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Set goals, write them down, and get feedback from potentially involved staff members if there are any objections to the goals or alternate goal suggestions.

Prioritize goals based on an estimate of their urgency, potential impact on profitability of the company, and cost of personnel and resources needed to achieve the desired goals.

Estimate the approximate time it will take to achieve the goals and when you and members of your staff will start on them.


Analyze a task by asking whether there would be any adverse results if the task were eliminated entirely since some are purely make work routine tasks which don’t have any noticeable benefits.

If a task is beneficial then ask whether its efficiency could be improved by replacing it with computer software or eliminating subtasks or spending less time on the tasks.

Sometimes tasks are redundant and two or more tasks can be merged into one new task which produces the same results.


The key to innovation is finding someone who is doing your job more efficiently and usually differently.

Relevant useful research of reputable authorities in your field is one way of getting innovative ideas and the other is to make connections with managers or leaders of other companies basically doing your job only perhaps a little more efficiently and better.

Sometimes your staff members may have some innovative ideas which can surface if you have the courage to ask them.

Innovative efficiency often means replacing routine functions and humans with computer software but you should be very cautious in using computer interfaces with company customers because most customers do not want to feel like they are communicating with an impersonal robot and the reputation of your company may greatly suffer as a result of too much of this impersonal treatment of them.


The strategic business plan should always be a satisfied repeat customer which is the only ultimate strategic consideration. The means to that end is making the company more competitive with more and better information, goods, or services and a more efficient organizational structure.


Disseminate a necessary agenda only to invited relevant workers prior to the meeting, start on time, and assign relevant tasks with a deadline during the meeting.


Have clear rules, expectations, and goals.

Listen more than you speak and get appropriate feedback.

Sometimes compromise will be necessary to get enthusiastic committed member support.


A good memory is definitely a great asset but keeping a written file of new humans which you meet each day and the context in which you met them can be very useful in the future.

Seek out humans who can potentially help you in reaching your goals. Joining and becoming an active participant in a professional association is one way of starting to accomplish this goal.


Your ultimate goal may be to climb the corporate ladder to at or near the top so take time out to mentor potential leaders who could replace you when you get promoted to greater responsibility.

One way to slowly do this is to once in a while delegate some of your authority to an aspiring leader who has similar ambitions.

When and if you get promoted then you will have a loyal or thankful human leader working under you.


Learn or research something new and hopefully useful almost every day.

Learn from your mistakes and failures and those of other humans.

Ask humans with similar experiences how they overcame their failures or how they would have done something which you want to do or tried to do.


Individually motivate members and try to get their support because different personalities sometimes require slightly different motivational approaches. Introverts and extroverts need slightly different approaches and even though most are motivated by a pride in their work some need financial bonuses or special privileges to keep them happy and motivated.

Keep group motivational speeches very brief and very infrequent.

The basic key to great leadership is hiring qualified competent workers and using emotional intelligence to motivate them into doing their best!!!


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