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Surprise! There are actually three definitions for truth to understand what truth really means and they are not simple definitions. There is general truth which includes judicial truth and scientific truth. The definitions are very complex and need a lot of logical reasoning ability but I will try to explain each truth in layman terms which hopefully you can understand better.

Subset: n. a thing

Truth (General): a subset(s) which existed with a large number of logical and accurate correspondences and/or which has a relatively large probability of existing in the future and will have a large number of logical accurate correspondences

The key words here are a large number of logical and accurate correspondences.

Let’s take three ways of defining or explaining what love is.

Love is like music in your ears        

Love is a glorious feeling

Love: v. to sense a very intense pleasure from a subset(s) one cares about and the behavior(s) which exist with it

In the first phrase someone is trying to make a correspondence between love and music and ears. In the second phrase there is a correspondence of love to glorious and feeling. In the third definition love is connected or corresponded to sense, intensity, pleasure, subset(s), cares, behavior(s) and existence. The number of correspondences is 7 compared to only 2 for each of the two first phrases. Based on number of correspondences the definition of love has much more truth in it about love.

Now let’s evaluate the accuracy of the three communications. Love is like music in your ears. This implies that love is loud or soft and the different sound intensities cause different emotional reactions in your brain. A logical conclusion is that love is loud and soft and varies in intensity but to most who don’t make logical connections it is music in the ears and the accuracy level of such a communication is zero.

Love is a glorious feeling just communicates that love is a very pleasant feeling which is another way of saying that love is an emotion with intense feelings. The accuracy of this communication is very minimal and it just says that love feels very good.

Similes are very inaccurate ways of comparing or corresponding two or more words. Saying that love is like music is probably more accurate than communicating that love is like the shinning sun but both are very inaccurate ways of expressing reality.

Poets and many writers claim to be showing how beautiful language can be when in fact they are demonstrating how stupidly the language can be used. The more verbosity and the more the the number of inaccurate correspondences there are the stupider the communication is. Reading for pleasure or entertainment is an excursion into stupidity most of the time.

“There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.” This verbose communication with inaccurate correspondences is William Shakespeare and he is basically saying “take advantage of opportunity when it is offered to you or you will remain miserable.” Even a summary is not an accurate truth because not everyone without opportunity is miserable. Shakespeare is mostly a great BS artist and totally inappropriate for the 21st century technological age.

I read about 300 pages of 881 pages by Ludwig Von Mises called Human Action: A Treatise on Economics. 99% of the book was boring repetitive BS propaganda about how great pure capitalism was for the economy. This man was one of the kings of verbosity with inaccurate word usage added on to obscure meaning. I didn’t read the whole book so I won’t summarize it in one paragraph but that is the total amount of factual information which he presented in the approximately 300 pages that I read.

Love is like music in your ears and is a glorious feeling should evoke a truthful response. What in the world are you talking about? I don’t understand what you are trying to communicate!!!!!! I like some music and glorious feelings too but what does it have to do with love beyond an emotional agreement with nice words???

In the definition of love as a verb it says that love exists when you sense very intense pleasure and it is something you care about personally and it also includes the behaviors which exist with the emotion. The accuracy of the definition is definitely greater than the first two phrases put together and tells you much more about the truth of love.

You may disagree that love is always very intense and pleasant but the truth is that if love is not as intense then it is a feeling called affection and not love.

Affection: n. sensing medium intensity pleasure for a subset(s) one cares about and the behavior(s) which exists with it

Many relationships between men and women start off with an infatuation period where there is much loving emotion but as time passes by there are many more times when affection is experienced and in fact for a long duration relationship or marriage the amount and frequency of affectionate behaviors is much greater than the amount and frequency of loving behaviors. Most realistic workable relationships start off with much and frequent love and end up with much and frequent affection if they last for a long duration.

Yes, poets and writers don’t have a clue what love really is because they can’t define it and most of what they write about with verbosity is just pure BS or a lie or personal biased emotional opinion and not the truth. When they write about love there are a minimal number of correspondences with reality and they are greatly inaccurate. Writing about love needs a logical approach and not an emotional one if love is ever to have real meaning and not just be an exciting emotional word experience.

