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Competing with international corporations is almost impossible today since there are no international taxation rules and national corporations have too much clout with politicians and the government. The only realistic way to compete with monopolies and big corporations is to make small businesses as profitable or more profitable than big business. This still means passing government laws which will stimulate small business growth which may be almost impossible to do since big money runs the government. Even very low taxes for small business may not be that competitive because some of the largest corporations pay no tax at all due to loopholes in the law.

Amazon is decimating traditional retail businesses and Uber and Lyft are decimating private taxi ownership. Big tech is so big that it squeezes out the small competitors and even seems to be putting a globalist media ideology in control much to the dismay of small media groups. Big corporate monopolies are taking over the country and world and soon they will be able to ask whatever they want money wise for their services. It is a scary thought that many small businesses may disappear from the economic scene in the not too distant future.

Ideally it would be nice if small businesses with approximately 100 million in revenue would be taxed only 1% on their gross income assuming that they do not produce any toxic materials which are released into the environment. Organic food businesses should not be taxed at all to stimulate a healthy food supply for the masses.

Ultimately taxation can be used to promote things or to destroy them so it is up to the smart politicians to stimulate lower taxation where it counts the most, or in small businesses which employ most of the labor force. Yes, revenue from businesses will be minimal and most taxes will come from taxing the salaries of workers which is as it should be given the fact that the biggest corporations pay no tax at all and it is highly unlikely that they will pay significant taxes in the foreseeable future.

Frankly big business is in the driver’s seat and little if anything can be done to change this monopoly situation in the distant future. Even when small businesses start to become competitive big money buys them out and it is big business as usual after the consolidation.

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The biggest threat to the United States is moral decay about which I have written in past articles. That said Globalization is also partially to blame for the current state of moral and economic dysfunction.

It is no great secret that whether it is Republicans or Democrats in power the establishment is in favor of big international banks and international corporations and big national corporations and organizations. The middle class is not high on the list of priority legislation.

Corporations and banks are communal enterprises or consist of many more than one individual so collective leftist ideology is dominant and designed to ultimately oppress the individual and favor collective enterprises and collective group thinking and causes. Globalism and big money is winning and laughing all the way to the bank while the average human is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy or is already dependent on some socialist welfare.


For the collective to triumph along with big government, the Democratic party and leftist ideology has taken over most of the media, about 90% of university staff, most big corporations and institutions, most celebrities, even the top echelons of the deep state, and is dominant in promoting an even greater welfare state with over 50% getting some form of welfare support.


The only recent area where the Democrats and their ideology has not triumphed is in the Supreme Court. Despite this the majority of lawyers graduating from law school and the top universities are democrats who are hell bent on changing the constitution to benefit their ideological persuasion. Already some state laws are just ignoring the constitution and passing unconstitutional laws which persist because no one is really challenging them in the left leaning courts.


The middle class is rapidly disappearing and most are moving to big cities mostly run by Democrats which is rather disheartening news. Mostly low income humans subsidized by some welfare from the government seem to be an undeniable future trend favoring Democrats.  The only reason a majority of registered Democrats sometimes don’t win is because they are too lazy to vote or think that voting will make no difference anyway.


Financially responsible moral family units are becoming scarce. Promiscuity and pornography is popular. Most families are either in debt or living from paycheck to paycheck with little or no money for emergencies. Mental illness now afflicts more than 30% of the population. Legal and illegal drug and legal alcohol abuse is reaching crisis proportions.  About 50% of college and high school graduates can’t find jobs and many continue living with their parents. The national debt is high and rising rapidly with no end in sight. Democrats basically just want bigger government, more spending on costly social programs, higher taxes, and more debt.


The establishment media has morphed into a tabloid like press hell bent on destroying the reputations of naysayers and political rivals with insults, name calling, belittlement, ridicule,  humiliation and sometimes even lawsuits. Identity politics is also dominant and shows no signs of decreasing. The media love to stereotype humans, especially if they are not Democrats, and call them racists, Nazis, Islamaphobes, homophobes, misogynists and love to character assassinate humans further with guilt by association, statements taken out of context, and deplatforming which often is a form of unjust censorship.


