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The cheetah lifespan is from 10 to 12 years and sometimes as long as 17 years in captivity. The predatory shark which mostly cruises and bursts into momentary action to catch prey has an average lifespan of 20 to 30 years. The migratory wildebeest lifespan is about 20 years. The lumbering or slow moving elephant lives to about 70 years. The slow Galapagos tortoise lifespan is over 100 years.  The average pope lives to be about 86 years old and many do not have an active exercise routine to keep them healthy.

We can infer from these lifespan facts that the fastest sprinters live the shortest lifespan, the marathon running wildebeest lives longer or about 20 years, and the slow elephant and slowest large tortoise lives the longest.

In effect, if you run or exercise very fast much or do much marathon running then your joints and body will wear out much faster. If you lead a relatively slow paced life with mostly walking and sitting still then your life will generally be longer unless you eat unhealthy food which will lead to metabolic deterioration sooner than with healthy organic food.

The primary wear and tear on your body comes from too much exercise, too stressful a job, and too much unhealthy food. What is too much? That sometimes is an individual question to be answered because you can abuse your body if you have good genes and get away with much more abuse than if you have bad genes and abuse your body the same way.

Running as a way of life is foolish and if you do it at all then it should be in moderation such as slowly running for 5 to 10 minutes once in a while, sprinting fast for about 2 minutes once in a while, and fast walking for about 20 minutes about three days a week.

If all you do is housework then that is usually enough exercise for the average human. The average human is not a body builder nor an extreme athlete so we should not base our exercise routines on what they do to stay in normal physical form all the time.

If you want a technological comparison then you must know that the heart of a racecar, its engine, does not last very long when driven at fast speeds. Usually the faster the speed the more quickly the engine will wear out due to high heat, friction, and very fast moving parts.

The lesson is to do something fast in moderation but don’t become a fanatic about it if you want to live a long life and healthy life with good genes and eating as much organic food as you can afford.

One example does not prove the rule but my dad was a cooperative manager, tailor, led an active life moving around, almost never ran, walked routinely in his retirement years for about 30 minutes each day, didn’t smoke, drank occasionally, and lived to a ripe old age of 99 before his bladder gave out from wear and tear.

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While accidents, disease, radiation, toxic chemicals, addictions to drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, and dangerous or very stressful jobs can make you die prematurely there is considerable disagreement as to what can potentially extend your lifespan. Reducing caloric intake or not eating as much has proven that in rats it can extend your lifespan minimally but all other techniques are not proven.

Your best bet at living a long life is eating healthy organic food, exercising moderately, and not getting involved in dangerous or very stressful occupations or activities. Heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimers are almost inevitable diseases for most humans and if you don’t get any of the big three then chances are great that you will die of old age or natural deterioration.

Sometimes organ replacement will add a few more years if your organ has been prematurely damaged and needs replacement but it will not make you live much past your genetic predetermined lifespan.

Lifespan is primarily genetically determined or you are born to potentially live to an approximate age provided that you don’t do any of the things which can make you die prematurely. Life extension is a billion dollar industry and there are many charlatans trying to convince you that they have the secret to longevity. The truth is that you have an inborn lifespan predetermined at birth and there is very little which you can do to change it.

Yes, there are rare individuals who eat crappy food, don’t move around much, smoke and drink much booze and live quite long but they are the exceptions to the rule and it is a lifestyle which I wouldn’t advocate for longevity for the average human.

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Your genetics, the kind of food and drink which you consume, the kind of job that you have, the drugs which you use habitually are all responsible for how healthy you are or will be in life.

Some humans are born unhealthy with allergies, inherited illnesses such as systic fibrosis and sclerosis, and bad immune systems. You can’t cure inherited illnesses but sometimes can mask some of the symptoms with drugs.

Longevity is also primarily genetically based because you can find few humans who smoke, drink alcohol, and abuse their health in other ways and still live to be 90. Others don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol, eat a normal diet and die at 40 from a heart attack or cancer and have family members who also die young.

The kind of food which you eat also determines to a large extent how long you will live. 100 years ago few humans died of heart attacks or cancer but succumbed to other illnesses. Today more die of heart attacks and cancer and different processed food, drink, and the additives and pollutants which come with it are the major causes of ill health.

The kind of job which you have also has a great impact on your health. Joint wear and tear, on the job pollution, job injuries, and a sedentary job can all have bad effects on your health and longevity.

Finally addictions to prescription synthetic drugs, smoking, drug and alcohol abuse can all ruin your health eventually and even cause sudden death with overdoses.


Your genes, what you eat, the drugs which you habitually take, the exercise that you get, and accidents all determine how healthy you will be and how long you live. If you feel helpless and don’t know what to do then eat as much certified organic food as possible, don’t use synthetic drugs for extended periods of time, and get some moderate exercise which may only be walking fast about 3 times a week for about 20 minutes. It won’t guarantee you perfect health but it will be better than if you didn’t do those things in your life.


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Society is infested with bogus or untrue health claims and some even claim to have doctor testimonials or “proven” scientific backing.