I will anger some religious believers who believe that God is love or that Love is God. Logically this leads to a dead end in reasoning and the only conclusion that you can reach is that God is everything and love is also everything. This is a very inaccurate definition and is telling us that either God or Love must be eliminated from language because they both mean the same thing and only one word should survive.

The fault in most human misunderstandings is that the language itself is very inaccurate and too emotional in the way it is structured and leads to billions of emotional arguments among humans because the language communications are not based on logical facts but are merely frequently untrue, biased, personal, emotionally charged opinions which are highly inaccurate with minimal numerical correspondence to reality.

Language as it is currently structured is the reason humans argue emotionally and not logically with a necessary controlled discussion. SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS is my evergreen book which will cure this illogical overly emotional communications problem in world society.

Since we are on the topic of love you can be further enlightened with the truth about love by reading my evergreen book LOVEALL. The number of logical correspondences is large and the accuracy I leave to your personal judgment. It is 73 questions and answers about love and you will become a love expert if you read it to the end and apply all the knowledge to your life. Become a love expert!

Truth (Judicial) (Jtruth): n. a relevant fact(s) and/or concept(s) which may be used to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the (nondeceptive and/or nonfraudulent) and/or honest nature of something through evidence and/or testimony by hopefully (nondeceptive and/or nonfraudulent) and/or honest people and it may include scientific truth or testimony by hopefully (nondeceptive and/or nonfraudulent) and/or honest specialists in their field.  Scientific truth may therefore be a subset of judicial truth during a trial.

Judicial truth is directly proportional to the honesty and true facts presented by the humans in a court proceeding. The more honesty there is the greater is the judicial truth. This is why “do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” is so important in court. If the humans are lying and being deceptive and present untrue facts in the case then there will be a miscarriage of justice and no just conviction will result.

The modern court system is increasingly unreliable in the forensic evidence which is presented in court and the sworn testimony of the defendants and plaintiffs because we no longer have a very moral society since the average American lies about something almost on a daily basis and many don’t believe that lying is immoral if you somehow benefit from the lie.

There will come a day when only audio visual evidence will be sufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that someone is guilty of a crime because so many of the citizens will no longer be humans with an impeccable honest reputation on which they can rely in court.

If you don’t have humans with impeccable honest reputations in court then the most talented lawyer earning the most money to manipulate the emotions of the court wins and true facts and evidence is secondary in importance and the court system becomes a dysfunctional unjust sham.


Truth (Scientific) (Struth): n. a scientifically proven truth proven by using the scientific method


Scientific truth is the most reliable truth because it is truth proven by measurements in the laboratory and the number of correspondences of the definitions and principles used is very large and the accuracy of the proof is very great because mathematics is used as the accurate tool to make measurements on real mater and/or energy which exist in the world.

There are many statisticians in politics, sociology, and psychology who try to establish correspondences between words or variables and most of them are very suspect because the number of variables which affect statistical conclusions is almost infinite and makes logical correspondences between word variables which are inaccurately defined a tragic joke.

No cause and effect relationship or correspondence can be made between statistical norms and individual human behavior. It is all a big lie and untruth and politics, sociology, and psychology are not a science by any stretch of the imagination. Political science and social science is not a science at all but very biased personal and group opinions and not scientific facts.

Poverty is the reason why humans don’t succeed in life is an untrue statistical conclusion. The real reasons that poor humans don’t succeed is that they have immoral parents who can’t discipline, properly care for, and motivate their offspring to do well in school and life. The other important reason is that the education in ghetto schools is very bad because of discipline problems and peer pressure from offspring who come from dysfunctional families.

Those who rise out of poor neighborhoods to become successful in life are frequently those who have been inspired by moral parents and role models who have motivated them to excel in their lives and have realistic ambitions and are drug free.

Poverty does not cause failure in life but bad parenting and a bad educational system and a bad neighborhood are to blame!!!!!! Let’s see if statistics can prove that this is the truth. These facts put the blame on parents, role models, and the educational system and all are politically powerful and don’t want the statusquo to change because reeducating parents, role models, and teachers is considered mission impossible or taboo.


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Happy people

Happiness is sensing pleasure. If you sense pleasure you are happy though the intensity of the pleasure of course varies depending on what you are doing.