There probably will be no solution for the illegal immigrant invasion with the gradual breakdown of law and order aided by sanctuary cities and leniency on criminals such as a right to vote for felons who have served their sentence in Florida. Bipartisanship is a policy rapidly dying as politics becomes more polarized or divided into intolerant party warfare. The political leadership is corrupt and getting more corrupt and immoral with each passing year. The leadership is not solving economic or social problems but mostly exacerbating them with new legal riders on spending bills to make the system even more problematic and dysfunctional.


Traditional conservative social values are moral, coherent family units with financial responsibility, and independent selfsufficiency or selfreliance. This is rapidly being replaced by progressive considerable immorality, tenuous financially irresponsible family units, and dependency on government welfare. The corrupt monied class is growing in wealth as the rest of the population is steadily becoming little more than indentured servants dependent on the government teat.


After Trump leaves the presidency it will probably be business as usual with nothing standing in the way of Democratic dominance on into the foreseeable future. Only time will tell whether the future is one of dysfunctional socialism followed by possible ultimate tyranny by an indoctrinated elite who will rule by proclamation without any checks and balances on their power. Yes, first the citizenry will have to be disarmed but that can and ultimately will be done in small stages until any resistance to tyranny will be ruthlessly and violently suppressed.


Yes, there is an improbable solution that unfortunately will need political backing. The solution is a smaller more efficient government with fewer laws favoring special interests, a radically reformed educational and welfare system designed to encourage learning of useful knowledge and providing door to door basic welfare assistance to the destitute and also unemployed but no motorized vehicle.


I have extensively written in detail about the solutions in my blog and over 17 selfpublished books. If you ever hope to be a leader in government or industry I would highly recommend that you read about my proposed solutions and hope that you will make some of them your own someday and try to disseminate them further.

Yes, real solutions means proposing and passing specific laws regulating education and welfare and the government in general so relevant issues should be proposed and enacted into law and many old laws rescinded or terminated on the local and national level.

Unfortunately the badly informed public just wants to vote for whom they like and vote against whom they hate. We really need statesmanship, which is presently nonexistent, in public office to pass laws which benefit moral financially responsible family units and not big money globalists. What we are getting recently is charlatan politicians who are power hungry and little else. A secular moral code taught to most impressionable young minds, peace, and prosperity towards a greater tomorrow is a laudable goal, if that is still a possibility!

I prefer ending on an optimistic note so I see some hope in pulling society out of a moral free fall into chaos and dissatisfaction. Technology with the help of artificial intelligence, smart robots, and smart audio visual software should become the new moral role models of the future, raising the new generation and taming the emotional beast in most adult humans.

Sustainable technology living in harmony with nature is the semi Utopian future with potentially optimistic results. Yes, oppressive technology is also possible in the form of too much mind control and political correctness extremes but I prefer to view the future with optimism and not the pessimistic future that doomsayers predict will actually occur.

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The truth about the Cloud Act!

The government cannot take our property, papers, or us, without a valid warrant.

This video should scare the shit out of you because essentially the Cloud Act permits foreign governments to spy on you via the internet and access you private information. It is a blatant attempt to strip you of your privacy and the beneficiaries will be big international corporations and ultimately a world government which will suppress small businesses and individuals who attempt small entrepreneurial enterprises that may be non conforming to global standards whatever those standards may ultimately be.

It is sad that so few average citizens really don’t give a shit about what is actually going on or really understand the ultimate consequences.

If you want to read the truthful details of the Cloud Act then go to this link-


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Power (political): n. controlling humans and/or energy and matter

Power (physics): n. force times distance per unit time

Politically the most powerful are the international banks, international corporations, and governments. Also powerful are organizations, local businesses, parents, and humans.

Humans are controlled with money, laws, and moral behavior. Those who control the money, laws, and morality are the most powerful humans.

Without a strong moral foundation, much power corrupts humans who want more power by making more money and passing corrupt laws which grant them more power or more money and control over other humans and the world.

