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John Stossel is one of the few rare public media celebrities who tries to combat government corruption with largely truthful broadcasts. I would highly recommend him to give you truthful facts which you really should know about. My only objection is to his sympathetic view on the legalization of marijuana which I disagree with.


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Interactive audio visual computer education in the home is the ideal solution to students who want to put in the time, energy, effort, and achievement and graduate much before the age of 18 in public schools.

Each student will proceed at their own pace and both the rich and poor will be in an equal opportunity educational system which will not be determined by an inefficient bureaucracy and mediocre teachers teaching mediocre liberal arts subjects which are inappropriate for the 21st technological century.

WHAT we teach is just as important as HOW we teach it. It is not enough to replace most current day teachers with computers but the subject matter taught must be job rich or the students are just wasting their time in a boring unmotivating historical classroom setting during their teenage years. Keeping students stupid and lazy for 18 years is no longer a workable situation in a future society which needs useful mental effort more than physical ability.

My evergreen truth book EDUCATION REFORM details the steps which should be taken to get us out of the job poor liberal arts public school educational system. My solution to excellent education for all those willing to put in the time, effort, and achievement no matter how rich or poor is more complete and relevant than the one outlined in the following link. 

Here is a link to a video by John Stossel who interviews an author who feels that computer assisted home education is the ultimate solution to educational mediocrity which is the sorry state of present education.


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