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There are two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live.

The sad fact is that public schools are neither teaching us how to make a good living nor are they teaching us how to live a morally successful life in the 21st technological century. Most relatively trivial liberal arts pursuits are just mostly an inefficient waste of human time, effort, and money and leave many unprepared for the new real world.


There are six honest serving men and women. They can teach you all you need to know. Their names are-Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.

If you want to educate yourself on any subject imaginable, find answers to these questions and you will be able to discover and learn the useful knowledge yourself.


A man or woman can learn only two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.

Of course you can also learn by trial and error but this is a very stupid and inefficient way to learn.


Practice frequently makes perfect.

Practice frequently makes an acceptable performance which is not necessarily perfect. It is frequently a fact that much practicing of a skill must occur before mastery is achieved. This applies to game skills, job skills, and knowledge skills.

Playing a musical instrument is an example where you get better and better at playing with more and more practice but you seldom get perfect results.

Perfection is the domain of robots who can repeat something perfectly every time.  People may try to be perfectionists but very many are not perfect and make many mistakes along the way.

Practice does not always make perfect.


Repetition is the best way to learn

This of course is not true if you almost have a photographic memory.


Everyone makes mistakes.

This is true all the time since humans are imperfect creatures and not robots.  What makes for a difference between something good and bad is how many mistakes are made in doing something.  The more mistakes that you make, the worse is your performance at some task.


If you don’t control your mind, someone else will.

This is true in most cases. If you don’t have strong personal beliefs or personal ways of looking at and thinking about events, opinions, facts, and people then you will meet plenty of people who are trying to impose their beliefs and propaganda on you.

Businesses through advertising are always thinking up ways of getting you to buy their product or service. Media commentators and writers would like nothing better than to convince you that their viewpoints are the correct ones to have.

Almost everyone would like you to believe what they believe in.


A little knowledge can go a long way

A little knowledge, especially if it is a true general principle, can be applied over and over again in many areas of life.

Be friendly towards people and it will increase the likelihood that they will be friendly towards you.  This is a little knowledge that can go a long way towards improving your relationships with other people throughout a lifetime.

Treat others the way that you would wish to be treated is also a little knowledge that is useful throughout a lifetime.

Abstraction is a type of decadence

To the extent that abstraction departs from reality and nature, that is the extent to which it can be considered to be decadent. Nowhere is this more evident than in abstract painting where all natural beauty and reason is absent and all that is left is a gross mutant product or creativity running into a dead end.

Even the best writer has to erase

This just means that even perfectionists make some mistakes.

Experience is the best teacher.

Doing something physically is frequently a better teacher than learning how to do it in your head. The truth is that the mind and body have to be coordinated to get the best learning results. Learning only through experience can sometimes be a long and arduous process since there might be too much trial and error learning going on. Experience learning can frequently be speeded up and improved with some book or internet learning too.

A little learning is a dangerous thing.

It is dangerous only if you assume that by acquiring a little knowledge about something you automatically assume that you know all that there is about that something. Knowing how to use the accelerator and brakes does not automatically mean that you are a good driver and if you assume that you are, it can be very dangerous.

Elaboration is a form of pollution

Elaboration is an embellishment of the facts which frequently results in rather boring and time consuming rhetoric which can indeed be considered a form of pollution which wastes time, energy, and sometimes money.

Knowledge is power.

Knowledge in the right fields can be powerful and land you a good job. Knowledge in fields such as the arts, philosophy, history and the humanities may leave you with bad job skills that are useful almost nowhere and this can not be considered to be powerful knowledge.

Knowing yourself lets you understand others

This is true to some extent because knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you to identify those same strengths and weaknesses in others. It will not be a complete understanding of others but at least it is a start.


Knowledge should be advanced at all costs

Scientific knowledge should be advanced at all costs but liberal arts education is so subjective and peppered with so much false and very subjective opinions that most of it is not worth advancing.

Liberal arts education should be promoted by private institutions of learning and not the government.

Secular morality should be advanced at all costs and in a nutshell that means in non-emergency situations don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

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A hundred years ago the one most important secret to a successful life was “learn a trade or a profession”.

Today the answer is the same but with a new twist.

“Learn a trade or profession which robots or computer software will not make obsolete in 10 to 20 years.”

It is no great secret by looking at the unemployment statistics for young adults, over 50% can’t find a job, that a liberal arts education is just not working any more towards a steady good paying job. The 21st century is the age of the internet and technology which is quickly destroying the old ways of doing things and replacing it with efficient job destroying robots and software.

