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Interview Appearance for Banking 

Appearance: n. visually impacting from a subset(s) for duration

Nothing is more potent at increasing selfconfidence than a good physical appearance and nothing is more depressing than feeling that you don’t look good and there seems to be nothing which you can do about it.

Females especially are trapped in the pursuit of unrealistic physical beauty standards and frequently obsess about their weight, hair, facial blemishes, and clothes. Men can be just as vain and obsess about their weight, physical strength, hair, and clothes.

I personally had a protruding tooth which caused me to smile less in public as a teenager and an asymmetric nose tip which caused me to have rhinoplasty done as a young adult. I also had wishes to be a stronger body type than I had as a child but I could do nothing about it so I learned to live with my body type. I credit my attempts at looking better to have landed me better jobs and wife even though my personality and educational background also had something to do with it too.

I sympathize with women who are overweight but even here you can go on a balanced starvation diet and stay on it if you really want to be an average weight. You may land a husband but chances are great that you will gain all your weight back at some point in the future and maybe end up divorced if your husband cares about appearance more than personality.

In an era of plastic surgery almost anyone can look good but realize that looking good is not enough if you have a poor paying job, have a bad personality, bad education, can’t communicate well, and have addictions to shopping and drugs. Appearance is superficial and you have to have inner beauty as well to succeed socially.


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