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Historically jobs were plentiful but technology is devastating the job market. It is turning out that logical thinking brain power is more important than physical power and just the ability to speak a language fluently.

In Greece in 2015 the unemployment rate is 25% for adults and 50% for young adults. The educational system is a colossal failure and the traditional liberal arts education is turning out unskilled workers for the 21st century. Either students are not being taught right or the average worker is no longer capable of keeping up with the skill set necessary for permanent employment. Many entry level jobs are jobs which teenagers can do and are frankly insults to the intelligence of the average adult human.

It seems obvious that there is no long term solution to the problem which will just get worse with time. We will have to design a welfare system to take care of the unemployed and at the same time give them the opportunity of free online education in a technological field for those willing to put in the time, effort, and achievement to learn useful mental skills for the job market.

The whole concept of a classless society will have to be reassessed and I feel that the future will basically have two classes of citizens. The employed and the unemployed on welfare will be the two distinct classes and discrimination or different political rights will depend on which class that you are in.

To keep the welfare class from enslaving the working class with luxurious demands their voting privileges may have to be reduced so that they have less political power than the working class. The incentive to work and train for work must not disappear and it makes sense that the unemployed class should have a lower standard of living than the working class.

How do you become a member of the working class? You study hard and learn useful mental skills and through personal effort eventually qualify for a useful job and then regain full voting rights in society.

My evergreen truth books EDUCATION REFORM and CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS detail the steps which will have to be taken to avoid the economic collapse of democratic societies in the near future if current problems are not successfully addressed in time.



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MYTH: We will always be able to remain fully employed as a nation and it is desirable to do so.

TRUTH: We need massive underemployment to get rid of trivial unnecessary jobs in the economy and make it more efficient in the future by offering free education in a technical field as a realistic hope of future employment to those unemployed and destitute who have a desire to put in the effort and who have the ability and who will try to achieve a greater level of quality education.

With a safety net for the unemployed and destitute there will be no need for a minimum wage because if it is too low then citizens will remain unemployed and destitute supported with basic needs delivered door to door but no vehicle transportation.

Instead without a minimum wage employers will be able to hire teenage offspring to do fast food, clerical help, custodial work, deli work, urban farming, safe factory jobs,  and other safe jobs at minimal hourly rates for about 4 hours a day so that they get training in the work ethic on the job with financial help from the family.  Children of the employed will have the opportunity to learn basic job and people skills which will be very useful in the employment world where it is frequently said that you can’t get a job without experience.

Transportation to an from work can be done by specialty van, bicycles, and scooters with parental permission.

Teenage offspring of the employed will get all the job experience which they need and then some! We will also be once again in a competitive position with developing countries like China and Russia.

There may be some that feel that there would be less time for school if they worked.  Shorten the school day by four hours a day because offspring aren’t learning useful job skills in school anyway and a liberal arts education is overrated and is largely an inefficient trivial pursuit expensive bureaucracy to boot.

Teenage offspring of the unemployed and destitute should not qualify for part time work because it would motivate the adults to have more offspring and send them out to earn spending money for the unemployed and destitute. Instead the teenage offspring of the unemployed and destitute should be spending more time on education which will benefit them later in life.

I don’t believe in using profane language but I use fuck here to get the message across to those working people that I love so much such as furniture movers.  Those people have bodily difficult jobs carrying heavy furniture every day and it is a hard boring job.  Many of them use fuck and motherfucker every forth word or so and I empathize with them.

I am a man for the working people because I have been there and seen it and experienced it with my own body sweat.  Yea, I can also move medium weight furniture. I am not afraid of dirty difficult jobs or any job because different jobs are necessary and to be admired. I worked my butt off doing a speedy job by moving speedily with about three to five boxes at a time strapped to my back.  Did I get rewarded for that extra work? No!  I was working for minimum wage and there was no incentive to work efficiently and make the customer happy with a speedy move.

The truth is that most of those minimum wage jobs are unjust and in about 10 to 20 years there should be very few minimum wage jobs that robots can’t do better. Most of those minimum wage workers should be educating themselves on the internet for better technologically based jobs.  Education retraining in science and technology over the internet at home or in school should be financed by the federal government and the instruction for the audio visual education should be provided by private firms also potentially funded by foundations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. All the recipients of this free internet education would be the unemployed and destitute and all students in public schools and community colleges and universities.

The truth is that most minimum wage jobs should be robotized and humans should not be trapped into working at minimum subsistence levels for long durations.  That kind of work is truly dehumanizing and an unjust exploitation and minimization of the full potential of the human body and mind!!!!!!



