you need and not just want. Ask. Can I do without it for a week or month? If the answer is yes then don’t buy it.

Make lists of things to buy and then don’t do any impulse buying but stick to the items on your list to buy.

Check the things that you have already bought to see if they will satisfy your need to buy something. You may be surprised by how much hoarded items of clothing and kitchen items you have which can be reused again.

Learn to budget your money or break it down into categories and try not to overspend in the category on a monthly basis. If you have allocated a specific money amount for entertainment per month then try not to exceed that limit.

Try to remember the unit prices of grocery food and try to comparison shop always before making up your mind to purchase an item. Try to get the best deal or best value per price paid.

For organic food price should not be an issue because tasty organic food is always the best buy. You will pay more but usually you will eat less off it and the long duration value to your good health is priceless.


BAD HABIT: Being stuck in a bad job

GOOD HABIT: Switch to another employer with the same job or learn new skills and knowledge necessary for a new and better job.


BAD HABIT: Not sleeping enough

GOOD HABIT: Plan your sleep time so you almost always get 8 or 9 hours of sleep. Prepare for sleep by winding down before sleep with sex, calming music, meditation, a boring show, or soothing shower or bubble bath.


BAD HABIT: Smoking too much

GOOD HABIT: Switch to e-cigarettes or smoking a pipe or cigars or don’t inhale the cigarette smoke when you do smoke. You can also try meditation or exercise each time you have an urge to smoke and remind yourself mentally how bad smoking is for your health and well being.


BAD HABIT: Watching TV or gaming too much

GOOD HABIT: Be selective in what you watch and only watch something which you really like. Limit your viewing or playing time to not more than about an hour a day. Instead of TV go on the internet and try learning something new and hopefully interesting and useful.

If you are addicted to one genre such as sports then try expanding your interest into other areas such as organic gardening, landscaping, wood or metal working, 3D printing, house repairs, investment, and cars and try becoming an amateur expert on the subject.


BAD HABIT: Drinking alcohol too much

GOOD HABIT: Drink a wide variety of beers or low alcohol content drinks  and try drinking for the taste of it and not the buzz.


BAD HABIT: Too many medicines or drugs

GOOD HABIT: Start eating healthy with as much organic food as possible, drink healthy with unsweetened drinks, and get some moderate exercise.

Your body will eventually try to cure itself having the right natural chemicals and movement.

Before popping a pain pill try to discover the cause. Is it is too much stress, overwork, or doing the same thing for too long? You will frequently discover what to avoid or do differently the next time and it is far better than popping an instant cure pill which doesn’t cure anything but just masks the symptoms and may even make the situation worse with bad side effects ready for more pill “cures”.

Start replacing medications with homeopathic remedies and see if they have fewer side effects which artificial drugs are notorious for.

If you are suffering from depression or other mental problems then the solution is frequently a change in lifestyle. New and better friends and not mind altering psychiatric drugs with terrible side effects which often make the situation worse. Pills almost never address the true cause of your problems which is frequently the shitty eating and drinking, and the shitty environment and lifestyle that you are living in.


BAD HABIT: Living in a messy environment

GOOD HABIT: Clean up regularly and put back some order in your life. It is frequently true that a messy environment leads to a messy disorganized problem filled life.


BAD HABIT: Associating or interacting with bad, depressed, unhappy, pessimistic, and badly addicted friends

GOOD HABIT: Start looking for and start replacing those bad friends with optimistic, happy, and smart friends but remember that you too will have to improve yourself in the process and change to more optimism, happiness, and smartness if you want to keep those new good friends in your circle of acquaintances for longer than a day.


BAD HABIT:  Too much pornography 

GOOD HABIT: A sexual relationship with a significant other should be your goal. Too much pornography will ruin healthy relationships with a significant other with unrealistic sexual expectations.  The good habit is a healthy real sexual relationship with a human.


BAD HABIT: Too much gambling

GOOD HABIT: The gambling should be for fun and not profit. Trying to make a living from gambling is only possible for some very talented clever experts with outstanding memories who know how to beat house odds and not for those that believe gambling is just a matter of good luck or being lucky with the odds heavily against you.



Many of us eventually get stuck in a rut of old bad habits which lead to a rather boring hopeless depressing situation. The key to getting out of such ruts in the first place is to maintain an active curiosity and desire to learn new things and have new experiences rather regularly.

If you have an interesting life thinking about many things, experiencing them, and keeping up to date with your knowledge then you will make an interesting conversationalist with humans that you meet. You will frequently have something in common to share or talk about.

When you stop trying to improve yourself then you begin to die as a human emotionally and sometimes even physically. Expand your intellectual horizons beyond the brainwashing media and poor role model celebrities. Do research on your own and discover some interesting topics to think and talk about. Yes, you probably will need a dictionary at first to get used to the buzzwords but once you learn what they mean the rest is rather easy.

I am interested in almost everything outside of sports and religion and have an opinion or two about almost everything. I have blogged for about two years now and have never had a dull moment even though I was on the computer researching and writing sometimes as many as 12 hours a day. Yes, I have a life outside of blogging but my blogging has helped make me a wiser man in everyday life too. Sharing this lifetime of useful knowledge is one of my ongoing passions. Enjoy!

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