It may seem that happiness and money are joined and the more money you have the happier you are.

It has been shown that above the poverty line humans with more money have about the same amount of happiness.

What is certain is that not having money decreases our happiness and decreases our ability to function independently in society and this causes an increase in unpleasant stress.

It is true that there is a large difference in what we think will give us happiness and actually feeling happy when we get it.

Whatever you think will make you happy gives temporary short duration pleasure which usually remains not more than a few seconds a few days or a time between the two.

Then we get back to our average daily habits of being happy.

The reason that it is difficult to judge how happy humans are in life is because thinking about whether one is happy or not and communicating it is frequently much different than the factual real amount of happiness in a human’s life.

Extreme or very intense happiness or ecstasy is usually transient in average humans and is frequently present with orgasm and drug highs.

No one should plan to live their lives in ecstasy 100% of the time because it is very unhealthy and can frequently lead to terrible health and even death.

There is also the happiness of creative work which is experienced by skilled creative professionals who are in a circumstance of mostly impulsive creativity that is almost like an outer body experience.

Skilled composers of music and artists and impromptu speakers and inventors are examples of humans who find largely impulsive happiness in their creative effort.

It also seems to be a fact that the more choices which you have in life the more stressful it becomes and your happiness in choosing some action decreases.

It also seems that people purchasing or getting an object produces more happiness than being in a position of being able to exchange that object for a different one if not satisfied with the original choice.

It is also a fact that remembering an intense moment of happiness will remain with you longer in memory than a series of low intensity happy moments.

Based on all this objective knowledge about happiness it is wrong to think that humans should have an absolute right to the pursuit of happiness and that this wrong concept should be codified in a written constitution.

Pursuing the greatest pleasure or happiness would be the hedonistic pursuit of sexual orgasm and an unrestricted use of legal and illegal mind changing drugs.

The unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness should be changed to more realistic goals as those outlined in my book NEW CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.

Over 50 percent of those leading happy lives are genetically born to be happier than others.

You inherited the happy genes from your parents and you also learned many happy tricks from their happy lifestyles and the happy lifestyles of role models.

You can help to exclude sources of unhappiness but you can’t easily create happiness in humans by only communicating with them and making suggestions.

If you are born unhealthy and with a poor memory and unhappy parents and an unattractive body such as being overly fat then your battle to be happy and maintain happiness will be more difficult.

It is much easier to create happiness in humans by asking them to imitate happy role models and it must be highly volitional.

It should be obvious that teaching young offspring to be happier is much easier than teaching grown adults living in their difficult to change bad unhappy habits which don’t cause much happiness.

Matt Killingsworth has done a study on happiness and has found that if you want to be happy you should function in the present activity.

This basically means that if you are pursuing a purposeful activity you are happier than if you are doing nothing or nothing of importance.

He has uncovered that no matter what you are doing your mind wanders and that it wanders about 30% of the time no matter what you are doing.

Mind wandering is a cause of unhappiness but unhappiness is not the cause of mind wandering. When you are unhappy your mind may be wondering but wondering does not cause unhappiness.

There is no paradox in thinking about happiness if you are not brainwashed by the mythological concepts of happiness in literature.

The old concepts about happiness are illogical constructs which should die a fast death.

Biological reality has no paradoxes!

Dreaming or thinking about making much money or having a great job or being very successful is not a source of happiness.

It is working purposefully at your job that causes moments of happiness and correspondingly moments of unhappiness.

The truth shall set you free of all historical paradoxes!!!

Throw that literary historical crap into the garbage and recycle it into truly useful logical knowledge about the world on the internet.

Throw out  that crappy emotional mythological literature in the book stores and that literary crap coming out in future publications!!!

It is all making almost everyone terribly unhappy.

Start trashing that emotional irrational literary crap in our public schools too.

The new generation does not want to be made very unhappy by reading it!!!

The verbosity with which it is done and the few useful facts which are presented should be called criminal behavior and many should be thrown in jail so they no longer have the right to brainwash the gullible public.

Dreaming or thinking about how great your future will be if only you get lucky and worshiping celebrities and their products which are consumed by the gullible star struck public will not make you happier or more successful in life!!!!!!

What should you start to read if anything?