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Apprenticeship: n. on the job experience in any profession

Have you recently graduated with a college or university degree and can’t find a job because you don’t have on the job experience of 1 to 3 years?

The system is to blame because there should be business and professional apprenticeship programs which you pay for with your or your parents money or an apprenticeship loan.

If you fail during the apprenticeship period then you should start looking for a job elsewhere. You can also reeducate yourself in a field which doesn’t require job experience or a field in which you are really good at. You should try for a field where you can demonstrate actual ability in a profession which does not just mean the ability to get good grades. Social connections are the way that you can get employed without experience but unfortunately the rest of us wind up out of work and disillusioned.

If you are smart then you will not let your offspring pursue a liberal arts field where there will be very few jobs in the technological 21st century unless you are very talented.

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As offspring our wishes are rather simple and somewhat materialistic but we are always comparing ourselves to others and assessing our selfworth. We wish we could have more toys or the toys of other offspring, we wish we could have nice clothes, we wish we could be taller, stronger, or more attractive than other offspring.

We wish we could be all grown up and have some of the privileges of our parents such as driving a car or being able to leave the house on our own and travel around town.  Some have relatives and meet family friends and sometimes wish that we could be like them when we grow up.

As teenagers our wish for material things continues but we get very involved in following the latest music, the latest fashion, the new movie, video game, TV show, and sports celebrity and some of us start unrealistically wishing for celebrity fame as musicians, media stars, sports stars, and actors.

Very few of us develop a realistic view on life which is the world of good useful jobs, good friends, family responsibility, and financial responsibility. Many graduate with poor job skills and still don’t know what they want to do in life realistically and have no long duration plans for the future.

Many have become overly dependent on family life without responsibility and are shocked when they find out that they are expected to earn a living on their own and lead an independent financial life of their own. The only thing that most new adult aged humans know is that they usually don’t want to be like their parents or have their jobs and live like them.

When confronted with the reality of the job world some start wishing in retrospect that they had not wasted so much time on trivial pursuits, that they had learned more useful job skills, and wish that they had been more aware that so much of their freedom to live life the way that they want is restricted by the mighty dollar.

Very many young adults wish they had more money because they find that going on dates, going to restaurants, furthering their education, following their dreams, and living independently all takes much money which most do not have. The optimism of living successfully as independent self-supporting adults comes crashing down for many.

Some move back in with their parents, some share shelter with others, and many generally can’t survive on their own while earning minimum wage at a menial job. Many optimistic wishes are shattered and replaced with a daily struggle and grind to survive financially and pay for minimum life expenses. Some seek to escape harsh reality with drugs and alcohol and many are stuck with bad friend role models all with similar problems struggling to make it in this world as young adults.

What young adults are wishing for other than more money and successful relationships with the opposite sex is not my area of expertise because technology is so radically changing the job market that I have little advice to give the technologically illiterate vast majority of young adults who have so badly prepared themselves to live in this fast changing world.

I was raised in an era of job abundance and have had many of them but what do you tell the young generation when whatever job they land will probably be replaced with technology 10 or 20 years from now!

Become technologically literate after 22 years of liberal arts brainwashing? Impossible for most and nothing short of radical reeducation is the cure. The liberal arts handicap is what most graduates will have to live with for the rest of their lives and I see little optimism for most of them in the long duration. I wish the world was a kinder place for the liberal arts but it is not and getting unkinder with each passing year.

On the optimistic side almost 47% of the population in the United States is getting some form of welfare assistance. Most liberal arts majors can look forward to living a life on welfare with their basic needs being provided for with robots and computer software all smarter than them taking over the work world.

A life of carefree leisure is what I see in the works for most of the population in the not too distant future. Your life of financial dependence on your parents will be replaced with financial dependence on the welfare system so many of us will be freed of the need to work for a living. Eternal childhood for most is what I predict in the future for most. With an abundance of cheap alcohol and maybe even a drug or two to get high on and feel artificially good, many liberal arts majors will not miss the world of work that much!!!!!!

Wish: v. to desire a future goal(s) which frequently has (a relatively small and/or very uncertain) and/or an even zero probability of existence


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Simon Cowell

Follow your passion is frequently not the best advice for a fulfilling good job. Star celebrity musicians, singers, actors, sport athletes, news casters, radio talk show gurus, writers, and fashion designers get the most attention and get many passionate followers all hoping to be like them.

Sadly you need much inborn talent and an excellent memory which most humans don’t have and the result is frequently much failure and disappointment for all the passionate human followers. Those socially glorified great paying jobs are frequently held by one in a million humans and most humans don’t realize that the odds are stacked against you succeeding in any of the above fields.