Education will be revolutionized with interactive individualized online instruction which will make middle school and high school teachers almost extinct. Communication will be streamlined and almost no one will have the patience or desire to read verbose magazine articles, books of fiction, and literary textbooks. The writing profession will be replaced by efficient audio visual online instruction and entertainment. The verbose brainwashing print  and news media is on the road to extinction.

Almost no one will be reading just for the fun of it in the new future world.

Even traditional high paying professions like medicine will be largely replaced with diagnosing computer software which will take inputted symptoms, blood tests, and lab results and give a probable diagnosis and treatment regime.

Middle class jobs will largely be disappearing and there will be the technological, real estate, and government elite and the vast majority will be on government welfare surviving on limited resources. Already about 47% of the population receives some form of government welfare.

Thus the most important secret to a successful future life will be landing a good paying technologically saturated job. I wish the secret was not so devastating to the majority of future citizens living in the world today but that is going to be the new political and job reality so START PREPARING FOR IT BY BECOMING MORE TECHNOLOGICALLY LITERATE.

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Christine Gross-Loh has traveled the world and come to the conclusion that very many Americans are overprotected, are irresponsible teenagers, are poorly educated, and I will add that they become adults who can’t survive in the real world of work, achievement, and family life.

She reinforces what I have been writing about in my blogs. Offspring should have an indoctrinated moral code by the age of 13 and should be participating in real world responsibilities in their teenage years working about 4 hours a day at less than minimum wage doing urban farming, safe factory assembly line work, being cashiers, and working in fast food establishments. Parents can either shuttle teenagers to and from work or they can ride scooters or motorcycles to work on their own.

There is proof in the world from different countries that students need much less hours spent in school but need to focus more intensely on technological skills needed in the 21st century with much less purposeless, useless liberal arts education which has bad job prospects.

Here is the complete blog by Christine-


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MYTH: We will always be able to remain fully employed as a nation and it is desirable to do so.

TRUTH: We need massive underemployment to get rid of trivial unnecessary jobs in the economy and make it more efficient in the future by offering free education in a technical field as a realistic hope of future employment to those unemployed and destitute who have a desire to put in the effort and who have the ability and who will try to achieve a greater level of quality education.

With a safety net for the unemployed and destitute there will be no need for a minimum wage because if it is too low then citizens will remain unemployed and destitute supported with basic needs delivered door to door but no vehicle transportation.

Instead without a minimum wage employers will be able to hire teenage offspring to do fast food and clerical help and urban farming and safe factory jobs  and other safe jobs at minimal hourly rates for about 4 hours a day so that they get training in the work ethic on the job with financial help from the family.  Children of the employed will have the opportunity to learn basic job and people skills which will be very useful in the employment world where it is frequently said that you can’t get a job without experience.

Teenage offspring of the employed will get all the job experience which they need and then some! We will also be once again in a competitive position with developing countries like China and Russia.

There may be some that feel that there would be less time for school if they worked.  Shorten the school day by four hours a day because offspring aren’t learning useful job skills in school anyway and a liberal arts education is overrated and is largely an inefficient trivial pursuit expensive bureaucracy to boot.

Teenage offspring of the unemployed and destitute should not qualify for part time work because it would motivate the adults to have more offspring and send them out to earn spending money for the unemployed and destitute. Instead the teenage offspring of the unemployed and destitute should be spending more time on education which will benefit them later in life.

I don’t believe in using profane language but I use fuck here to get the message across to those working people that I love so much such as furniture movers.  Those people have bodily difficult jobs carrying heavy furniture every day and it is a hard boring job.  Many of them use fuck and motherfucker every forth word or so and I empathize with them.

I am a man for the working people because I have been there and seen it and experienced it with my own body sweat.  Yea I can also move medium weight furniture. I am not afraid of dirty difficult jobs or any job because different jobs are necessary and to be admired. I worked my but off doing a speedy job by moving speedily with about three to five boxes at a time strapped to my back.  Did I get rewarded for that extra work? No!  I was working for minimum wage and there was no incentive to work efficiently and make the customer happy with a speedy move.

The truth is that most of those minimum wage jobs are unjust and in about 10 to 20 years there should be very few minimum wage jobs that robots can’t do better. Most of those minimum wage workers should be educating themselves on the internet for better technologically based jobs.  Education retraining in science and technology over the internet at home or in school should be financed by the federal government and the instruction for the audio visual education should be provided by private firms also potentially funded by foundations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. All the recipients of this free internet education would be the unemployed and destitute and all students in public schools and community colleges and universities.

The truth is that most minimum wage jobs should be robotized and humans should not be trapped into working at minimum subsistence levels for long durations.  That kind of work is truly dehumanizing and an unjust exploitation and minimization of the full potential of the human body and mind!!!!!!