Try reading some of my evergreen blogs and any of my evergreen books on my website and especially the book COMMON SENSE.






  1. Exercise your body with a slow walk during which you can further relax by trying to meditate about something pleasant which you will do in the future and listen to nature sounds. If you are exercising on a treadmill listen to nature sounds or view some wildlife predator prey or wild animal families in action on a high definition screen on the wall.
  1. Eat one of your favorite meals which are not just energy boosting snacks and fill up your stomach with milk and meat which will leave you with a full satiated feeling and you will begin to feel relaxed and if you are really stressed eat a blood sausage because lions eat meat and blood before they relax and fall asleep.
  1. Follow this up by drinking a favorite wine or beer which will have a further sedative effect on your body.
  1. Women may prefer to follow this up with a warm bath and some favorite  nature sounds in the background during which you can meditate on some favorite theme of a past or future event. You can also view wildlife scenes on a high definition screen on the wall.
  1. Go to bed and start meditating  with nature sounds in the background about past or future pleasant events or hopes or just try purging your mind of racing thoughts by counting from one to a thousand starting with a thousand.
  1. Finally with a good exercise and meal and drink and some favorite nature sounds in the background try getting some good sleep to end the day.



MYTH: Food should be processed.

TRUTH: Eating food as close to its natural state as possible is the healthiest way to eat.

These are the foods that have the most nutrients in them and you get more bang per buck in a healthy meal if you consume five or more of them at a time. Not only will you get the most nutrition out of the foods but you will need to consume rather small quantities of them to feel satiated and not hungry.  Don’t be afraid of the high fat content because fat is good for your system if consumed in moderation. Babies are sedentary creatures and the high fat content of milk doesn’t hurt them and they won’t hurt you either!!!

It is the biggest myth and biggest food lie that eating unprocessed fatty foods will make you fat.  If you are genetically predisposed to be fat you will be fat no matter what you eat unless you starve your metabolic system.  Fats are harder to digest and are less a cause of obesity than processed foods containing carbohydrates which are notorious for adding weight to your body because their calories are so easily absorbed by the intestines and readily converted to fat cells in the body.

Organic food is the best food because it should be grown with no pesticides and with only the use of natural fertilizers. Organic meat should be grown without growth hormones, antibiotics, and GMO feed. Patronize certified organic food if you can afford it and if you can’t at least buy organic food once in a while or once a month. Organic meat is an extreme luxury but don’t stress yourself out if you are not eating any at all since eating non organic meat two times a week will not kill you or damage your health in any significant way.  Examples of nutrient rich foods follow:

RAW ORGANIC MILK OR PLAIN ORGANIC YOGURT (of course you may have to compromise with pasturized organic whole milk in the short run because raw organic milk is a luxury).  Organic cheese is also a nutrient rich food but it is processed milk food so consume it in moderation and avoid the cheeses that are heavily salted.









A little known fact is that eating fruits and vegetables is not the best way to get the most nutritious foods. The vegan diet is over hyped food with relatively little nutrient rich value except that the food is not so fatty.  The best way to stay fit and trim is to eat fatty meat foods also but less of them or not so frequently because they fill you up faster so you have to eat less food volume. Most vegans are paranoid about the growth hormones and antibiotics used in growing meat and from a natural purists point of view it is a valid concern. However, they can substitute fish for meat and still get an organic nutrient rich protein source.

A wholesome meal at any time of day is slightly boiled farina and oatmeal and buckwheat mixed with eggs, nuts and seeds, beans, diced meat and fish, and berries such as blueberries or grapes.  Note, the more ingredients that the mix has the better it is for you nutritiously. A lot of variety is the key to a good meal and the more unprocessed foods that you add the better it is for you.  Don’t worry about the ingredients not tasting good because if you mix a good tasting food with a good tasting food you will get a good tasting meal and any food goes well with another. Of course adding lemon juice to milk is not a good idea because it will curdle the milk but it will not harm you in any way either even if you do.

Note that water presoaking the buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, quinoa, and beans means that the grains do not have to be boiled very long but in fact can be brought to a boil for about a few minutes, the heat can be then turned off and the other varied ingredients added, especially raw milk (of course pasturized milk will have to do for the short run), without having to boil the added raw ingredients at all.  The food can then be eaten at body temperature which is the ideal temperature for a full flavor experience.