To be truly happy and successful you need to find a useful and successful job which you can handle mentally and physically and make good money at it.

Here is an article in the Huffington Post which shows you that some of the happiest humans are not the ones who followed their passion but found a useful good paying job instead and are happy doing it.


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Robots and computer software is quickly replacing boring, simple, and meaningless make work jobs but it also soon threatens to automate or to replace the diagnosing and treatment of complex diseases and will radically change many professions or careers. All this won’t translate to a shorter workweek but it will translate into armies of humans on government welfare and an elite working class.

My evergreen book CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS outlines the necessary changes which will have to be made to avoid a revolution and massive social unrest. Already over 50% of graduates, especially in the liberal arts fields, can’t find a job upon graduation because they are not skilled enough in modern technology. We will have to radically reorganize education, politics, social structure, and the economy as outlined in my evergreen book COMMON SENSE.

Here is a link to a blog in the Economist which explains bullshit jobs in greater detail.


Here are some more shocking statistics about working in the USA and the bad state of jobs in general.


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Many and soon most students go or will go through 18 years of brainwashing mindless education and only qualify to work in the simplest of jobs such as a cashier or fast food worker which a robot or computer software can do better.

A liberal arts college education is no longer a guarantee of a good paying job which can support a family. We urgently need CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS to help the unemployed and destitute armies of humans which will be a fact of life in the 21st century technological era. EDUCATION REFORM which is another of my evergreen books is what we urgently need.



Young adults are motivated to go into debt with school loans and credit cards. With an encouraged social debt philosophy the result is that corporations, many businesses, nations and the entire world economy is on the brink of bankruptcy from too much debt. Capital reserves or a savings account, like a fat reserve in animals for emergency absence of food, which comes in handy for life’s emergencies in society is non existent for many. It is obvious that we have an impractical world financial system which needs radical change and counterfeiting money to pay off tremendous debt will just not work in the long duration.


Our court systems are overloaded with criminals and violators and court trials are frequently unjust because the plaintiffs can’t be trusted and the defendants can’t be trusted and the witnesses and “professional” testimony by experts can’t be trusted since so few of them have very good social reputations which is only possible by telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. There is no secular moral code being taught young impressionable minds in elementary school and the result is a relativistic situation ethics environment where lying is justified as long as you can get away with it and it benefits you personally. Our legal system is speedily becoming an untrustworthy sham which can only be cured by teaching the young a 6 point secular moral code in school. Read JUSTICE.


An unjust bias towards economic growth rather than efficiency, financial stability, and limitation in size for national economies is a cancerous growth, using up too much natural resources, polluting the environment too speedily, and destroying biodiversity. The cancerous economies are systematically intruding wilderness real estate and causing a suicidal destruction of a potential healthy gene pool which future civilization will need to correct the present unhealthy domesticated plants and animals which are being consumed for food. The faster the economies of the world grow the faster is biodiversity being destroyed and human civilization will perish sooner rather than later.


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A hundred years ago the one most important secret to a successful life was “learn a trade or a profession”.

Today the answer is the same but with a new twist.

“Learn a trade or profession which robots or computer software will not make obsolete in 10 to 20 years.”

It is no great secret by looking at the unemployment statistics for young adults, over 50% can’t find a job, that a liberal arts education is just not working any more towards a steady good paying job. The 21st century is the age of the internet and technology which is quickly destroying the old ways of doing things and replacing it with efficient job destroying robots and software.

Education will be revolutionized with interactive individualized online instruction which will make middle school and high school teachers almost extinct. Communication will be streamlined and almost no one will have the patience or desire to read verbose magazine articles, books of fiction, and literary textbooks. The writing profession will be replaced by efficient audio visual online instruction and entertainment. The verbose brainwashing print  and news media is on the road to extinction.

Almost no one will be reading just for the fun of it in the new future world.

Even traditional high paying professions like medicine will be largely replaced with diagnosing computer software which will take inputted symptoms, blood tests, and lab results and give a probable diagnosis and treatment regime.

Middle class jobs will largely be disappearing and there will be the technological, real estate, and government elite and the vast majority will be on government welfare surviving on limited resources. Already about 47% of the population receives some form of government welfare.

Thus the most important secret to a successful future life will be landing a good paying technologically saturated job. I wish the secret was not so devastating to the majority of future citizens living in the world today but that is going to be the new political and job reality so START PREPARING FOR IT BY BECOMING MORE TECHNOLOGICALLY LITERATE.

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