Everyone needs energy from food and other sources to survive and live and this is why food and energy corporations are so powerful. Money is the primary tool used to control energy usage in society and the laws determine who gets the most money or energy and matter which is stored energy.

Taxation and prices for information and/or goods and/or services are the primary tools used to control energy and matter usage. Laws distribute the wealth in a nation and determine who gets most of the wealth and who gets the least amount of it and in effect who is the most powerful and who is the least powerful in a nation.

A frequently overlooked important factor is the fact that an immoral society is ungovernable and plunges into chaos. It is vital to reestablish a universal worldwide secular morality which should be taught in public schools to young impressionable minds which are not religious.

Except in emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder. To get more just laws to eliminate the unjust ones you need a strong moral code which most of the citizens believe in to guide them in their daily decision making which is largely impulsive and not logical.

Leadership which grows out of a sea of immorality will be unjust and dysfunctional because there will be no trust between the leadership and the led. Authority figures must be admired and respected for their moral virtues if a society is to voluntarily and peacefully interact. A morally failed leadership and immoral citizens can only be controlled through fear and intimidation and this is a very inefficient way to run a country or the world.


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Who is to blame for the sad state of the world and the destruction of biodiversity in the world? Those who control the money supply and energy sources rule the world. Who are they? The big international banks, big international corporations, and the big international energy companies have the most impact and control on the world.

If you don’t like the polluting corrupt state of the world then you can blame it on them and blame it on an absence of an excellent secular updated morality which humans worldwide, especially the politicians, should be following in the technological 21st century.

Without a new updated and useful secular morality the politicians, banks, and corporations can and will continue to LIE TO and DECEIVE the emotional gullible public, accumulate and concentrate the wealth in fewer and fewer hands, and will continue to plunge the world towards an overpopulated and increasingly sick environment trying to maintain the status quo as long as possible.

The new updated moral code which should be taught to impressionable young minds worldwide and followed by human leaders worldwide should be DON’T DESTROY BIODIVERSITY, DON’T LIE, DON’T BE INEFFICIENT, DON’T STEAL, DON’T COMMIT ADULTERY IF MARRIED, and DON’T MURDER!!!!!!

Not only should wilderness biodiversity not be destroyed but food biodiversity should not be destroyed and replaced with monoculture foods which have been unnaturally modified to tolerate herbicides, pesticides, and kill pests with engineered poisons which a plant unnaturally produces itself.

The consequences of misguided GMO engineered plant species will be an unhealthy food supply and an unhealthy human population. Unhealthy breeds of dogs and cats selected for a few desirable traits such as size and beauty result in unhealthy genetic stock and should be a warning to plant engineers who are also only selecting for a handful of “desirable” traits and the usual result is unexpected hundreds of undesirable unhealthy traits which surface in existent and later generations.

An untested change in one or two genes changes thousands of undetected traits in the plant or animal and can become a long duration disaster.

Gross inefficiency in human enterprises and behavior should be considered immoral.

An outdated use of the language overloaded with illogical definitions and too many emotional words impedes logical thinking and communication. It means that humans are ruled by their emotions and little by logical thinking and logical behaving processes. My evergreen book SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS solves this problem with efficient logical definitions and word usage largely free of illogical emotional expression.

More energy or bigger is loved by humans because they are impressed by more power since they think that more or bigger is better and more powerful. The result is inefficient big houses, big cars, too many clothes and an overabundance of artistic trivial behavior which has little to do with efficient survival on the face of this earth.

Small, efficient, reliable, and durable should be valued more as it is in efficient nature.


Money concentration, technology, the internet, standardization of parts, and robotization all means that there will be armies of unemployed on government welfare and the world will be job poor. To maintain or create a just society the welfare system and education system will have to change. My evergreen books CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS and EDUCATION REFORM cover this needed change in detail.

At least if my secular moral code is followed we will not have unhealthy food, an unhealthy sick and prematurely dying human population. Biodiversity will survive to provide us with a healthy needed future gene pool to save us from our present immoral behavior on the face of this earth.


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