Any diced raw vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, and seaweed (roasted seaweed is a little pricey but the flavor is outstanding) can be added to the meal for interesting texture variations and taste sensations during the meal.  Diced meat, especially medium rare or rare steak (even fish), can also be successfully added to the almost everything meal. Mix everything together for an outrageously nutritious and good tasting well balanced meal. The only thing you will have to overcome is the natural fear of being poisoned by the new food preparation which is just an emotional hang-up. Believe it or not!!!



The truth is that gynecologists should no longer be needed in such great numbers because they should not be performing so many unnecessary cesarians.  If a child birth is natural and the child suffers brain damage due to a lack of oxygen, the child dies if the parents do not want to support a brain dead or mentally impaired child.  Of course, if the parent requests a cesarian voluntarily then the procedure may still be performed.  No gynecologist should be sued because the parent wanted natural childbirth which resulted in an oxygen deprived grossly mentally defective child.  Natural childbirth should be promoted as much as possible unless the life of the mother is threatened.

Natural childbirth at home should be greatly encouraged, especially if the mother has already conceived a first child naturally and successfully without the aid of pain killing drugs or epidurals which is medical malpractice!!!

Abortions should be permitted up until about the trimester of pregnancy.  An unwanted child, a child with a debilitating disease, or one due to a rape is far greater a crime than the homicide of a relatively young fetus.

If the population of the world drops to less than a million people, which is highly improbable, abortion may once again be considered to be a crime not to be committed under any circumstances.

Adoptions should be encouraged for women who do not want a pregnancy but the ultimate choice to abort a pregnancy should still be the responsibility of the pregnant woman.

Premature births that can’t survive on their own should be discouraged but it is ultimately the responsibility of the parents to decide if they want to put the premature births on life support technology or let the child have a natural death.

MYTH: All life is precious and should be saved.

TRUTH: Unborn child fetuses which are suffering from debilitating illness are not precious and should not be saved because they are an unacceptable burden on the financial lives of parents and ultimately society which should not be asked to assume financial responsibility for a debilitating child which should have been aborted by the woman upon realizing that the child was so greatly handicapped. Raising the child of a criminal man after being a rape victim is an immoral burden to be assuming.

Being the victim of a crime should not force you to raise a child not conceived from your husband.  It would also cause him great financial harm and emotional misery for the rest of his life. A husband should not be punished financially or emotionally for the crime of a stranger. It is immoral to do so. You are stealing his money and his emotional wellbeing!!! The same applies to the raped wife or single woman who also is forced to live a life of financial ruin and emotional guilt for the rest of her life.

Aborting the life of a healthy child, hopefully when menstruation stops and the wife realizes she is pregnant is just behavior. Not doing so could cause tremendous financial and emotional burdens on the couple at the wrong time. The unwanted child would be unintentionally fraudulently stealing the finances and emotional wellbeing of the couple upon birth and this is an immoral act on the part of the child.

Of course a healthy child could be put up for adoption after birth but considering the overpopulation of the world, it is not a just thing to be doing. However, religious organizations should have a right to adopt these children into a member religious couple, even from another religion if they chose to do so. However, the financial burden or support of the child would become the responsibility of the religious organization if the couple became divorced or impoverished and there would not be enough money to support the child.

Religious organizations should have the right to support debilitated children financially according to their outdated immoral religious code. If they chose to do so their organization will sooner or later go bankrupt supporting debilitated children and it will be a just death of the organization. The surviving debilitated children will not be supported by the government but will be put to death and murdered if that is the word you would like to use. I would prefer to say that you justly put the child out of its misery. Even absolute morals have exceptions to the rule in society.

You can murder under very special rare circumstances and I have shown you one exception which I would highly recommend even though you may disagree and want to voluntarily take on the financial burden of the debilitated child yourself. Good luck with that illogical behavior!!!

Future adoptions should only be permitted by religious organizations amongst their members who will then bear the financial burden if the couple self-destructs financially during the course of their lives. If religious organizations are forced financially to support their immoral flock and immoral behaviors they will quickly become bankrupt because the bottom money line will destroy them. They will not be operating at a profit and will die a financial death. Nature will thank you if that happens and the sooner the better!!!



iguazu-falls1-600x417 [www.imagesplitter.net]

MYTH: Money can get or buy you anything.

