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Dominate: v. to control the most and/or to have the largest effect(s) on a subset(s)

Dominant pack leaders in the animal kingdom exercise much control over the pack. The urge to dominate in family life and business is great for humans in leadership positions.

There is usually a dominant leader of the family who has most influence in making important decisions although cooperation and compromise should play a major role in other decisions made in the family.

Business leaders also have dominant relationships where the dominant leader makes many of the important decisions and delegates much responsibility to others in the business but closely monitors their behavior too if necessary.

In school there are dominant or popular students who play a major role in leading school clubs, sports, and social activities.

The urge to dominate whenever possible is inborn in young offspring and the urge to make most of the decisions during play interactions is great. Offspring soon learn what their status is in social interactions is and make appropriate adjustments realizing that they won’t be making most of the important decisions and submit willingly to dominant personalities.

Some personality types are just more dominant than others and usually more knowledgeable and skilled. There is a pecking order so to speak in many animal groups with two being the minimum for a pecking order.

Pecking order: n. the basic pattern of social organization within a flock of poultry in which each bird pecks another lower in the scale without fear of retaliation and submits to pecking by one of higher or dominant rank.

A more appropriate question to ask is what am I dominant in compared to another human? or What am I more knowledgeable and skilled at? If you have more expertise in an area which requires knowledge and skill then you should play a dominant role in making decisions about that area of expertise.

Two or more humans interacting can have many areas of dominance unique to each. The truly successful interaction is one where there is mutual dominance but not necessarily in the same areas of expertise so that the dominance is temporary and fluctuates from one human to the next depending on the area of importance which is being shared or participated in. I don’t like using analogies but it is like passing the ball of dominance back and forth between participants depending on who is best at doing and/or directing something.

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