If you read about one diet, one food, a nutrition supplement, a pill, or a drug which will help you to lose weight permanently, improve your mind, make you live longer, make you more attractive or beautiful, make you ripped, make your skin healthier, cure geriatric illnesses, and protect you against heart disease or cancer then don’t believe a word of it. It is a bogus untrue claim even if a doctor or scientist claims it is true.

There is no one magic thing that will make you healthier. Only eating a large variety of certified organic food as much as possible in moderation and getting in a little moderate exercise about three times a week will optimize your health unless you have a genetic predisposition to illness. Depart too much from eating moderately and healthily without any exercise and your health will suffer sooner if not later in your life. Stay away from modern sugary overly processed foods as much as possible and try to eat food as close to its natural state as possible.

All doctors, scientists, and nutritionists know much less about food and health than mother nature!!!!!! The latest food fad or miracle cure for weight loss or guaranteed healthy living is a myth and nothing more designed to part you with your hard earned money and common sense which you should conscientiously guard.

This is not a complete list by any means but here are 7 reasons a scientific claim or any claim for that matter is probably bogus or untrue. The link to the article follows.


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In wild nature you are programmed to live only so long by your genes and the only major other influence is injuries and disease which result in starvation or death.  If wild animals are fed their natural diet and protected from lethal diseases they will live out their natural lifespan and die a natural death.

Humans are also programmed to live only so long by their genes and if they ate certified organic food all their lives and moderately moved around and were accident free they would live out their maximum lifespans.

Personality, culture, religion, education, employment, income, marriage, living single, weight, happiness, stress, and many more environmental factors have no one to one correspondence with longevity.

If you or other humans were fed properly throughout your life and had adequate shelter and basic protection from deadly infectious diseases it would not matter one bit whether you had a bad personality, lived in a lousy culture, had poor education, were not religious but had a moral code to guide you, were unemployed with no income, were not happy, and were not married. You would still live out your optimal lifespan.

There is no scientific proof and there never will be that factors such as personality, culture, etc. affect lifespan with a one to one correspondence.

Statistical analyses are just probabilities which don’t prove anything with certainty in human behavior. It just provides behavioral pseudo scientists in the behavioral field with a nice income for their families and nothing more. It is bullshit science!

Conclusion: Eat the best varied certified organic food which you can afford or get, move around moderately, and try to live accident free and you will live out your natural lifespan predetermined by nature.

Where humans eat more natural varied food that is where they live longer. France and England are genetically similar and France is about 5th in longevity compared to England which is about 14th and a more varied more natural diet is possibly the reason.

Yes, there will be manufactured live organs and replacement parts for your body in the not so distant future and this will increase your lifespan to some extent if you live long enough to be a recipient of these biological scientific miracles.

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MYTH: You can live longer with the right medication or diet.

TRUTH: Your lifespan is primarily genetically determined and artificial means of extending it may be successful but will only realistically add a few more years to the lifespan. Living healthily during that lifespan depends on much quality food and some agility exercise or just a fast walk about 3 times a week but you don’t have to do this habitually since you can skip an entire week or month and not exercise.

In old age when the joint muscles start to feel a little stiff then some exercise of the joints may be necessary such as deep knee bends using the full weight of the body and/or some upper body push ups from above the knees by squatting on knees while doing the upper body push ups.  This can be done for about 10 minutes a day one to three times a week. This should eliminate most joint muscle stiffness and if it doesn’t then increase the exercise time to 15 or more minutes a day.

            The truth is that technology can only help us to live longer and more qualitative lives if humans select genes which naturally give longevity and good health for future generations.  No magic pill or pills will make you live much longer or healthier than you were programmed to live genetically.  If your genes say that you will lead an unhealthy life and live a short one then changing your diet or popping “magic” pills is not a guarantee against these fundamental genetic flaws.

Regenerative medicine or growing a new heart and/or arteries and/or veins and/or liver and/or kidneys and/or etc. offers a realistic means to increase a productive lifespan and compensate somewhat for living an unhealthy lifestyle so there is some realistic hope in the near future for extending the quality of your lifespan even with bad genetic inheritance.

Don’t waste your time searching for the magic bullet which will give you longevity.  There is no magic bullet yet and there is a large probability that there won’t be one in the future.  With bad genes you can continue to struggle to live a longer life and most of us choose to do so but don’t expect the quality of those extended days of life to continue to be qualitative.  Eat healthy and exercise in moderation and you will live the longest life which you were programmed to live.

Contagious life threatening diseases and infectious diseases will always be a threat of premature death which can be successfully treated with medical technology improvements.  Antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria have to be treated with new technological discoveries. Antibiotics should only be used in immediate life threatening situations because they also kill good bacteria necessary for healthy living especially those found in the gut.  Killing good and bad gut bacteria will lead to a life with unhealthy side effects in the short and long duration and definitely don’t use antibiotics for viral caused common colds since you will speedily injure your health!!!

Finding a cure for cancer is another worthy area of research which should be funded primarily by private research money.  A hundred years ago the cancer rate was minimal and the only real change has been in our diet and in toxic chemicals and drugs in our systems. Starting to eat certified organic foods again and limiting your use of synthetic drugs to a minimum can decrease the risk from cancer and heart disease.

The truth is that lifespan is primarily determined by your genetics and secondarily by what you eat and it is highly improbable that you will easily change your DNA after birth into the predictive future.