TRUTH: Money can’t buy a good and/or moral personality. Money usually can’t buy you good health if you have irreparably lost it and there is no cure. Buying quality certified organic food for your good health however does require money and should be the most important priority in your life if you can afford it.

If you have a bad personality or if you have immoral behavior money will not buy you a good personality or a good moral reputation.  No matter how much money you may acquire or have people will only respect and trust you if you have a good personality and moral behavior.  Close happy and respectful relationships with people will escape you and cause much unhappiness in your life if you don’t take time out to cultivate a good personality and moral behavior which basically means that you don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

Some social or personality manipulators may try to convince you that deception and lying will bring you greater economic and social success but the truth is that deception and lying to get short term financial or personal success will not result in long term financial or social gain, especially if you hope to be respected and in positions of leadership in any organization other than a criminal enterprise. Once deceptive and lying practices are uncovered and advertised or spread, your short term financial and personal success, if any, will hit the toilet from which it will be almost impossible to recover from in most instances.

Money will most importantly not buy you back good health once you have irreversibly ruined it due to irresponsible behavior or once you start suffering from geriatric illnesses which are irreversible due to old age.

Money will not buy back a good reputation once you have lost it and people you used to know no longer trust you.

Money will not buy back wilderness plants and animals once they become extinct and civilization will die without them in their natural environment. A vital healthy gene pool is necessary for healthy humans and domestication is developing too many unhealthy plants and animals from which the only salvation will be a healthy animal and plant wilderness gene pool!!!



MYTH: Just civilization can exist without wise laws on reproduction and without a moral code.

TRUTH: Just civilization must have wise laws about reproduction and a strong basic moral code which it tries to follow or civilization is doomed

Sociobiology basically teaches that physical survival of an individual and/or group and successful reproduction are the primary motivating internal drives that cause animals to behave the way that they do.  Culturally, survival of an individual and/or group and successful reproduction are also the primary motivating internal drives which are altered by learned bad behaviors and mythical beliefs which sometimes override the physical survival of an individual and/or group and modify sexual reproductive behaviors.

In a nutshell sociobiology should motivate a culture to promote the survival and reproduction of those individuals and groups that achieve a social position based on merit or on the corresponding effort, ability, and achievement. Only the wealthiest of individuals or groups of individuals should be permitted to practice polygamy and the rest should be monogamous or without offspring.  Those who reproduce in greater numbers should be the most wealthy, smart, and healthy. While it is true that many intelligent people will not reproduce in greater numbers because wealth is not often a major priority in their lives, they could do so with the promotion of artificial insemination which could be propagandized in society.

When social propaganda will start to glorify technological achievement and encourage the reproduction of people in important jobs, society will have evolved from its current unjust emphasis on equal reproductive success for everyone. Equality is an unjust dysfunctional philosophy in the long run and is not how it should be in nature which evolves in an upward direction and is not socialist or communist in nature. Just modern evolution is an evolution which rewards brain power and health and tries to optimize future generations with more of these two important primary characteristics. Encouraging the breeding of egalitarian mediocrity should hit the dustbin of modern reality.

Classical primary emphasis and reproductive selection based on highly subjective beauty produces many unhealthy and not so bright domestic animals and many people which nature would and wants to destroy. Future genetic research and evaluations will pinpoint the brightest and healthiest human specimens with greater accuracy no matter what their current economic state. Yes, there should be a genetic elite which should also be a social elite. The smartest and the healthiest should reproduce in greater numbers so that future generations may greatly benefit.

To ensure the survival of each individual the society should deliver basic necessities to the residences of all those unemployed and destitute. The unemployed and destitute should be offered free online home education and should have a realistic hope of rising to full employment based on their personal effort, ability, and achievement in the education process.

The just and meritorious distribution of information, goods, and services in society should be a secondary goal along with the primary goal or the survival of biodiversity upon which the survival of all societies ultimately depend.

My evergreen book JUSTICE introduces the fundamental beliefs and behaviors necessary for a just culture to exist. CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS and EDUCATION REFORM show how meritorious behavior can be justly rewarded.