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You will probably not make any money blogging. There are some scam artists who promise you the easy life with almost no effort if only you part with a few of your hard earned dollars and join their scam so don’t fall for it.

You won’t sell very many of your books blogging because even if you have thousands of followers you need to interest and reach at least a million to sell a few thousand books.

Moderating and replying to comments is mostly a waste of time and at best you will maybe find a few casual acquaintances with casual rather useless trivial knowledge or information to share with you.

You can’t choose what followers you don’t want such as those who like to use profanities or those who are scam artists.

Quality blogging escapes most of us because most are not passionate about anything of importance in human’s lives. Most bloggers run out of material to write about rather quickly and if they continue to write it is about random thoughts and ideas which few are interested in.

If you don’t have a passion or passions to write about and if you are not spending hours a day researching your passion for new developments and interesting facts then chances are you won’t have a quality blog which humans will be returning to.

Blogging is an interesting hobby but not a serious profession. If you want your blogs to be published professionally you will have to have the credentials and writing ability or celebrity status. You will also probably have to conform to and promote the corrupt mythology of the media and corporations who control the official press.

Finally, if you are hoping to write a block busting novel someday don’t delude yourself because the younger generation does not like to read lengthy novels or books and prefer instant gratification and not verbose writing. The internet is killing book writing as a profession.

Knowing the truth, do you still want to blog for the fun of it?


If you liked this evergreen blog then read more of them and read one or more of my evergreen books, especially COMMON SENSE.