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Some bacteria reproduction or self-replication is influenced by quantity and quality of the food supply and the density or number of proximate similar bacteria and maybe even proximate competitive bacteria. Because of so few variables it may be possible some day to predict the rate of reproduction of some bacteria using game theory.

On the other hand humans can interact selfishly and/or altruistically and the percentage breakdown of selfish versus altruistic behavior varies from individual to individual in an infinite variety depending on how many humans you are considering at a time. No human is alike in the percentage of selfishness or altruism that each has. A human can interact selfishly with two or more humans present and can interact altruistically with two or more humans present as the beneficiaries. A human can also interact as a member of two or more humans each acting to try and optimize their communal goals. The sources that a human uses to get selfish benefits are also many and usually more than one. The organizations or human groups to which a human may behave altruistically are also many and usually more than one. There is an almost infinite variety of personality types whose impulsive fearful and courageous reactions are determined by the time when they occur and the unique circumstances under which they occur.

What is the point?

There are just to many almost infinite vaguely defined variables affecting human behavior and no game theory will be adequate to explain the moral and immoral actions which a human makes individually and collectively during the course of a lifetime. Human morality or a moral code must be derived from statistical inferences of human behavior in all cultures and no game theory can competently do this and reach mathematically predictive results. Find or discover functional moral behavior in game theory? Mission impossible!!!!!!

Game theory is not being used successfully to predict events in economics and politics where smart decisions must be made about money and the just distribution of information and/or goods and/or services to its citizens, rich or poor and in between.


Mathematics or game theory is just not valid when trying to predict economic, social, or political behavior.

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