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Legacy: n. an extensive subset(s) given to the next generation and/or new human(s)

Anything passed on to the next generation from the previous generation can be considered a legacy although most legacies are more numerous or impactful than simply a few inherited artifacts. Impactful legacies are the Roman Empire, historical philosophies and religions, and the achievements of famous scientists, and politicians or rulers.


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Most humans want to be good and believe that they are doing the best that they can with limited resources and should be respected for it.

Most humans want to feel important or needed. They frequently want to feel needed in a job, family, friendship, or relationship with a significant other.

Most humans prefer stories which organize seemingly random facts into tangible or understandable examples from which to learn about life or circumstances.

Most humans make impulsive decisions and then use facts to justify those decisions instead of letting the facts primarily determine their decision. Past experiences and impulses frequently override the need to include new facts and come up with new decisions to fit the new circumstances.

Most humans like to be listened to which makes them feel like contributing important members of society and will detest you if you try to censor or muzzle them.

Most humans desire good relationships with others and deep and lasting ones with a few humans. The exceptions are humans who have psychopathic personalities.

Most humans generally fear pain the most and try to avoid it before they venture off into uncharted territory in search of pleasure or happiness. Trying out a new food which humans frequently feel may taste bad prevents them from tasting many new good foods in the first place because of a fear of bad taste or being poisoned. A basic desire for painless security frequently overrides a desire to take on new risks with potentially good results and the consequence is inaction or doing nothing at all.

Most humans daydream about or dream of a goal(s) which they will probably never achieve.

Basic human nature doesn’t change much and enthusiastic liberal minded youth frequently become more cautious and conservative in their thinking and behavior with age.

Most human personalities don’t change much in adulthood and you are probably destined to live with most of the good and bad habits which you have acquired as offspring.

Most humans want a second chance. Humans are not perfect, make mistakes, and act immorally and most want to be forgiven and given a second and even a third chance at making up for their transgressions or errors.

Most humans want to be remembered after death for something which they have created or maybe just for their offspring. One of the great regrets which many old humans have is not having done or left behind anything noteworthy on the planet after their death.


If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.