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All you need to know is when to exercise, how much to exercise, how to exercise, where to exercise, with whom to exercise, and what exercises to do.

You may get enough exercise on the job or doing housework so you may not need to set aside time to exercise in a formal way. When you have a break during your sedentary job or after work you can do the exercising.

Unless you are a determined body builder on a daily schedule of exercise then you don’t have to exercise every day because it can become very boring. If you have a sedentary job or lifestyle in old age then you should probably exercise about 20 minutes three times a week but not feel bad if you don’t exercise at all for a week or month at a time because when you are young the lack of exercise will not hurt you in the long duration.

You can exercise at a slow pace or you can make it a fast cardio experience by increasing the speed of the exercise or do more repetitions of the exercise per minute.

You can exercise in the office, on land, or in the water.

The exercising may be done alone or with someone in pairs or as part of a team.

Unless you are a muscle builder natural forms of body movement are the best which don’t use artificial devices or exercises which accomplish something useful such as gardening or doing housework.

Natural body movements which are walking, running, deep knee bends, toe touching, situps, climbing movements such as climbing on a chair and then down again or walking up and down stairs, push-ups, sitting on the floor and getting up from it, jumping in place or doing jumping jacks, and lifting weights with feet and hands are the most useful natural body movements.

In the water swimming and diving are the best forms of natural body movement.

Of course natural body movements can be rather boring to do and you may want to participate in an individual, pair, or team sport. Windsurfing, surfing, canoeing, jet skiing, dirt bike riding, skiing, skating, bowling, golf, aerobics, yoga, and martial arts moves are things which you can do on your own. There are also pair and team sports but it is not always reliable and convenient to have to depend on someone else for a regular exercising routine and individualized sports are by far the best reliable alternative.

You can invest in a treadmill to exercise by walking fast or running when the weather is either too hot or too cold outside.

If you are elderly and can only sit in a chair or lie in bed then you should be exercising on a daily basis for about 20 minutes to avoid stiffness of the joints or minimizing arthritic pain by slowly and/or rapidly moving your arms, hands, feet, head, and torso if possible.

Finally stop believing the myth that exercise will help you to lose weight because it won’t!!!!!!


Most humans don’t exercise at all because they are too lazy or get enough movement on a daily basis so they really don’t need a regular exercise routine to participate in. Individual rather than pair or team sports are the best because you don’t have to depend on someone else to get in your exercise quota.

Agility exercise with natural body movements is the best which will nicely tone your body no matter how heavy you might be and keep you fit and healthy if you also eat healthy food and drink.

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